Someone Predicted Her Birth...

Avaldati 18 veebr 2021
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After finishing up with their new find, the team decides that some attention needs to given to other parts of the hidden room under the stairs that aren't necessarily the Apple II. While searching through the remaining drawers in the desk, they come across some folders with evidence in it that not only doesn't make sense but fills the room with an overwhelming amount of dread. What they find changes the game not just for their investigation, but for them as individuals as well.
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  • Is no one going to say sorry for the mean comments assuming I wasn’t going to wear gloves?!

    • Sorry I guess

    • We’re glove make it so the government not mad

    • Let me me find out Sammy was born in a lab lol

    • sorry :(

    • Glad you're wearing gloves this time Matt, masks would be good near the chemicals if they're not your props too.

  • wait, if Sam's meeting letter invitation of whatever got into syncet's hands, then maybe the one woods thought that D got rejected letter is actually Wood's letter because he said that he also got one.

  • woah now.... 1987 was not 40 years ago.... as someone who was born in 87 i just want that on the record.

  • Sam: "I was born in 99 sue me" Me: same sam i feel you 😂

  • You should probably keep it the right side up that you found it- you don’t want it to leak out or burn through the plastic cap yk?

  • THE BLUE BOTTLE IS... 𝑉𝑂𝐷𝐼𝐾𝐴 (I’m bad at spelling)

  • Theory: so sams name was on a news clipping and her birthday on a syntec paper and Sam was interviewed by talent agencies so maybe it was syntec reviewing talent and probably thinking to do tests on her because of her talent.

  • If people died in this building, maybe they are the ghosts of hi5, and they are “presenting” themselves. Like the broom falling over, they want Matt to uncover the secrets of syntec for what they did to them.

  • Hate to tell ya Woods, but ECT (Electro-Convulsive Therapy) machines are still in use today. Although not widely used and have a narrow scope when it comes to treatment. But, it is shown to be a viable treatment for a few mental disorders.

  • I wonder if sam's mom was having a hard time getting pregnant and that may have been something syntec did but maybe they added certain gens. Just a thought

  • The thing Matt was talking about the injectors that it can be used to go in to you bone marrow, on that one page it said that the host splintered and dies that could mean they used that injector and splintered a piece of the bone and it got in is blood stream killing him as it got his heart

  • ooooooooo spooky. D is a spooky simp/stalker.

  • Good thing Matt is there ! Or else no one would be able to use that Old Vintage Apple computer!

  • I like the White Pen better because Woods kept it!

  • Are we all just waiting till they find more on woods

  • This whole Sam thing seems scripted

  • I love the story but Sam’s acting is horrible

  • You can’t tell me the water wasn’t oddly satisfying 🥲

  • Maybe before you bought the building it was a lab because if you look on the pen name I look it up and it said lab

  • When Matt said track and field I legit said “that game rocks”

  • Weird this is on my b-day 2/5

  • Cool

  • Did yall ever look up Syntec

  • I literally shaking watching this, I intentionally watched this a few days after it uploaded bc i got bad feelings about this one. I can't digest what's going with the article about Samantha so can anyone explain about the article is about?

  • Without a doubt someone else already said this but, Syntech could be syn-tech, syn being Syphus Nelson

  • The brushes he pulled out of the thermos syphus could have used to get fingerprints

  • I’ll pay 500000 for a sintech pen lol jk

  • More ads than the superbowl

  • Wow is this new mega desk

  • Syntec - Sy (Syphus) N (Nelson) Tec

  • Like for Epic Hydration! xD

  • Me and Sam have the same birthday 🥳🎉🎊🎁 except not the same year. Feel bad for Sam tho 😕 and everyone else because u can’t just get info like this about people

  • Imagine they solve global warming with this

  • Ok so when I watch all the vids I go back and look at other past vids about this to see if I see anything I missed and I just watched the video when Matt talked to Pat about his box of keys at him parents house in Texas and on the red mountaineer there is a military thing on the windshield like OMG what if syphus is apart of that cause he said that the car was his.

    • in place unless you pull the lever. There is a false bottom and you can’t see what’s inside the drawer unless you open it correctly. Plz check!!!

  • 10:58 19:44

    • I know I’m late but about the desk. My teacher had a VERY old desk in the office attached to my schools auditorium and she uses it to hold some sewing stuff, tools, and tape

  • Ngl Matt looks like an FBI Agent.

  • syn tech is a chemical company dud

  • or a drug fanatic or he or she is making bear illigly

  • dud he or she is a druge

  • In the jammed drawer, you should see if its a false bottom

  • Syn tech syphus Nelson technology am I right

  • Matt: don’t you put vodka over water Editer: let’s do it anyways.

  • why dont you ask your paarents about it

  • Theory: what if Liz was sythus

  • I just realised that when they were going trought the car there was red stuf on the folder. Could that be the liquid in the room under the stairs????!

  • Sam your birthday is three days before mine

  • This is like scp stuff

  • Matt I recommend you move the apple 2 into the vault before anything is stolen or broken ASAP

  • Next video: doesn't have next video even though i'm 2 videos late me: MATT YOU LIAR

  • Syntec, Sypus Nelson technology?

  • I know I’m late but about the desk. My teacher had a VERY old desk in the office attached to my schools auditorium and she uses it to hold some sewing stuff, tools, and tape for the crew workers for the musicals so we don’t have to search around. On the Under side of the desk there is a lever you can pull, the very bottom drawer on the left side is locked in place unless you pull the lever. There is a false bottom and you can’t see what’s inside the drawer unless you open it correctly. Plz check!!!

  • This is totally staged.

  • Syphus Nelson Technologies?

  • I think it's like syphus Nelson tech maybe that's why syntech

  • Now we know y the buildings are haunted

  • the way my store manager is named Jim lmao

  • it looks like the “May 9th 1997” on the document with Sam’s birthday said something else before. i believe that when the investigation was being done on Syntec, somebody didn’t want this document found so they backlogged it!

  • You should call it, “the down under”

  • boy why haven't they called the police

  • Wait that was edited I thought u actually said vodka

    • Ok so y’all probably already know this but I know that syntec is still a business and they produce oil for cars and anafreeze for cars


  • Anyone else forget that Matt and the team had last names cause I did

  • That means that there is a possibility that the university rejection paper was actually Woods’s rejection paper abut he didn’t put it there so they had Woods’s rejection paper without him knowing

  • Wppds said that the rejection letter looks like his, he said it wasnt his but considering there is stuff about matthias and Sam there is a high chance that it was his rejection letter

  • Why do i feel so offended when they said the didn't knew ELECTRONIC ARTS 🥴

  • There is something after there is more to what you have found but I can not say what my life depends on it you will probably never here from me again so goodbye and good luck

    • I mean, it has came out this is staged and made up soooooo nice try

  • I like the content. But when I see Sam's face, I don't see real fear. Woods looks weirded out. You look the look. She almost seems child like. Like when you ask a kid to show fear. Poor acting or something. Send her back to acting class. Yes?

  • Call the stair lab harry potter

  • Waittttt.....aluminum foil can be used to block radiation...its not the best way, but it can block the radiation...they probably did that so that way people who were trying to find it, couldn't find it.

  • In live chat, “Streamlabs” told “Nelson Syphus”... to refrain from spamming caps? Either that’s a fan pretending to be him or actually him???

  • Like for Bailey!

  • Wait, is it just me? ‘Cause where has Hannah been? She’s not been in some videos for quite some time?..

  • Vodka or water? I’m confused 😂 😂 😂

  • Ok wait a minute, where has Hanna been???

  • Ok so y’all probably already know this but I know that syntec is still a business and they produce oil for cars and anafreeze for cars

  • Notice the date , it has white out stuff on it to cover prior mistakes . C'mon you can do better that !

  • Now we know why Sam cave the camera to Woods because her role was coming up in the charade. Bit of a Coincidence how she sat in that position to snatch papers off Matt ! She has been hired to act in this series of videos , she is not Matt's assistant ! Going by what that newspaper clipping said , wanting to act ,people constantly telling her how beautiful she is and she should become a model or actress . Why waste your time as assistant for a youtuber ? Woods is probably also a budding actor because there are only 3 people involved in this skit !

  • Hey, evil scientists just sometimes need to chill and game.

  • all the deaths explains why they have ghosts

  • I looked up Jennifer Sandoval Dancs at this college and she started that position in 2005. What year is that denied application ?

  • Sam like mentions like the whole vibe like shifted like with video like games like to now like death ! The video was running smoothly till Sam gave the camera to Mr OutofFocus Woods , which then put Sam into the picture and she couldn't resist with her like duh moments comments ! Please put a order in for 20 rolls of Gaffer tape for some peace and quiet, please Matt !!!!!!!!!!!!


  • i wonder if it gets corrosive when in contact with the air, that's why it doesn't melt the bottles, also tinted bottles like that are used to keep sunlight out to prevent the tannins in wines from degrading, so there might be a chemical that can be broken down by sunlight, but then again it might just be for aesthetics.

  • 1986 March. 863 could be a date.

  • Frick netflix we got matt

  • You should check the drawer that was stuck because it might have a false bottom or something might be behind or under the drawer maybe syphus wanted you to think it was empty

  • *Black sharpie* Redacted!

  • Dude, this is freaking me out. How did this dude get all of this information?


  • I think I heard Matt's voice turn into Corpes' voice lmao

  • Daaaaannnngg! This is getting crazy

  • We needs a movie made with piecing all this starting from the first keys all the way to now and further I know y’all wanna see it


  • imagine if this was real

  • U can put ur name in the computer search

  • Me trying to eat while watching...

  • Vodka

  • If the serum caused death in a day, then shipus offend himself at the beginning

  • That my b-day tow

  • Crikey. I dont know how Samantha is holding it together. This stuff is getting way too freaky.