Generations X, Y, and Z: Which One Are You?

Avaldati 30 juuli 2018
Since you’re on the Internet right now you’ve probably already noticed that this space is pretty much dominated by a younger crowd. You’ve likely heard them referred to as “Millennials”. Or is it Gen Z? And how are they different from Generations X and Y? And how can you make heads or tails of which one you belong to, and what defines your generation?
According sociologist Karl Mannheim, it all comes down to “generational location,” meaning that all members of a generation share a similar collective experience.
The five generations 0:57
The Traditionalist generation 1:49
The Baby Boomers 2:30
The Gen Y 3:24
The Millenials 4:30
The Gen Z 5:31
What Millennials and Centennials have in common 6:35
-As of now, there are five living generations in the US: the Traditionalists, who were born before 1945. Then there’s the Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964. Anyone born between 1965 and 1979 are considered Generation X, while Millennials, or Gen Y, were born between 1980 and 1995. Finally, there’s Gen Z, or Centennials, who were born from 1996 to the present.
-Most Traditionalists value hard work, commitment, and practicality, and they don’t like to be wasteful.
-Boomers started out liberal, when they were involved in all the political and social movements, but then grew more conservative as they aged.
-Gen X got to experience the aftermath of all the changes the Boomers made. The use of computers also took off during these years, making Gen X more entrepreneurial than their parents and grandparents.
-Other generations complain that Millennials are selfish, entitled, narcissistic, addicted to their phones, lazy, impatient, impulsive, overly sensitive, weak-willed, and the name-calling goes on and on.
-Gen Z also tends to value collaboration more, in both school and work. They have a very different relationship with digital devices than previous generations.
-Millennials and Centennials share the most similarities and collective experiences out of all the living generations, so there’s a lot of debate about the exact range for each of them.
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  • TIMESTAMPS The five generations 0:57 The Traditionalist generation 1:49 The Baby Boomers 2:30 The Gen Y 3:24 The Millenials 4:30 The Gen Z 5:31 What Millennials and Centennials have in common 6:35

  • I was born in late 1977 which makes me a Gen X and considering that I'm just 3 years older than the oldest Millennials so how is it possible that I share more collective experiences with folks born in 1965 who were old enough to be my high school teacher than with fellow high school students born in 1980 who were just 2-3 years behind me? Especially those born in 1979, they're in the same class with 1980 babies, finished school and entered the workforce at the same time with the '80 babies and yet it says 1979 babies share more with 1965 babies?? It doesn't make sense to me.

  • I am 12 am i a gen z?

  • I’m Gen z but born to the last boomers born in the early 60’s 🙃

  • I’m generation alpha

  • I still dont know which one I am I aint here no 200's

  • Bruh gen z is making fun of millennials and their skinny jeans on Tik tok, *me a millennial* “wait they’re not a thing anymore!? What!?” 🤣

  • Gen X. Spanning the analogue to digital age. The most unique.

  • I am a gen x'er but I tend to use the internet and my cellphone more than most because I have a staying in contact fixation in my personality. I have always felt, whether I was five years old or 42 as I am now, that I must be in contact with someone. I also love mail, email, and getting things. So, those tendencies make me look more a like a Me-Linnial than I would prefer. However, yesterday in a class a student of mine told me that I am old as the hills because "nobody uses Facebook unless you're old and are like in your 40s".

  • My generation is 90s grunge rock Nintendo vs sega Jim Carrey bevis and butthead👍

  • I'm born in 2006.

  • Well I was born in 2009 so I guess I'm from z

  • Z

  • Millenials and Centennials have the most similarities can actually relate to one another and that's the reason why these two generations got the most bashings from the older generations. Interesting to note that these two generations are tech savvies.

  • I’m gen z but connect to millennials as I like game boys and older stuff

  • This vid was too kind to boomers

  • The centennial generation is also referred to as the doomers

  • You could tell based on the way they talk

  • I'm gen z and i laugh at the word Loaf

  • 0:27 cartoon john candy

  • Who was born in 2002?💪

  • Y'all gen z is 1997 to 2007 not 2012

  • 2009 babies where you at? 😊☺

  • Yeah but dr.Disrespect is gen z right?

  • 2003

  • Gen Z: like 👇

  • It's important to mention that just because a person admires a certain generation and the stuff they were into doesn't make them an actual member of that generation. I'm amazed at how many people who were born too late to be Gen-X casually identify themselves as that generation. It's totally OK to like stuff from ANY generation. Gen-X'ers were into music that was actually written and performed by Boomer's! I know because I was there...

    • I think another influence is the people you hung around and the generation your siblings are in. Depending on the definition, I'm either at the very cut off of Millennials or the very start of Gen Z. If you are off about 1 to 2 years of the "cut off" date I think it's allowed that you classify yourself either way.

  • well what if some seven year old is watching this in 2050, then they won't even be on here.

  • I’m gen e because E

  • What I think might be a logical "cutoff memory" one must have, to be considered a millennial is Y2K. If you don't remember that, to me you're definitely gen z. With maybe some exceptions.

  • Where the 2004 babies at?

  • Gen Z where you at

  • 1992 babies

  • I'm in Y 12 looking for diamonds Edit: im not apart of Y X Z or any other thing I'm just making a joke

  • So tiktok is a battlefield right now, it almost feels like gen z is a demonstration gen. I like it, im just not shure what have changed. I miss the old days before internet but post snake.

  • Born 1999

  • I'm 13 and us gen z people are much different than the other humans. Thats because we decided that we should become monke.

  • People born in 2020 watching this are so offended


  • 2005 babies?

  • Where Is 2001 Squad

  • I wish i was born in a generation that isnt overly sensitive about everything

  • And than there's generation alpha 🙂 (I'm a gen z)

  • You guys just copy infographics show just significantly worse then again both have thumbnails wrong technically a generation z at that point would need to be 8 now they would need to be 10

  • *Demographic cohort* : You're Gen Y. *Me* : First used a PC at 12 y/o, bought my first PC and phone at 20 y/o, never had MySpace, extremely competitive, values individual goals and development, would never think of letting my children have digital gadgets of their own before they turn 15, relies on people to find a place instead of using GPS/WiFi, still reads newspapers... Soooo, I guess I still qualify? LOL!

  • I wonder what other generations will be ? Our children?

  • What about the genarations before the traditionalist generation?

  • whether you're Gen Y or Z One thing is for sure you need money.

  • 1930 I was Born

  • Most millionaires are millennials sooooooo......

  • La generación Z empieza desde 1993 hace que la generación Z siga directamente lo que designa como Hijos de los Baby Boomers. Así que originalmente empieza desde esa fecha para quienes tenemos padres de esa otra generación!

  • "Spongebob episode"? Ok boomer

  • I'm the one who believes and respects science and not reeee out when someone throws facts and truths in my face

  • But from 2013 to 2025 its gen alpha

  • I born in 1996 so which generation I belongs to ??

  • Generation Alpha, born 2011 till 2025, are the children of millennials and some younger Gen X’ers

  • To me Millennials span from 1980 until 1996. Millennials born in the early 80’s (1980-1983) are what they called “Xennials”

  • The Lost Generation, the Greatest Generation (also called the WW2 generation or GI generation), the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z, Generation Alpha. What will be the next generation after that?

  • I’m a 21 year old Gen Zer. Born 1999.

  • Wait what

  • What's generation Alpha?

  • People born in the late 70s are definitely not Millenials, but to me there seems to be an intermediate time between generations. Kids born in this generation could be part of either generation. The type of generation they are born in might depend on their parents. Millenials tend to have Boomer parents. If they have Gen X parents, they'd probably be more akin to Gen Z types. So I'd say we shouldn't just look at the time frame on is born in but also of which generation ones parents are. For example. I'd say if you are born in 1998 to Boomer parents you are probably a Millenial, if you are born to Gen X parents, you are probably Gen Z. Boomers: 1946 to 1964 Gen X: 1960 to 1982 Millenials: 1980 to 2001 Gen Z: 1997 up to this day.

  • Gen Z was 6-22 years old when this released its 1997-2012 not 1995-2005

  • I’m in generation alpha

  • 2001😍😘

  • Why don't people appericiate us under 13 year olds, we are gen z too.

  • I'm an X-man

  • Yo i was born 2000, my heart stopped when i found out im not a millenial and im gen z; apart of this new f*ed up society that is hypersensitive. The embarrassment to be gen z

  • Gen Z is defined my memes

  • both either living with parents or waiting for parents to die to pay off their bills

  • 2012 babys? gen ???

  • I refer to myself as the 2000s kid, meaning if you grew up as a child for most or half of the 2000s, not as an adult or teenager.

  • Gen Y had the best childhood

  • Very interesting but way this guy provide narration is super annoying. 🧐

  • 90’s.. millennial

  • Gen z😎

  • I miss this old intro really gives me nostalgia ;-;

  • We can still rewrite the scripts. A proud millennial here.

  • I'm a millennial :P

  • Where’s the greatest generation at born from 1901-1927 come on people

  • Where are my boomers at?

  • All the replies must be memes

  • Were pokemons

  • I'm gen Alpha

  • I was born on 92 and I swear I’m in the wrong generation I feel more like a Gen X than anything afterwards. Millennials (to me) I feel like is 1996 and afterwards... not 1980

  • Im a Generation M The Memes Generation

  • Genz Squad

  • I born in 1999 so what's my class

  • A couple of months before the September 11th terrorist attacks I turned 17. So I am either a member of generation X, or generation Y. But undoubtedly I'm a xennial.

  • Gen C: *Am i a joke to you?*

  • When most old people say "millennials", they're talking about all kids and young people. When they say how millennials are useless and whatever, that goes for the kids as well.

  • So i belong to the mOst bashed and name called genration of All. Cool!!!

  • Third millennium guy right here... hello old people XD

  • People born in 2008 and 2009 are gen z right

  • My mom is a boomer. She was born 61. What am I? I'm 19 now. But I was born 2001 but I grew up with things that I feel like millennials had or things my parents had. My first console was nintendo 64 with super mario

  • Actually Generation Z is 1997-2012

  • Hey!... Gen x are from 1965 to 1980


  • it depends on what year you were born 🥱

  • I'm a Millennial by birth, but as a late bloomer I'm culturally Gen Z