Youtube Rewind 2020 (FlyingKitty's Part Extended)

Avaldati 8 jaan 2021
This was the original version of my part in Mr Beast's rewind. Since we had to cut it down so much, I figured I'd upload it, enjoy!
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Instrumental by @Party In Backyard
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  • 0:53 Runs dead.


  • 0:52 that guy dabbing actually roasted ,me on stream

  • POV: You are Watching the video like more than 5 times ._.

  • Flyingkitty is pewdiepie

  • Vibing cat?

  • and way better than EEclone's version!

  • Hopefully 2020 2 will be a bit better of a year

  • eae cornos

  • bruh. Where is the Belle Delphine

  • 1:00 thank me later

    • the rewind is changing

  • Why no meme

  • FlyingKitty is the memegod!

  • Memento Mori


  • Rewing time for shit ok racist global warming some wierd blaming game and some ass more stuff

  • Funny man


  • not gonna lie your 2019 rewind was better than 2020🙁🙁

  • We are basically Speedrunning Life.

  • i love you so much ❤️

  • Da Best

    • Ngl im pretty dissapointed that 2020 rewind doesn't have much memes in it i still prefer pewds rewind

  • The throwbacks...

  • bro u forgot to put in flyingkitty

  • the rewind is changing

  • Жду что-то и от других креаторов, ачо).

  • Beasts is youtuber version but this one is more memey rewind

  • Reeeeeee why nd

  • korone yeaaah

  • This channel will always be a legend and never forgotten

  • Also he is sponsor on Mrbeast (jimmy) channel

  • Idunno Why many people talking about 1:38 and got many hate reply


  • Dreams face reveal.....

  • 1:06 I swear I heard cj's scream 😂

  • Ngl im pretty dissapointed that 2020 rewind doesn't have much memes in it i still prefer pewds rewind

  • Mask rewind 2020👍

  • 1:37 I will just leave it here and watch again on 2022

  • I am late 1 week

  • Hey look im in it The thumbnail

  • This is the best video I seen from flyingkitty

  • Thanks for the notification youtube

  • What about ww3

  • It's actually better then 2018

  • 1:38 didnt expect this but im hearing angry normies

  • Naruciak?!

  • 1:38 my kinda party

  • Uhhh this year was sh** -markiplier 2020

  • The unnus annus part got me :(

  • Worst year so far

  • 2020 waz shity

  • I love it

  • Best flying kitty vid

  • Love the subtle Unus Annus chant

  • 1:34 , that mix with “E girls are ruining my life” is so good

  • Noice

  • Is no gonna talk about how they put Eminem in EEclone rewind

  • don't worry, 2021 will be worse.

  • Imagine DreamKitty not memes.

    • my Power is just Warming up 2021 It's Z And Nuclear Time everybody

  • Darkviper fans rise up

  • but soldier voice actor 😢

  • This is better than Mr beasts rewind

  • Thank god u didn’t edit belle delphines parts

  • my son: so you were in 2020 so what was it like? me: shows him this video Son: now i understand what happend

  • *Yaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh*

  • 1:37 My favorite part

  • WAIT WHAT darkviperau??????????

  • I love how Charlie’s “woooooo” was such an important part of 2020

  • Good vedio oh thank you.

  • I see vtubers, i smile. :)

  • 0:51 Walter White

  • 0:53 i wonder who is that australlian streamer thats wearing a tank top,hates rdr2, getting abused by jesus Ehh will never know but the odds of him appearing on a youtube rewind is MILLIONS TO ONE

  • my Power is just Warming up 2021 It's Z And Nuclear Time everybody


  • ima be part pf history

  • DarkViperAU fans saw the dab XD

  • This year was _"hSHeiT"_

  • when u get notifications for not subscribe.-. why

  • window cap

  • 1:32

  • We need to talk about me & my boys not having our music in the rewind

  • Am I on LSD

  • I'm surprised there wasn't a ww3 meme considering it was the first meme of 2020

  • Эвелона бы на момент с амонг асом)

  • FlyingKitty 2021 Rewind or we riot!

  • Cyber -punk- bug 2077

  • Hey darkviper was there yey

  • I love this better

  • I think imo the best part was Matt dabbing.. Matt from DarkViperAU

  • 1:38 pog

  • The ending is *BooM* Like this video.

  • 2020 made everyone dumb

  • me: boring *sees darkviperau dabbing* me: cool

  • you even included the karens... nice

    • Claim your "I came here before 1 Million views" ticket here.

  • The vtubers lol epic

  • your channel holds the most cringe videos ever :D

  • Unus Annus 😄

  • Brum when I saw 2020 rewind Bruh I cried

  • Yess thank you

  • Your forgot to put the dancing zero two!!