The Dixie D'Amelio Show with Lil Huddy

Avaldati 4 okt 2020
Hey guys! This week on the Early Late Show, the most requested guest, Chase Hudson AKA Lil Huddy!
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  • I'm rooting for you chase

  • This video is so funny 😂😂

  • charlie is in pian

  • Chase is looking to charlie


  • What happened July 6?

  • I have the same eye condition as charliii yayy lysm!!! 😍🥰😘😘😘

  • Chase: how are you today ..... pAl? Charli and Dixie: nervous laughter

  • Chases nervous laugh when charli came kn

  • Hey where charli i love charli

  • Hi

  • 10:22 Charli : I LIKE YOUR CUT G!

  • Ns

  • Чарли приколистка🗿😅

  • i Love you dixie and charli


  • Charli literally moving her head back and forth was the funniest thing ever when Chase taled she'd look at him and when dixie talked she'd look at her and look at Chase for an answer.

  • Charlis Head had a good sleep this night

  • Akward !!!

  • They set him up

  • Dixie: *laughs at all his jokes* Charli: mHm I sEe YoU

  • i love how she included the dogs so they dont feel left out

  • Everyone in the comments: CH-CHaRLI!!!!!!

  • hello how are they am not se speak English

  • My fav part was at 4:12 look at charli

  • Idk about y’all but lil huddy name reminds me of daddy and i call chase lil daddy bc of that..

  • nss... O chase fica mto incomodado quanto tá com a Charli 🥺

  • charli laugh was so cute

  • deu para ver que o chase se sente bem incomodado em ter a Charli por perto (pelo menos no vídeo) tadinhos vey 🥺

  • I luv chase so much!!❤

  • Chase after every question: I KNEW THAT

  • 9:39 “YoUr fOrEhEad”

  • SHUT UP hahahahahaha

  • Deberían poner subtítulos al chicle

  • The poor dog has a ball and know ones throwing it and he’s so patient

  • YALL! please someone tell me what tweet she liked 👁👄👁

  • Who eles laughed so hard when Charli kept looks back and forth at chase and Dixie

  • where is that black hoodie from !!!

  • i wanna be like jacob.....*nervous laugh* got that down

  • And i cant believe ur getting along with him u brat🙄

  • chase seems so sweet everyones so mean to him it’s actually really sad

  • LOL, WAS I?

  • Everybody is talking about him and charli I was staring at his jumper because the Dino head looks like it’s moving

  • Haha ha

  • what happened on july 6th??? :)

  • The honey is a little boy who rather just talk on the Sunday before the

  • everyone else laughs but chase knew why he said forehead bcs he always kisses her forehead

  • bro the tension between chase n charli . they still love each other bye

  • i want the shoes she has(jordan 1 royal toes) :(

  • He was embarrassed Feel bad for him

  • Charli was so cute when she kept looking at Dixie and back at chase

  • Charli's head be like👈👉👈👉👈👉👈👉👈👉👈👉👈👉👈👉👈👉👈👉👈👉👈👉👈👉👈

  • Wow literally July 6 is my birthday

  • “mistakes you made” charli: 👁👄👁

  • I hate your sister is EEclone EEclone channel

  • How is making sure that you don't like little honey

  • My birthday is May 1st charil is my birthday twin

  • He's so black

  • Does chase remind anyone else of Tom Riddle?

  • I kinda ship you and chase but That would be mean to Charli bec Charli used to date chase and yeah and it would be rude if Charli dated Noah

  • Lol I was dying when he said “ what’s sup guys” but love you charli

  • Charli:*hits dixie and chase* Chase and dixie:OWwWWWw Charli:that was pay back

  • charlie’s genuinely the sweetest girl ever. she loves every color cause she don’t wanna hurt the other ones feelings? like come on. that’s adorable

  • I dieing from Charlie smacking Dixie and chase

  • Who else died when Charli kept turning her head

  • Charlie:hi Chase: hey,... pal Dixi: lmao Me: lmao

  • Chase:imagin liking shcool weirdo

  • Chase us in a bitch

  • O M G how did she sit in that room with him O M G

  • chase got more comfortable and open when charli came on

  • Heidi: "6 on each side" Charli: "yeah" Heidi: "thats 12" Dixie "thats what she said" Heidi "oh i heard you say 11" Dixie: "no you said 11"

  • "every colour because you dont wanna hurt the other one's feeling" had me dying

  • I. Iike. You

  • The real question is why was Charli sitting in between Chase's leg's

  • Aww Dixie is so nice to charli


  • Hi Dixie damelio

  • 7:55

  • Dixie Ik what ur doing 🤭

  • @James charles



  • I have astigmatism too

  • I smell performative activism

  • 6:35 : Omg how she switches her head so fast lmao 🥺

  • This is just cute i love Charlies a chasa is friend ship

  • 😗

  • Dixie and chase are flrrting

  • my focus was on the dogs honestly


  • What happened on July 6?

  • Ugghh chase 🤤😂❤️

  • Chacha!

  • No one: Not a single soul: Me randomly in the middle of Dixie asking chase what it's like to be the punching bag for the internet:dang he got some long legs

  • The way she was stroking Charlie’s head🥺

  • 3:48 why was she petting Charli😭😭😭

  • Dixie: CHARLI lil huddy: (I'm dead)

  • Dixie and chase: talking Charli: cAn i jOiN :0000

  • "Can you sing something for us??" "Ummmmm,no❤️"

  • dixie reminds me of me...