My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and the Barfy Beach Date

Avaldati 10 okt 2020
My Gif is the best Beach
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  • Man, dis Floof girl is da best! :D It's so funny that her voice is all electroniky (i have no idea why i wrote it like that but oh well)

  • Congratz o゚*。o /⌒ヽ゚ ∧∧ /ヽ )。*o (・ω・)丿゙ ̄ ̄゜ ノ/ / ッパ ノ ̄ゝ

  • JAMES IS PANNNNN or her gif 🥶😈

  • yeah right

  • Gif reveal


  • Everyone gangsta until james uploads a video

  • I ship James and Jaiden but I respect him so I will stop shipping them but still I'm sad :'(

  • I don't like shipping people either👍

  • Its funny that his shirt has super simp 1:16

  • Are we just gonna except the fact that he put a tape in a CD player

  • 2:02 exuSe Me jAMes waTErs not Wet111!1!!!1

  • Your gif didn't know her own dog gets motion sick?

  • Life if like a girlfriend, i dont have one.

  • 3:57 wtf

  • 1:11 look at the endangered sign, lol

  • Subscribe

  • 2:08 there is a pan flag and the lgbtq flag on his box. (i may be over reacting but eeeeeee!)

  • Jaiden

  • Comment jaiden nowwww

  • James +jaiden Rebecca + adam

  • Ew to the throw up 1 and 2 🤢 and poop 💩

  • But cn ships are ok

  • 2:07 I literally said “What” at the same time 😂😂😂

  • *Do not lose hope, my biff.* said Dr. Seuss. *For I shall find a closer spot in a jiff. For looking at my phone, you see, there is a beach within a mile or three.*

  • After Jaiden sees this:👁️👄👁

  • Floof 1 the whole video: i GeT To TaLK iN auToTuNe oooooYYYYYYYYeeeeaaaaaHHHHHH

  • Jaiden is cool but James is right if they are just friends that's fine I have opposite gender friends and we are just friends (although i think people ship us sometimes)

  • I love this! And Congrats on getting a girlfriend☺️


  • James: "I have a Girl friend" me: Yes!! Also James: "It's not Jaden" Me:......I'm kind of sad now

  • James gf is a moving meme lol

  • Btw there’s multiple pride flags in this video

  • Regarding the ship shiz: Never before have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with.

  • THE PUKES OF 2020

  • James that’s Cali for u welcome to my world

  • PLEASE. STOP SAYING “who’s here because they tried to cancel James” BE HERE FOR THE CIDEO, NOT BECAUSE PEOPLE GOT MAD.

  • James stop doing her and make more bids

  • Sorry to say but I ship you

  • I think that we all now that boyinaband is his new girlfriend

  • i wont ask who it is but dude dont tell the internet their wrong because sometimes that makes people double down on there efforts

  • Someone copied this video on another channel Here is the link to the copied channel:

  • Someone is coping you i saw :

  • James, I think you have it wrong, people aren’t shipping you and Jaiden, they’re shipping TheOdd1sOut and JaidenAnimations

  • Good vid but plssss James make another youtuber cafe chaos cafe 2 and the characters can be gets mad and haminatios and infamous swoosh and ginger pale Alex's corner and Alex Clark and tj toons Brody animates and illmations could you do it plssssss

  • Did he actually put the ad for his merch right before his video or did I just get the ad while watching his video? *I have questions*

  • My dog gets car sick too

  • This was not a good video to watch while eating beef ramen

  • James is Pansexual I have proof at 2:09 he has the Pansexual flag on his suitcase

    • pretty sure thats a gay flag tho??

  • i wish it was jaiden

  • Oooooooh Mystery Girlfriend huh?

  • bro i got in troble because u said Sh*t

  • Оу

  • Dude!

  • Jaiden x James is my ship but ok

  • hay just wanna say love your new add. (:

  • Ok, so I've been watching Theodd1sout videos for a while, and almost all of the comments on this video are about some joke he made on Twitter. What happened?

  • I just feel like the new video has been less relatable. There not bad though.

  • This is why I hate ships. Not the vehicles, the other ones.

  • Claustrophobic/Carsick dog?

  • but i think you are nice so i do not want to be mean to you

  • you editer told us we can be mean to you

  • Hi

  • Ammaz1out......YES !!!


  • look at your drawings! go look at one of his videos from 4 years ago compaer it to now

  • Twittertards. How fun

  • i know you feel i was planing to go to ingland but!!! covid hit ...sorry james

  • im a hater /s

  • Hi Maaz

  • Isn’t Jayden your sister-

  • I love how self aware this is😂😂

  • Ok listen your favorite snack is m&m right so next time you eat m&m put it in a bowl and then put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and trust me it’s the best thing you’ll ever have Enjoy!!!! (Pls try this)🙂😊

  • How beautifully drawn! This story is still interesting. I hope Floof 2 felt good after the trip

  • Saying Jaiden isn't your girlfriend is exactly what Jaiden's boyfriend would say. Pretty sus. I'm kidding, finally that's cleared up. Good for you!

  • 2:43 oh hecc nah dog 101 my dog had this at first i was like you ok bro? now when that happens im like moooooommm we need the dog out side

  • This is like..... You Me and Steve song in real life. And btw good luck with your gf.

  • This is a weird video

  • I swear to god if y'all cancel James

  • And stay Amaa- I mean wear ur seatbelt😂

  • 0:52

  • why would people were a mask at a beach 1 its out side and 2 your playing in the water and on the sandy beach

  • This video is a lot different than usual

  • Who all are looking for the comment of his GIF . . . . . . . . Only me...😑

  • congrats you have a girlfriend

  • I hope you don't think that you don't have I live cuz I love your videos and you are so cool and I love you animations there so aswome you are so talented and I hope you see this and it makes your day😁😁😁


  • My brother name is Jayden

  • it's Finn

  • hi Kate

  • ships Jaden and him

  • I still ship jaiden and james but now i willl just ship them in my imaginaton

  • Fuck i want to be jaiden

  • Who Is Jaiden?

  • no the highest mailstone is getting a wife

  • Oh My God I Got An Odd1sOut Ad! yEsSsS

  • 2 2 1 60 Hahahha I got it

  • your an imbucul masks are inconvennent

  • Floof x floof 2

  • James's gif dog : *makes vomiting sounds* Me : wHeRE's mY dOG iT's gOnNA vOmiT ... oh wait it's just James... shoot..