Spooky House: The Worst Halloween Movie Ever

Avaldati 28 okt 2020
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Spooky House is very bad.
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  • Film should have ended when Max got stuck in a couch and due to the Zabini's weight he dies of suffocation.

  • DCFS- Coming Soon

  • he looks like snape

  • The Great Zamboni reminds me so strongly of Severus Snape that its throwing me off SO hard. I know they're played by different actors but oh my god they look way too similar

  • 14:43 I'm sorry I thought I was watching a Danny Gonzalez video, not John Mulaney?

  • If your name is junior and you blew up your wife come on raise your hand

  • Isn't it kinda... racist (or at least very stereotyped) that the real magic in the movie is related to the native american character? That doesn't even have a single line in the whole movie?

  • Do christmas chronicles for December

  • you realize that orphanages didn't exist in 2002? They were banned in like the 70s' I think

  • I kinda expected that

  • 24:09 memento mori 😔

  • I'm confused what the point of this movie is

  • Before the video started I got an ad and one of the things said in the ad was “What does it mean to be truly great?” (for alcohol) and I seriously thought he said “What does it mean to be truly Greg?” I’ve watched “too many” of your videos lately

  • E

  • I cant believe other people know about this movie

  • Him : dies rolls credits

  • why did i hear whats up grega

  • I did not expect the jaguar to actually be his wife, but when he announced the adoption before opening the other rocket I was like “something is gonna happen when he opens that other rocket” and then it took me a minute before I was like “wait… his wife is gonna magically appear somehow” WHY WAS SHE A JAGUAR!?!?!??????

  • i actually liked this movie, a bit cringy but good

  • im pretty sure shadow wast don star and shadow freaking *died*

  • Zamboni looks like professor Snape

  • with a nice *delicate* chain for his *murder animal*

  • ok ive only watched up to 21:12 but is the wife the kids mother and she ran away because zamboni said he hated kids (edit: ok i was completely wrong and confused)

  • eeclone.info/glo/tHzVpn1xk62EsoI/video

  • We need a full version of "Can't believe it no no no"

  • No one: Me when Danny is talkin about orphans: I was the worst thing to happen to those orphans.👑🐷

  • The small downer kid eat the pizza crust of the pizza first no wonder he is an orphan smh

  • I feel like she maybe wasnt able to be human until he started liking kids? Idk tbh

  • Danny please make a new song about that lime with boy, pelease. I can’t beleive this no no no

  • Why does he flip the blue rocket up for a four legged jaguar???

  • Why does Drew Gooden say that the great Zoombini or whatever the fuck has issues? Like yeah I suppose he kinda does but for all he knows his wife died or at the least left him and now some dumb kids keep breaking into his house and breaking windows and fucking with his stuff which is a literal crime and he doesn't report it

  • Of course a kid named Max wants to go into the spooky house

  • i kinda saw the twist coming though...

  • i gussed wife would come out of it

  • But ben Kingsley is such a good actor whyyyy did he have to do this

  • I actually called it was his wife; it makes no sense so it's a plot point that fits right in with the rest. Why is Ben Kingsley in this movie?!!

  • *Good Right Cross*

  • Salvador Dali in his natural habitat.

  • Is it just me or does the audio from the movie sound kind of quiet in comparison to Danny

  • I somehow saw that coming

  • The spinny room is for when zamboni gets drunk He goes in there to cry and fo lsd

  • I’m not surprise that the ending had something to do with his wife being alive

  • I got the reference

  • eeclone.info/glo/r32VkJSRpJKCpaQ/video

  • Spoke haus The German ripoff of Monster mash

  • Nobody: Me:low key missing shadow at the end 😔

  • Or was it a curse?

  • SAY IT NOW..... Or you’ll get a good right crosss 🤜🏻🤕

  • Literally before the wife came out I screamed LET ME GUESS THE JAGUAR IS THE WIFE.

  • This video makes me glad Spooky House (the company that i hope wasnt associated with this movie) forced Akuma Kira to change SHOJ's name to Spooky's jumpscare mansion. Because otherwise a great game about a evil mansion with a gate to hell in it would be associated with a really bad 2002 movie about a magician with a panther.

    • SHOJ stands for spooky's house of jumpscares and was the original name of spooky's jumpscare mansion before the creators of the game ran into legal trouble with a company called Spooky House who tried to sue them for the names being too similar.

  • My mom predicted both zamboni adopting max and his wife being the jaguar

  • i thought it would've been dead i did not expect that at all

  • so spooky

  • danny i watch your videos while running on my treadmill and that sound effect while the kid was being sawed in half made me laugh so hard i tripped. thank you.

  • I'm confused as well Danny

  • “I hate children” ✖️ “ I ate children “ ✔️

  • This dude looks like an off brand Alan Rickman

  • 13:11

  • *”because I have nothing else to live for-“*

  • I mean, the movie seems good for 18 years ago, but if it were today, it'd be a disappointment. NOTHING beats the corny humor of the 90's to early 00's to early-to-mid 2010's... AT ALL.

  • The end the Jaguar turns into his wife because possibly when he told her he hates kids she left him or somehow turns into a Jaguar and trying to wait for him to like kids as she may have known this would happen or figured it was So by the time he liked kids and had one she decides to come back because she now appreciates that fact that he likes kids

  • The light in the back turns red right as he was talking about his sponsor. 28:39 or 28:40

  • I have only watched up to 19 minutes and I think he said I hate children to his wife right before he “killed” her because she could’ve been pregnant and so he killed her to get rid of the baby

  • shes a jaguar cos shes native american u fool . her sorrow at her husbands child-hating tendencies cast her into the form of the jaguar, and adopting a sweet baby boy set her free. i would spend more time looking into why a jaguar specifically but frankly i care not.....im sure im not the first person to explain this , its not the most complex of symbols or metaphors hahah. i likes the look of this freaky fillme.

  • My mom found this movie on Amazon Prime Movie so we watched it and I just-

  • When you said there was a twist I thought the wife was going to be the thief leader woman but no

  • Daaaaaaym, his wife was a PANTHER????

  • So I get it Max is kind of set up that way, but I think if he'd've said he had "nothing to lose" instead of "live for" it'd make for a more relatable scene - not that everyone's an orphan in real life.

  • He said cross and through a hook

  • Is anyone gonna talk about how on EEclone spooky house is listed under 2020?

  • You know that from Skyrim it's a location I'm seven and I'm not spelling this I'm saying it it's why it says dinosaur but I try to say down star

  • it came out in 2020 but hahah

  • I literally guessed it was her only because I remembered you saying there was a twist at the end💀

  • So on my second watch through of this video I think I figured out the how and why of Zam's wife turning into a big cat. How: The Wife actually knows magic which is why she enjoys Zam's fake magic (literally the only thing I can find to make any danm sense) Why: Because Zam hates kids and she really wants kids. Almost immediately after hearing he hates kids, the wife stages her own death. And then immediately after Zam announces he's adopted a boy (we assume he no longer hates kids) she comes back because now she can have the family she always wanted with a crazy man who everyone only assumes doesn't hate kids anymore... I said I figured out the how and why, not that it was a good plot point of a movie. It sucks just as bad as the movie does.

  • Gotta say, I predicted that twist at the end.

  • Who tf beats up a 5 year old orphan

  • Guess he wants the kids to screw off.

  • So, when they go, “I hate children” I thought he said, “I hate chu.”

  • Can’t believe this naonaonao

  • Review trolland it’s so bad

  • Yeah Ik the if your name is junior vine

  • “I think that kid shot his pants” 10:03

  • I CALLED THAT SHIT DANNY when you said there was a twist and then his wife disappeared I was like I bet she’s gonna come back somehow at the end and that’s the twist f**king called that shit

  • where the hell did don star go when the star exploded??!!!!

  • if your name is junior vine is the melody of do ya think i'm sexy by rod stewart. i don't know if it's a flex if it's embarrassing to know.

  • 12:09 unus annus

  • I thought the goat will turn into his wife... Close enough

  • 13:20 I am now Barry B Benson

  • I have over 1,000 friends on Facebook; kicked everyone of their as*es.

  • am i the only one who guessed the twist as soon as they went in the rocket-

  • I’ll be honest, from what I’ve seen of him, the Great Zamboni is a really likable character.

  • Danny is just too funny

  • Wow monster house got it's live action film before it was made

  • As soon as i saw the panther i said, "watch it be his wife"

  • My plot theory: its racist and implying his wife has magic powers, like all Native people do, that turn them into a creature of nature. Then she did the "stay a jaguar until my husband likes children again" thing like Danny said

  • Ooooooooh! I thought the wife just left, then when she discovered he signed the adoption papers (for whatever reason) she came back. That would be "slight of hand" (although very weird). I didn't think of the whole shapeshifting thing. Also, I think the last strange scene (as if there were a countable number of them) is a reference to the ceiling, that max liked and Zamboni payed special attention to that part, SOI think he might know something about that. Either way, pretty funny and weird. As usual, great video Danny 👍💖 (it must be exhausting doing all the editing for this)

  • The great Zamboani looks like snape with a mustache

  • I got the references yeyyyy

  • max is a fucking madlad

  • talks to husband about having kids he says no well I guess I should become a jaguar for 11 and a half years until he changes so is the message of the movie say yes to having a kid with your wife or she will become a Jaguar and fly to the moon I don't know but dang that's a good moral of the story thank you for reading my ted talk