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Avaldati 19 okt 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 is exactly 1 month away! 🔥
Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.
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About the game:
Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.
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Billie Eilish - bad guy
Written by Billie Eilish O'Connell, Finneas O'Connell
(P) 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records
Licensed by Universal Music Polska
ISRC/ID: USUM71900764


  • The actual release date is November 19th 2077, they left that part out

  • Keanu: why do you come here? Me: to look at you!... a breathtaking man!!

  • Guys lets make an online of now when I’m writing this comment it is November 25 2020 and I’m 19 years the actual year of 2077 ill be 76 years old so we should have a double party..............firstly we will play this game in 2077 and also binge watch the entire Star Wars SAGA because 2077 will mark 100 years since Ep 4 ( A New Hope / the first SW film ) came out

  • wtf billie eilish? i hate cyberpunk 2077 now

  • Wht a dL, da gam is nly $20.77. Dd nt wtch u tb vi, bc sum1 sed it xmpl of erro n tym travl wen cments, protsts, n pandmc r not valid. Cable, be careful, you are in the age of idiocracy and low I.Q's. The mission is to find Forge, he holds the codes and information. Keith Moon was here. Jimi Hendrix was here. John Wick was here. HULK MAKE AMERICA GREEN AGAIN

  • Keanu x cyberpunk x billie x whattt !!!

  • “aVaiLabLe nOvEmBeR 19tH”

  • Why do you come here? Me: Well I don’t have the console for the game but that care looks pretty cool so yea

  • cyber punk was meant to come out on this day betrayers

  • f for 19 november

  • So the reason they're not using synthwave is because synthwave isn't mainstream enough to replace pop and is a niche and even in the cyber future, corporations will keep pushing bland pop. It's all a metaphor.

  • Lazy devs didn't update release date in video

  • Correction- coming on December 10(don't sure may be 2030)

  • " WHY DO YOU CUM? " - Funny Fortnite guy

  • Yup, yup, he’ll yeah! Duh! Lol

  • well that aged well

  • It's out today?! Really?! That's amaz.....oh wait

  • CYBERPUNK2077 And CDPR “independent”? DON'T BE NAIVE - Bosses of CDPR : Adam Kiciński, Marcin Iwiński , Piotr Nielubowicz finnancially supported RAFAŁ TRZASKOWSKI Major of Warsaw for sum of 50000$ during last presidential election .: Trzaskowski is known as a major who was funding Antifa riot training camps in Warsaw and he is also involved i big scale legal trial regarding corruption in real estate market in Warsaw, Guy was encouraging riots during election in Poland an is also known from his attacks on independent polish media. - CDPR IS SERIOUSLY INVOLVED IN LEFT WING POLITICS IN POLAND - DON"T BE STUPID AND NAIVE - CDPR LIES TO YOU WITH THEIR SO CALLED "INDEPENDENCE". They just pretending that they pandering to right, center wing people. DON"T SUPPORT RADICAL LEFT WING Riotters!!! Think twice before you spend money on their propaganda games. Pirate their game don’t support politics in games.

  • I came here for neo futuristic qui-gon-jin

  • 1 day Wait a minute

  • Markiplier in CP2077? 😳

  • Who's here after the delay to januari 22th

  • I'm buying the game but fuck getting the pre-order with how many times the release date got pushed back As soon as it gets released THEN I'LL GET IT Keep kicking ass and NEVER SELL OUT

  • I'm here to have my breath taken away.

  • i need 3rd ... help me john wick .... T_T PLZ...


    • @Stephen Sanders someone needs to take the ipad away from their son smh

    • Benny Harvey I HOPE YOU GET THE VIRUS


    • Nobody cares, ESL. You've made this comment 3 times in the past 5 hours . Also your profile picture is from the worst game of 2020.

  • I think the relationship between V and the rockerboy its just so similar to some kind of Mr.robot Style. It just fits so good in my mind XD if the Game develop the relation in kind of the same way, like you dont want do something but he force you or try to cheat you or steal your body that would kill me, It would be insane. But i dont think thats gonna be the case. But definitely would be awesome some kind of fight for control between them. Maybe he just appears at the right time and push you to kill the corporations thats enough for me too :)



  • November 19th *Delay* December 10th CDPR Presents *DelayPunk 2077*

  • They are using the same clips over and over again and damn its still cool.

  • Wait for another Delay onto next year for the PS2 Version.

  • 0:00

  • Who's releasing this game? Guns 'n' Roses?

  • Keanu

  • Why are you Cum?

  • With all the delays im starting to think this game is a disaster development. Im pretty sure its going to have massive bugs and problems. They even said it would have a massive day 0 patch.

  • I'm buying an xbox series x just for this game it better not disappoint

  • November 19?

  • This is the "mainstream media satisfaction" trailer with the overplayed music and famous man.

  • Can someone please be legend and explain something to me, to experience 60fps on ps5 would you need a 4k TV or can you experience the detail with a normal HD TV. Also I've been so hyped for cyberpunk2077 will it look visibly different on PS4 to PS5 or will it look the same until they have released the updated version for it next year. Thanks peeps

    • ps5 and ps4 will look visibly the same until the next gen patch, it will run 60fps on ps5 and ps4, having a 4k tv will have a visible difference if you plan to run it in 4k but it will still look amazing if you run it on a 1080 or 1440p screen

  • Everybody asks where is Cyberpunk But why nobody asks how is Cyberpunk?

  • I cant un hear the “why do you come” meme in the beginning 😂😂😂

  • İ'm looking for the goddamn game

  • “19th November” Me: They had us in the first half, I’m not gonna lie

  • 19th november or 10th december?

  • Pre order now.. and play in 2077.... nice...

  • Bruh I didn't even realize that he was an in-game character, I thought he was the real guy!

  • Why do you come here? Me: For you Keanu 🥺

  • Mr Anderson

  • What you are looking for? Im looking for... They are realase this game 10.12.2020...

  • The delay is a good thing. It means they can smooth out bugs and stuff!

  • I come here for you Keanu

  • В целом всем плевать. Но я эту игрушку жду.

  • *Easter Egg:* Cyberpunk really is made for 2077.

  • Hello everyone Today we dec.... Us: ah shit here we go again

  • No L came to search for you keanu

  • What i'm looking for is a solid release date

  • Tbh I'm somewhat disapointed by many music tracks used in so far seen footage. Except 2018 version of chippin in (which was amazing and sadly, apperently, scrapped) and perhaps last two Samurai (refused) songs and nomad trailer music. All these irl pop/rap/hip hop artists stuff just feels like a slightly better versions of generic radio pop/hip hop songs. Witcher 3 blew me away with everything it had and especially music. I know cyberpunk has to have a different genre of music but I was expecting more industrial sounding techno, deep heavy cyberpunk stuff, grim dark sythwave, blade runner style synth/vapor/whatever, and some decent rock like 2018 chippin in (without emo screamo vocals and less monotone, altho, last two samurai songs improved in both of those aspects). I know game will be amazing. Probably replace witcher 3 as my favourite game. I love cdpr and what they do and am confident everything will be great but still I am a bit uneasy about the soundtrack of the game judging by what we've heard so far.

  • Yeah duh

  • 2077? why is the future always a few years into the "future"? to get to this 2077 future we need to go into time at least a few million years

    • @Stephanie Crest Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a dystopian futuristic setting that tends to focus on a "combination of low-life and high tech" featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements, ... Wikipedia That still doesn't explain how this future came about in only 57 years from now. I don't think you know how slow technology actually evolves

    • .... i don't think you understand what the genre "cyberpunk" means...

  • >Cyberpunk 2077 is exactly 1 month away! 🔥 >exactly 1 month away

  • Still waiting..

  • Lmfao these talentless hacks have no clue wtf they're doing they just removed the release date in their banner so it's getting delayed AGAIN to no ones surprise lmao

  • "Our highly anticipated Cyberpunk video game will be released in 2077!" Suddenly CDPR realizes people got hype just because they mixed years of release date and name when marketing.

  • I expected some more futuristic cyberpunk music instead of crappy and fake depressed Billie Eilish music... Man... never do that to us again... Never 👎

  • Just release the game already... Patch it after because I can't wait anymore

  • "Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my t.v.... And my controller... even my console... The hype I've lost... the features I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them release our game!" -Kazuhira Miller, former member of the samurai squad

  • Походу Киану не знал, что на фоне будет Беляш.

  • Coming April 16. No wait. Coming November 19. Okay, hang on a second. Coming December 10. Alright, soooooo. Coming March 2021. Hold up. Coming April 2021. We are going to delay it again for a few months and release it the fall of 2021 so we can get in on the Christmas sales. People, we are so sorry, buuuutttt we had to delay again. But definitely coming this Christmas 2021. Okay, okay, so I know we said coming at the end of 2021, but something came up again.

  • The true release date was always there in the name...

    • @AndrezPT pay me more and I'll make better jokes

    • Old joke trash

  • *_Another Delay? I think i know why.. we created a Time Paradox._*


  • Hello everyone! I have a MSi GP 75 Leopard so it came with the core i7 10th gen and RTX 2060. How do you think I’ll be able to run CP 2077?

    • if it's 1080p, sure and really good

  • and then they will delay it again and again and then finally cancel it....hope not though.

  • Já estão preparando o novo cancelamento, não esperem esse jogo ainda esse ano..

  • share new videos

  • my computer barely pulls minecraft.

  • Super

  • Hmmm 19 november? interesting.. 10 december?? maybe?? 2021?? probably....

  • why do you сum

  • CDPR please just say now if you are delaying the game again or not.

  • It look good as a ad to watch or a game to play but think about if for a second. when it releases it will completely either completely fail or succeed and this happened multiple time already with games looking good before they aren't. Just keep in mind when you by it digitally there are no refunds

  • I would give from that dubbing or everyone would like Czech dubbing and some said there were a total of 1,000 in 1 day I found so many there are more would it work? So for that DLC 10 - 30 euros

  • I know you won't put Czech dubbing there and would it work the other way around? That you would add DLC and that DLC would be Czech dubbing, would it work? Sure paid DLC but it would be worth it.

  • They had been dropping regular content for 2 months leading up to the now delayed release of the game. They did not plan on the delay, thus the EEclone content has dried up.

  • Postponed for so long There should be free DLC, clothes, weapons, cars, body equipment

  • already paid this game - i can't wait;

  • Maybe I’ll finally be able to play this game 57 years from now

  • Im just waiting to hear new excuse for delaying the game xD

  • I'm just hoping to get an Detroid: Become Human easter egg where there could be somewhere in the map a broken RK800 aka my boy Connor which you could potentially fix and it will do something cool. Because as we know. That android was from 2038 and this game is from 2077. Would be really fun to see something like that

  • Keanu: Why do you come here? Commenters: For you, Keanu! Billie Eilish: DUH

  • im here for cyber-keanu

  • will the "superhumans" have a penis ?

  • ویدیو آخر کانال ما رو ببینید و اگر خوشتان آمد برا حمایت از ما subscribe کنید..

  • If this game flops I'll cry.. I finished high school and now in my final year in uni and this game still not out only to be delayed again

  • gta is so fucking dead. After what they did with gtav they deserve it badly.

  • .....crickets...........

  • So that was a lie

  • I give up on this game ive cancelled my pre order so many delays shows signs of a broken game from history. Rumours its going to be delayed until jan. This game release is becoming a meme!

    • Yah, rumors coming from a person that predicted the cancellation of E3 during a pandemic...of course, no one could've predicted it.

    • Don't buy this game then if u dont like it. Nobodycares, fans still preorder becuz this awesome game

    • I still have enough hope to say, just check it out on release. It could be great or it could dog shit.