iPhone 12 Pro Max Teardown! - I've NEVER seen this before...

Avaldati 19 nov 2020
Its time to take apart the new iPhone 12 Pro MAX! Grab my teardown skin from dbrand HERE: www.dbrand.com/teardown The iPhone 12 Pro is the top of the line smartphone from Apple. Their most powerful flagship iPhone. The iPhone 12 pro max has a larger screen, bigger batter, AND better camera, with a type of camera stabilization that weve never seen inside of a mobile device before. 'Sensor Shift'. Is apple being 'shifty' about their new tech? or is it legit? Literally the only way to find out for sure is to take it apart and see for ourselves.

Watch the iPhone 12 PRO teardown HERE: eeclone.info/glo/zZWwfomeZ36jy6g/video
Watch the iPhone 12 Pro Max Durability test here: eeclone.info/glo/2GHVp3JrZIybz3Y/video

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  • thanks to JORHACKER8 on IG, he helped me to unblocklist and unlock iPhone 12pro.

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