James Harden Nets Debut Triple Double! Durant 42 Pts! 2020-21 NBA Season

Avaldati 17 jaan 2021
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  • Seeing these jerseys again remind me of Drazen

  • KD and Harden Activating their sharpshooting thats some cheese🧀🔥🔥

  • KD and Harden Activating their sharpshooting thats some cheese🧀🔥🔥

  • A very powerful video

  • oh my GOD it keeps getting better

  • You are the best

  • 12 rebounds??

  • What's with the voice bro?

  • Been a fan of nets since the 14th of Jan

  • That's nice. Lakers in 5

    • I’d love to see (if possible) Kyrie traded for Ben Simmons

  • The Nets still lack one player: Anthony Davis. Edge goes to the Lakers. You seen that that Lakers even with Lebron was nothing until Davis got there.

  • We got milwaukee bucks next. That's going to be a perfect test 😎💪🗽

    • Seriously may be my favorite ever.

  • Fat harden is the man. Much better than LeGM and Westbrick.

    • oh my GOD it keeps getting better

  • Time to trade Kyrie

  • Folks Your 2020-2021 Nba Champions

  • Might be da Best trade debut in nba history

  • 5 million u came along way from mw3 come on cuhhhhh

  • I say trade Kyrie back to Cleveland for Jarett Allen

  • That Signature 3 in Yo Face 😂

  • lmao harden a willing passer?

  • no ones talking about the reunion of kd and harden

  • 👌👌

  • Just waiting for that Westbrook trade

  • I’d love to see (if possible) Kyrie traded for Ben Simmons

  • man I was electric out there, still don’t know how I almost got a quadruple double with one of the stats being turnovers.. 🤦‍♀️

  • Chris smoove loves kd too much.

  • The mets?

  • Nets finna b everyone’s favorite team now watch

  • John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

  • 3 future HOF’s playing at an elite level in the prime of their careers all on the same team. The nets should go undefeated the rest of the season. Anything less is a bust.

  • The Nets now just need to trade Kyrie for Westbrook.

  • Harden is a better PG than Kyrie Lol. KD’s first 40 pts game for the Nets comes when Harden had 14 dimez.

  • Trade kyrie for westbrook now and you got the old okc team again

  • Harden fucked around and got a triple double

  • Harden fucked around and got a triple double

  • Injured Magic hanging in there though sad it’s turned into a developmental year for them

  • Lakers in 4

  • so um nets in 5?

  • Caucasian Shaq is da real MVP

  • Smh

  • Nets ve lakers in the finals gonna be crazy

  • Harden has the league record for turnovers if you didn't know

  • Harden needs clutch players lol he got 2.

  • nice

  • Imagine trying to guard a pick and roll between Harden KD and Kyrie...

  • Still with Harden and Durant stats, they beat the Magic by less that 10 points...

  • Bruh Durant has to be in mvp convo after these past few games

  • Trade Kyrie

  • We don’t need kyrie lets kick him out


  • Chris Smoove why do you never post raptors game

  • They still ain't beating la

  • As he should

  • You can tell James harden was trying too hard to impress Durant

  • 9 apple turnovers with ice cream***

  • "He almost had a quadruple double" lmao

  • Where’s the thunder or Celtics highlights ?

  • Pre game meal harden is going off

  • Harden playing defense bro wtf

  • Its so hard to route for these guys other than kd

  • Man kd has a god for a surgeon

  • but chris paul couldn’t go to the lakers lol

  • They needa trade kyrie for a big

  • Le GM better find another superstar player

  • Best offense in the league.. If they stay healthy whoever faces them in the playoffs got a problem...

  • After what he did in Houston it makes me sick to see him happy

  • thats some cheese

  • people also forgetting about deandre

  • It takes women 9 months to give birth it takes James Harden 2 days lol

  • James Harden is a shapeshifter confirmed 😳

  • Nobody: Lebron:KYRIEEEEEEE

  • Nik Vuc is a underrated player. Dude is a walking double double

  • All they need now is Serge Ibaka and Russell Westbrook and it's the big 4 of OKC

  • Wow its easier to score with durant, what a surprise! Not

  • They dont need kyrie...


  • Sell kyrie please, no 3 ball hog bs

  • Me: Give that guy (James Harden) some exercise

  • Honestly I think harden and kd gonna work but with kyrie coming 😬umm it depends on him if it works it’s over

  • Kd taller than 7’0☠️☠️he the tallest on the court

  • The nets need to work on their defense, they were trading baskets with the magic up until the 4th.

  • Got that triple tear 🥲🥲🥲

  • harden is a willing passer...


  • If ever Houston plays them that game is gone be nice

  • It will all unravel once kyrie returns

  • He’s actually proving that the Rockets were just ass🤣😭

    • ya their playoff failures had nothing to do with Harden, it was all the team just being ass lmao

  • That durants signature 3 in yo face cost me 2 rings

  • He almost had a quadruple double man had 9 turnovers

  • 9 turnovers that's some cheese.

  • Seeing harden move without the ball feel so weird 😭

  • Harden triple double and Durant 42... to beat the Magic by 7... not sure that's the winning formula

  • trade the kyrie man

  • just waiting on the 200 points from these two

  • Thank you and God bless

  • Trade kyrie!!

  • The problem with Harden is not KD, but it’s kyrie

  • I did not know Mark Henry played for the Nets now

  • 3ple double for the black santa

  • Next big 3 kd and the dribble brothers, lakers vs nets chamiponship 2021