The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore.

Avaldati 11 veebr 2021
Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max - But is this ACTUALLY just to save the environment? To see what I got by buying the strangest phones on the internet:
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  • Particularly curious to see what you think after you've watched this one! ♻️ To find out what happened when I bought the strangest phones on the internet:

    • Cm on even if dey dont give chargers in the box. Pple need to buy a charger out of box . At the same time the companies are still selling chargers thus production is alwys on.

    • You’re saying that sustainability is important, that there is too much packaging. Have you ever counted the amount of devices that only you ordered and unpacked? 😀 And yes, you would get more subscribers if you say that you are eco friendly. But, you would also have to show that you actually are 🙃

    • Apple and the other brands following the footsteps of Apple are just going greedy not greenery

    • Hi i need some help

    • Hi

  • I agree With the host! It is not broken why fix it! Especially with the packaging!

  • It's not about enviroment it's about selling instead of giving.

  • Fire blame charger there plan

  • well said

  • this video needs to be on every news headline

  • Who gave this video a thumbs down?

  • Enviorment my ass, if you sell the chargers, and make only official ones work (BIG COUGH apple most likely BIG COUGH) then you waste more

  • They didn't stop providing chargers because of the environment. They did it to make more money. Less free product for a higher price. 😂

  • bro,cab i post some of your vids on my channel?

  • Doesn't anyone figure this is all about ripping consumers off? EVERYTHING is now sold under the guise of carbon neutral or zero carbon footprint. I live in the UK where the BBC are the merchants selling the CO2 saga, but the truth of the "climate emergency" is that the UK produces 0.2% (one fifth of one percent) of the worlds pollution. SO if every diesel and electric vehicle were taken off the road today forever, it would make no difference whatsoever to the earth.

  • Ehh those good times when we got charger, headphones and bonus case

  • A lot of people already have them so if they need one they’ll order it

  • Just because you are charging your phone often doesn't mean that it requires an huge amount of energy. One year charging a phone "only" requires about 8KW. For comparison: that's driving 50km with an e-car. Therefore that wireless charging is less efficient isn't really a huge argument. Other than that: good video :)

  • I didn't know you got a free case for a phone in some boxes! none of my iPhones have every had one

  • i think an opt in system for each extra on top of the phone when ordering would be best, that way if you like your current headphones or have a high quality 3rd party charger then you can not get those and still get all the things you want from your order

  • 2021 : Removes charger 2022: Removes Camera...must buy separate...sells their own camera.. 2023: Removes display: must buy extra screen.. 2024 : we don't use mobile phones anymore...

  • Samsung 21 ultra😍🥲

  • The only reason they are doing it is to save on cost, so they can make more profit from their phone.

  • aaahhh I definitely agree with you Arun as far as they just transferred the carbon footprint from themselves to the consumer (and possibly creating a bigger one), but I think the consumer making the conscientious decision (assuming the customer is eco-friendly because that's why they chose that phone company right?) to go down to the local Best Buy or Wal Mart and buy the additives rather than ordering them all on Amazon may atone for this maybe??....right??....I mean not every single thing will be bought via Amazon so that could help that issue right? please comment back i'd really like to know your thoughts on this

  • Now do the Apple started trend of design obsolescence where you can't fix the item anymore and have to throw it away and get a new one

  • Also, apple sends usb c cord when I only have usb a heads

  • This video needs more views

  • You earned my respect

  • I hate capitalism so much. It will see the end of us all.... We as a buyers have power over money hungry billioners...

  • 0:40 Yooo how'd you know where my house is located?

  • Why you Stop making videos on android customisation?

  • Wait... Corporations lie?? Why didn't anybody tell me this??

  • you forgot to mention they charge the same price without the charger!

  • Insightful video! Well done. I've found with many phones the charger that came with it works best, and using a knockoff charger could even damage the phone. Removing the charger is nothing but petty cost-cutting on a $1200 item. It's almost always Apple leading the way using excuses to make their products as cheap as they can and then charge a premium, followed by every other company mocking Apple and then every other company eventually joining in. Apple's evil spreads like a disease.

  • buy earphone in the physical store so you will have no package.. thats you will save environment..

  • The real reason is to make more benefits for Apple and others. Simple as that...

  • DLC has arrived on mobile phones. And you forgot to mention something.. wireless headphones are usually Li-Ion which is known to lose performance and battery capacity in 3-4 years.. so.. "green" battery landfills.

  • Very beautifully presented

  • When these companies sell over 1000 bucks phones, no amount of saving the world can excuse the utter embarrassment of getting cheap and stingy with the chargers of all things. Same with earphones. And no, Apple didn't leave a better impression with their removal of stuff, starting with the headphone jacks. Everyone saw through the greed and the "working girl" class. Classiness? Or lack thereof.

  • There are loads of products that don't come with chargers, so why are we so focused on mobile phones? I mean, products like bicycle lights, bicycle computers, portable audio players, and loads of small devices come with USB ports, but no chargers.

  • Have your like good man

  • Apple and Samsung are getting really greedy

  • @apple @samsung

  • Another thing to add. 4:03 I ordered TWO pairs of those exact earphones and they both broke within the span of a year. Even more waste.

  • Samsung's S21 Ultra. How far it's improved. Is it the Photographic Titan & Best Flagship? @/s21 Ultra @ss2g

  • Next time they'll make the plastic screen protector paid too.

  • i hate apple... actually a lot of "green" companies, they are totally the most profitable possible even when it hurts consumers... looks for the prices too... you pay more to had the entire kit to had the smartphone and headset and charger brick... i had a anker brick that i buy for my self for a time now... but my old smarphone i sell for poor people with the old charger brick and original cable in perfect situation, i did more for the enviroment than any of those shitty executives that only think on profits and paper values! on they entire live in a single move like sell my used smartphone!

  • They just want you to pay more for the charger........ They'll scam you blah blah environmental blah blah blah...........

  • So valuable this video is! Love your content

  • They care about the environment but still want you to buy a new one every year, they care but don't want you to easily replace batteries or repair your devices. The only thing they really care about is their bottom line and as long as you continue to buy they will never care. The real reason there is no charger is cost, it cost them to provide you with a charger and they are looking for anyway possible to give you less for more. Any reduction in their carbon footprint is for their gain not the environment.

  • ngl this man is speaking facts

  • a very good opinion

  • I want a phone with a charge so I'm good with my phone

  • This is bullshit, if m paying that much money for a phone i want everything, this excuse could be given by budget phones bt not the flagships.The iphones charging cable does not last much world knows that and you have to buy new one so using old phone cable and charger is bullshit. Environment talk is just hoax. These companies are selling these phones at so much premium and removing items like budget phones, when we all know the real reason.

  • this was really good

  • is anyone going to tell him?

  • ya they saved money also.. but eh.. that phone ain't any cheaper is it?

  • They want that moneyy

  • Samsung S21 Ultra came with Charger actually. They just pack it together with the wireless charging pad they gave you alongside. Yep, same super fast charger, unlike apple normal charger. It is just *not in the box* with the phone.

  • They take away their chargers and they still buy, objectively dumb. But even dumber is other companies who claimed they have common sense follow suit when iDiots do what they do best

  • Planned obsolescence they put into everything they make... contradicts them.

  • You open there secret of making iphone user fool's companys just making more money 💸

  • Your so right

  • Yet another way they rip their customers off. Why shouldn't a phone come with more accessories, rather than less, such as the phone case, maybe a screen protector, and most everything that you would likely need with it? The customer can get a better deal when things come as a package. And it is easier to match the proper accessories, when it comes all together.

  • Come on Samsung stop being stupid and send us our dodads with our phones and stop playing! 😒

  • We all know who disliked this video 😆😆😆

  • In marketing we call this “just noticeable change”. To increase the price and not let people to notice it. Like soft drink with same price but less quantity.

  • The truth isn't about saving the environment it's a marketing strategy to get you to spend more money on the extras.The company is just using saving the environment as an excuse to remove the charging brick and the earphones

  • Thats have a easy fix. If they have two options: one with charger, other without... So we will have The oportunity to choose and Know The cost of charger and earfones. But thats top much to humanity...




  • APPLE CABLES ARE MADE SO CHEAP M y MacBook pro cables are TURNING DARK YELLOW. They are making shit on purpose to go bad including LAPTOPS & iMACS.

  • i call BULLSHIT. We have to now drive to the store to get the charger or order it and GAS will be used and it's now being put on the customer to use their GAS and drive to get the damn thing. T hey are LIARS apple is full of crap. There will be a LAWSUIT. Just like the iPOD lawsuit over the phone call with the customer battery.

  • They just did it for there cost to be cheaper but sell them the same

  • I have to say this analysis requires a truly market view to be relevant. Most phones do not have speed charging, most people don´t care as long as battery lasts for a day and common house items like electrical plugs already have USB ports, making it easy to not need USB chargers. I´ve actually given and old USB charger to someone who bought a portable radio and had no usb charger at home (yes, people have mobile phones that are not charged via USB). The problem is not reducing paper, but the electrical components and that is totally feasable when analysed the market needs. What you should question is: are smartphones cheaper now, or was this accompanied with profit increase?

  • Is it just me or does it seem like Apple is just forcing us to by other products in oder to make a profit. And they got the odiacity to say that they r saving the earth

  • U know my Phone Sometimes Charges itself without me Plugging in any Charger Future is Here Bois

  • Let's be real here, whenever some big shot company say they're doing something for the environment(or any other similar bullshit), they're 100% only for profit..

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  • no charger and earphones, Feminist kind of logic

  • Maybe they saw your video!

  • Im starting to hate apple. At first iphones came with a phone, earphones, and charger. Years later iphones release with no earphones (to get people to buy the ear pods they invented) then couple years later they get rid of charger (to get people to buy the expensive wireless charger they invented). So money greedy! We should boycott apple!

    • Yeah but IPhones came with with earphones until iPhone 12 series

  • so true

  • That's why i stay away from Samsung & Apple. I went with OnePlus 8Pro were i get an included 45w warp charger.

  • Yes this dude is telling the truth it's all about these major brands marketing for making more money. You have to buy their accessories. But don't forget this dude also gets paid by these phone brands to market selling to you youtube fans lol.

  • Ok but when did companies start giving free cases?!?! I've NEVER gotten a case included with my phone.

  • They care about the green 💵

  • I never use the chargers that come with the phone I haven't used them in years. I have been using a 6 year old anker charger for all my devices and it charges my phone and tablets. I don't need quick change blah blah blah. Although I think the charger I use which has 6 ports on it has quick charge on it. that's all I use,when it dies I'll buy another one.

  • Apple: lets go green! Samsung and xiaomi: nah, stick on is, we won’t take out anything... iPhone12: *sells well Samsung: *delets post Samsung and xiaomi: *releases phone with no power brick Arun: *makes this video Every other phone later: nope, lets re-get that charger

  • Go woke, go broke.

  • And when you add planned obsolescence to the magic hat of Apple tricks, it starts getting clear they just don't care and it's all lies.

  • Xiaomi user be like:lol you guys don’t have charger?

  • Think we need to boycott apple and samsung for not providing chargers and buy a Xaomi

  • Nice thesis my friend. Very interesting. I did not know this is what was going on. I haven't really looked at phones or phone reviews for the last 2 years, so when I saw an unboxing video of the newer phones recently, with just the USB cable and no brick, I assumed there's some sort of revolutionary new technology, that I don't know about, that they have out there, probably having something to do with wireless charging or something that made it so that you don't need a brick. I did not realize everybody was WOKE now. That's smart too because the companies are saving a lot of money not making those chargers themselves now.

  • U're the best Tech Reviewer Mrwhostheboss Thx for Everything

  • Like always, big corporations' hypocrisy is so laughable and dangerous at the same time.

  • was anyone like oh boy i just joined a cult

  • APPLE did not think through it

  • Wow, seriously, having to align coils for wireless charging and going as far as using magnet alignment completely defeats the purpose of the "wirelessness", doesn't it. At this point, including two conductive points on the back of the phone and two contacts on a magnetically aligned base of the exact same design would mean not having to use any coils, making it cheaper, more efficient and faster without sacrificing any of the user comfort. :D But hey, "wireless" sells better.

  • Free phone cases?! Ya Apple girl here didn't know that was a thing, I been missing out! 😭 Switched back to android after 10 years, lets see how it goes!

  • Like the video, but it focuses a bit much on the packaging... Would have really expected that grey energy of the charger/... production would somehow be taken into account also.

  • Subscribed.

  • They selling charger, cable, earphones separately because these things can be charged extra..