.io Games and The Rise of Fake Multiplayer

Avaldati 19 märts 2020
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  • I'm talking quietly because I have a cheap mic and the quality gets worse the louder I speak. I'm getting a new one in a couple days

  • People who think activision are bad publishers haven’t seen a mobile game publishers activision are like the god tier publishers compared to these hunks of trash

  • Game is not in iphone...... wait, I see what you did there.

  • I remember when .io games were good. AKA I remember a time before voodoo

  • honestly, i hate how these fake multiplayer games get more attention than actual multiplayer .ios. i dont know if im allowed to reccomend games in this channel, but i will just say, everyone should try a game called starve.io, i am not promoting it, im not a staff or anything of it, its just a fking underrated game that has a maximum of 50 players by region and that is just stupid, the game is so well done and well developed, it just deserves more, its basically a survival game, i reccomend it, another game i reccomend is bonk.io, its very clean to play and people are mostly nice. both games. have a chat system so you know you are actually talking to real people. there are way more underrated .io games, but these two are my favourite ones.

  • have you got yet those 15 Mio

  • If they had names like "Vanessa" "Michael" or "Jake", that's how I recognize bots. If they had names like "Xx_michael99destroyer_xX" you could trust that or not trust that aswell.

  • I used to play evo wars a ton in fifth grade with a few other guys, and it was multiplayer at least back then (along with all the other .io games we played). I think it’s just dead now tbh.

  • Agar and Diep.io were the first online games I ever played.

  • I trust plane.io only bc I was able to get in a game with my friend

  • Yeah i figured out the fake multiplayer after many rounds and i was so confused why i kept winning.. it just got too easy and i could tell the people were not real


  • bruh its not even on mobile so ofc it will work

  • its botted i need proof that its not.

  • 1:22 Top left

  • "Its not much but its honest living"

  • Diep.io have actual multiplayer, me and my brother met eachother in a game

  • Sooo is Agar.io still multiplayer? I think this is still the best .io game by now

  • Great video other than the fact you're almost whispering

  • Earth 2 . io. Is it full of bot?

  • goat simulator did it first

  • So many Facebook games have this.

  • While evowars.io/nicki.txt might no longer be up, it's archived web.archive.org/web/20200329092648/evowars.io/nicki.txt gg

  • Almost all mobile games are botted now

  • So is slither.io with real players or bots?

  • I know two .io games that I know for a fact are true multiplayer and those are agar.io and puble.io

  • I swear I played a similar game like that hole thingy in an arcade back in 2012. Not sure about the name though, probably because it's japanese or smth

  • Of course the dev introduced his game for the first time on 4chin, playing as "Hitler". Never change.

  • I'd begun to think this, and let's just say its nice to see i was right

  • Meu Deus eu fui enganado todo esse tempo

  • i got like 20 seconds in before i realized he was reading off the screen lol

  • i knew it... this confirms my tetris blitz experience, banckgamoon and many other games... that not only run on bots... but also... they added a smart code... to talk to u back ... or "talk is much said" but emoji u out when u emoji them out... so u send something .... tongue out or smiley and bot will take 2-3 seconds send something out... making it real... but no other option to chat... just emoji stuff...bow master is another one ... didn't tested the wifi thing... but to make it "feel is multiplyaer" i think some just listen to the device if is connected... and if u disconect it closes ur "connection" making it feel like u actually lost connection. i mean tricks can be made... to make it feel like a actual multiplayer... you wouldn't know the difference... if your chat is limited... and game uses others players image profiles and names... and their gameplay history moves... it would be like ur playing that player... just not live but more of "offline bypass" -- is this even a term? i guess .. is called "shadow players" ...

  • Otar.io. Its a joke with Otário, a word in portuguese that means idiot or sucker.

  • Sir, we need an internet domain for our colonial military blacksite Good idea private, but who will use it Games for 12 year olds sir *genius*

  • Voodoo doesn't make games, they make adware

  • Cor cof voodoo

  • Hi, can I get a job

  • This man's voice is the most relaxing thing I've ever listened

  • Me: Man, that's very dishonest... Also me: Ok gonna invest all my money on these fake mp apps.

  • I thought the title said "i.o and Grimes" lol

  • WHAT IS THE ouutro music name

  • The first system is a good idea and solves the quantity problem, im totally fine with it however the other .io's are trash

  • I found out most of these games were single player immediately it's pretty obvious when half the time you have a "player" that kills itself all the time or does something dumb

  • I hate voodoo so much. You can't enjoy 5 minutes of any game without watching a shit ton of ads.

  • So this means that the asiatics who carried you the entire game don't exist, also the Russians hackers on the other side are also not real.

  • So this means that the asiatics who carried you the entire game don't exist, also the Russians hackers on the other side are also not real.

  • .IO games are like dreams, look like multiplayer, but is actually one player game.

  • I am personally fine with fake multiplayer Because i don't like other people

  • so its not online, then why i have lag btw?

  • I had a feeling this was happening... When I put the game offline and it worked just fine...

  • not to mention their ads are mentally retarding

  • This is one of the best videos ever!

  • People are mistaking the meaning of .IO and are naming something random.IO then making it a clicker game

    • Lmao I just realized random.IO leads to minions


  • Slither.io

  • I was always surprised how my network tab in my inspector never listed any web requets for http or websockets while the game was running ... i though it's some magic i hadn't figured out yet but i guess it wasn't ...

  • the mobile company voodoo is the absolute worst, if i ever go to download an app and its made by them i simply refuse to download it

  • This dude deserves more rep

  • I noticed voodoo sucked from downloading many of there games and realizing half of them I had played before

  • not every game .io is a fake multiplayer... like i already played agar.io with my friends sooooo i think it is multiplayer ;P

  • My mom: what the hell are you doing at 2AM? Me: "whispers" making a video about how io. games are taking over the world!

  • 2:53 I'd argue that many phones being connected to cheap af ISP-provided Wifi-routers are to blame for the general horrible experience in real-time multiplayer games on mobile. Compared to that 4G is delight!

  • 👀

  • *cough*Fortnite*cough*

  • This is honestly one of the reasons I love agario so much

  • Dude every iOS game sucks nowadays no one makes anything good anymore that doesn’t have a billion ads after a level. What happened to good games like Zombieville USA and crossy road and things like that?

  • My childhood was a lie

  • The best thing of the video is that he uses ubuntu

  • Nearly most of games right now.

  • Expectations : We will be able to pause online games in the future Reality :

  • I comment to help statistics

  • Fake it until you make it.

  • I play a game called snake rivals and I could swear they use bots instead of real humans. I mean the game crashes without internet but u literally play the game just with the exact same people. First I noticed that cuz of the same profile pictures but at some point I started to remember the players names as well and it's literally always the same 😆 there's always at least one person I already knew / remember in a round. no matter what time of day I play it. they're always there 😆

  • How about krunker.io ?

  • Everyone knew that these stupid voodoo games aren’t multiplayer and you just play them for 1,2 hours and then delete them

  • It's very obvious when you can play the games without wifi Edit: oh it was literally the first point he made

  • is that UBUNTU?! Finally, someone else who uses Linux!

  • I remember playing agar.io and my username was fucktrump and everyone targeted me

  • 1:37 ??????

  • this made me want to play diep.io

  • Anyone notice that it’s 1:30 am? Probably why he’s talking quietly

  • Урыл

  • please make more

  • Bonk.io ...that game slaps

  • So your telling me these io games I can play when my WiFi is off have bOts????


  • I thought everybody knew this...

  • I hated .IO Games the day they became popular

  • Thank God, I hate voodoo and most of the games that spam adds, have bots, and have 3d at the end of the thier titles. Yet they still get tons of games on top 50.

  • Nobody: Agar.io players: Kungflu

  • Speak up

  • they don't have the money and the confidence to get servers for their game just so people have real multiplayer, they're too scared that their game'll do bad so they use Fake Multiplayer.

  • A game like hole.io could have you play against ghost versions of other players who have already played, rather than bots. You didn't focus on paper.io, but I actually think that's what they're doing there, because the other "players" are dumber than bots should be, and seem to make moves that are out of context. (The moves would make sense under other circumstances, but don't in the current circumstance.) If they ghost other players, isn't that really asynchronous multiplayer? But, what if bots are smarter than re-run ghosts? Isn't that multiplayer, too, then?

  • Didnt know .io games had bots..it was so unnoticeable. Everybody reacted like a human. Waos

  • Pretty sure after this, they will just add simple ping code to trigger offline warning. and people will try port forwarding or crack web packet lmao

  • this video is incorrect. i have played .io gamesin school and have played them with my friends. i have found my friends on those games. right down to there very movement. at least for slither.io not sure why everybody thinks its fake multiplayer. cause slither.io is real multiplayer.

  • Fake multiplayer? So you're just going to call out Goat MMO Simulator like that? They already admitted it's not actually an MMO.

  • Some games have "multiplayer" elements and don't even need Wi-Fi. Thank you.

  • I noticed this on Paper.io and Hole.io. User movement is strange. At Hole.io you can approach a hole and it will always escape in the same way.

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