Tik Tok Is Cringe, but some are good

Avaldati 20 apr 2021
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  • Pewdiepie at 8:50 thinks money didn't change him also Pewdiepie at 11:50 320,000 heck yea I'll buy it give me that.

  • Brighton possy 2021

  • Hmm i guess im dangerous cuz im canadian

  • 7:56

  • 9:02 wait what? You have to pay to use shopping carts????

    • I googled it and apparently some places in the US do it too. I kept looking in the comments at first cause I hadn't seen this before so for people like me its not payment but a deposit, you put it in to take a cart and then get it back when you return the cart. It is a good idea to discourage idiots who dont know how to just put them back but myself and so many people I know don't even carry cash let alone change. If the key thing does work and you get it back when you return the cart then thats good but I hope that it doesnt get stuck like Pewds mentions since its different than what is meant to go in there. Im surprised this is the first time Ive seen this tbh because I always grab a few carts when I put mine away especially if theyre taking up parking spaces. "Well its their job to do it" and then you wonder why so many checkouts are closed with so many employees. When I worked at Price Chopper baggers and casheirs were the ones sent out to do carts and people werent hired JUST to do carts, or at least at my location. Its like people who throw trash out of their car, its plain dumb laziness and just shows how shitty you are. At the VERY LEAST if you have kids in the car or something put it in an easy to get but out of the way location so it isnt in the middle of the lot or in a space. Hell typically the spots closest to the cart corrals are open and I always try and park near there so I dont have to walk as far after I get my groceries in the car. Dumb rambling over, I just found that really interesting😂

  • One of these days my friend's tiktok is going to appear in one of these and I don't know if I'll laugh, feel bad, or be proud lol

  • "Don't put your face on it it doesn't add anything"...

  • The slow blouse nally decorate because vest annually care before a defective letter. snotty, aggressive sideboard

  • You have to pay to use a shopping cart in Britain? Jesus..

  • I like how he criticizes people of putting themselves in these videos. When that's all he does :)

  • Is it me or did pewds stop growing but his nose never stopped? Every time I see him his nose is bigger.

  • 8:02

  • 0:02 😭😭 tik tok is banned in India 😭😭

  • Funny ones are decent, ones that have girls are just *all* yes, *all* inappropriate.

  • Ничего не понял но очень интересно

  • most of the TikTok video comes from VINES

  • That Canadian meme was good but then I looked closer... then I realized that he didn’t give 2 shits about my religion...

  • 3:47 Dude looks like the guy from Independence Day / Mrs. Doubtfire with the really raspy voice

  • 3:30 I see non white colour

  • Hia hia hia hia hia

  • Did anyone notice the knife?

  • 4:01 no my phine isnt good enough to render the smaller squares

  • I wish I had samsung folds

  • Fuckin western spy

  • 7:10 to 7:30 is straight up facts I couldn’t help but laugh and that’s coming from a generation Z member crazy to think that me being 20 and someone like 8 are classified as the same generation

  • Can anyone explain the context for the tik tok at 5:00, I didn't get it

  • floom is real though lol

  • Minecraft hardcore pls

  • With the glasses, Felix looks like Thomas Shelby 🥳🥳😂😂

  • That game made me cry! Before your eyes is great.

  • At 5:33 it's a dub of the original, he didn't actually say that Pewds br

  • I wanna briish PjuDeaPay

  • may i know the tiktok link for the one at 3:42, i really need it for my friend to ease her anxiety

  • but what if it spins tho?

  • 0:10 Do you think the roomba will save you? Fool! The roomba will not save you from me!

  • вау! это же Шведский Олёша

  • its really impresive how much people like Pewds he have 347k Likes and just 3K Dislikes woow

  • Привет я русский

  • Bro the fucking waterpark listings are 100% trafficking people.

  • Floom

  • All that shit a year or so ago about how this is the last brofist and how this is the last tik tok but now i come back and see him still the same

  • 4:57 GOLD😂😂😂😂🏃🏃🏃

  • PewDiePie should react to indian tiktoks

  • On pewds video t series ad us coming

  • Disavow using chinese data collecting


  • 8:26

  • 8:26

  • Ugh yes the people adding their pointless reaction 😫 is so damn cringey

  • Fun fact: tik tok is banned in India

  • “Its not the olive, its what it represents for the future”

  • Some one tell him to play balisong

  • Floom exists! But it’s a website apparently

  • The floom is in google its not an app

  • 2:38 Pewd, stop making fun of Canadians, this is a serious crime, he went to jail.

  • 5:34 lul so funny but you might get demonitized..

  • 8:48 Me in a family reunion

  • Can u search up awesomeguy92238 on tiktok

  • Samsung Flip FINALLY made portrait mode obsolete, because every side is near equally lengthened

  • India?😂😂

  • 7:38 OG meets OG

  • .

  • 2:50 talk about respecting your surroundings.

  • garlic bread

  • The other day, my wife asked me to pass her lipstick but I accidentally passed her a glue stick. She still isn't talking to me.

  • 1. I have a favorite song that is used in Tiktok. 2. People think I like tiktok. 3. It's not a favorite song anymore.

  • هاي اعمل تحدي ضحك واذا ضحكت تخسر رح تخسر 🙂😆

  • Petition for pewdiepie to start a waterpark

  • I love it when pewds shits on David dobrik

  • floom is actually a web app. you won't find it on app stores it's on a website


  • 2:36 As a Canadian i can confirm that hes dead now

    • Lmao I'm also a Canadian and yep he's definitely down lmao toronto is worse tho😂😂😂

  • Do you think Tick tock will help your youtube channel to grow???

  • How tf am I supposed to spin my fist, so I just flipped my laptop over and cracked the screen

  • Wait.. you have to pay to use shopping carts in the UK? Why do grocery stores have microtransactions?

  • That red square video is a red square upon my life

  • China & India are on the brink of war with each other lol

  • tbh this just made me hate tiktok more... tiktok better than twitter??? nope

  • "Don't trick me into feeling good about myself" -Pewds 2021

    • Lol... I'm the red square guy... that was my tiktok... I guess I shouldn't make people feel good with their consent... oops!

  • I feel Ashamed Seeing Pakistan At Top Of The Chart....

  • sorry really shows how horrible some people can be. I am truly disappointed 😔 👎

  • pewdiepie makes videos?? i havent seen him in my recommendations in month. had to search for him if he was still alive lol

  • you dont grow up

    • At 11:00 I thought he said American hairlines because of the passengers’ beautiful hair

  • Lmao you making fun of tiktok is the funniest shit. Its cringe. Made my day. I'd rather stay on yt. Fuck tiktok, the funny is here

  • Hey Felix, you're saying that people shouldn't add their videos to other tiktok. But isn't that's what you are doing in the name of reacting videos???? *hmMmMmMmMmMMmMmMmmMmMmm MmMmmMmMmmMmMmMmmMmMM*

  • Felix has a fake nose.

  • Funny funny funny oof racist funny funny funny. That Chinese bat joke had me cringing.

  • That Twitter roast

  • 7:10 excuse me but what are you doing?

  • 'but some are good' . no.

  • when pewds mouth opens you know its true

  • 5:48 the meme was made with madlips apps, where people are able to do voiceover for videos for memes, and yes there is beef between india and china, but rather not talk about it here, its militaries patrolling activities related

  • Woah nice knife dude holy shit..

  • Let's go 200 million subscribers

  • Pewds, time to diversify your portfolio by buying a water park. Get on it.

  • Gang of tik tok cringe

  • 7:08 why do you have to add your reaction to it its fine on its own ain't it?

  • At 11:00 I thought he said American hairlines because of the passengers’ beautiful hair

  • I like how pewds was obviously about to make comment about that ass then remembered, I am married and love my wife