How does SpaceX’s Dragon get back to Earth from Orbit? How exactly it re-enters and lands!

Avaldati 2 aug 2020
How do you actually get back from orbit? Do you just pump the brakes and fall right out of space? Well, there’s a lot of fun physics involved in deorbiting and today we’ll do a summary of how you deorbit, go over the hardware that allows the Crew Dragon Capsule to reenter and safely splash down, we’ll go over the sequence of events and even the exact conditions that need to be met in order to allow for a safe reentry.
00:00 - Intro
03:10 - Re-Entry Criteria
05:30 - Crew Dragon Re-Entry Timeline
12:35 - Hardware Overview
25:10 - Orbital Mechanics Rundown
29:30 - Summary
Article Version (Written by Alex Crouch)
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  • Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 03:10 - Re-Entry Criteria 05:30 - Crew Dragon Re-Entry Timeline 12:35 - Hardware Overview 25:10 - Orbital Mechanics Rundown 29:30 - Summary

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    • Why deorbit burn is crucial? Before landing to the earth

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  • What engine does the cargo dragon use to deorbit?

  • Question: do the astronauts feel the heat during re-entry?

  • So they can land in florida

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  • 30:00 I didn't know Queen Elizabeth did orbital mechanics for NASA

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  • will the new spacex starship be able to "fly" through the re-entry and not need a heat shield?

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  • Like you said it takes 15 minutes to de-orbit the capsule. That's why they jettisoned the trunk first because now it lowers the total mass of the vehicle that the thrusters have to deorbit. If they did not jettison the trunk it would require more fuel and more time to do the deorbit burn. If it takes too much time they might have to do another phasing burn

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  • The calculations today are similar to what was done in the 50’s. The advantage today is that computers are better at repetitively run calculations at high speed. So calculations can be more accurately updated in real-time.

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  • It's always bothered me that with all the thousands and thousands of names Musk could have called the craft, he choose "Dragon!" Funny how these craft are named, say "Apollo, Saturn, Osiris" they seem to belong to the same group, so-called elites!

    • Josey Wales You guys see conspiracies in everything, don't you? I can't imagine what it must be like to be scared and suspicious of all around you. Sad.

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  • Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 03:10 - Re-Entry Criteria 05:30 - Crew Dragon Re-Entry Timeline 12:35 - Hardware Overview 25:10 - Orbital Mechanics Rundown 29:30 - Summary

  • Hi, um dont you think world scientists are looking at your videos and borrowing ideas to make long rage missles.

  • Will the Crew Dragon astronauts have a harder time aclimating to Earth's gravity since theirs is a six-month mission?

  • Point retrograde, fire engines, open parachutes at 3000 and there you go xD

  • You don't need a rocket to get into space 👺🙈👤

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  • TLDR: Pick the landing spot, check the weather, check it again, then burn retrograde.

  • Probably a stupid question, but... lol. Around 21:30, what is the tall mound of earth to the right side of the screen? Stone Mountain in GA?

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  • 3:57 Tim, 25 dBz refers to the intensity of the reflection in the Doppler radar. It's a logarithmic scale that represents the volume of precipitation per volume of air.

  • 3:57 Tim, 25 dBz refers to the intensity of the reflection in the Doppler radar. It's a logarithmic scale that represents the volume of precipitation per volume of air.

  • On another subject... What if an astronaut up on a space station for 6 months...get ill? What if they get appendicitis or a heart attack or something like that????? Any answers????

    • Joolz JAL Astronauts are screened for health issues to minimise those but that's a good question.

  • Ive always wondered how this works, nice presentation!!

  • Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 03:10 - Re-Entry Criteria 05:30 - Crew Dragon Re-Entry Timeline 12:35 - Hardware Overview 25:10 - Orbital Mechanics Rundown 29:30 - Summary

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  • A moment of silence for the Trunk left to burn up

  • Probably the same way they have been doing it for the past 60 years.

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    • @Everyday Astronaut don't mean anythihg in a wrong way. yur video content is Super but fir a not-so-geek person perhaps you cud try using simole anatomy!! I do appreciate your stuff & its very interesting 👍

    • Unfortunately orbital dynamics, reentry heating and physics is very complicated but I tried my best to explain it. Let me know where you got stuck and what was difficult so I can help make future videos more useful! 👍

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    • Because there’s not a ton of good B-roll despite us adding as many graphics as we can. If you think this is bad, don’t watch an old video 😳

  • Q? with the amount of satellites and space junk debris floating around, how do they pick the re-entry trajectory to avoid collisions?

  • I like the fact the this capsule uses 4 parachutes. That redundancy adds more safety. Have you noticed that the Russian capsule uses only one parachute? Does anyone have accurate info as to why?

  • Wow first watching this show this guy is good explains it for in an easy-to-understand way I'll be back for more

  • So the nose cone is closed after the vehicle is committed to entering the atmosphere. Now just suppose there was a problem with closing the nose cone, then what?

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  • Amazing you have made me have so many questions, that I now need to be answered before I will be able to sleep with them running through my head... How many thrusters and types of thrusters does it have? How many pounds of thrust does each type of thruster have? What type of fule dose each thruster use? How much fuel per sec does each use? What type of ignition of fuel is used in a vacuum? How much of the igniter is used for each ignition? How much igniter is carried on the capsual? How much fuel does the capsule hold for docking and landing?

  • Thank you Plasma. Plasma makes of over 99 percent of all matter. True, as I see it.

  • I love this channel and can’t get enough, I have questions, what is this craft made of, I’m well aware of metal kindling temperatures - steel 1600 degrees - aluminum 660 degrees - Magnesium 650 degrees How is this craft resisting 1900 degrees for over 6 minutes without melting into molten metal? Also how does this craft plot a route back to Earth as is clearly spinning at approximately 1000 miles per hour? Please excuse my ignorance on the subject, I don’t know much about it, but fascinates me. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

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  • Could re-entry plasma gas be redirected and used as reverse trusters?

  • I still can't get how those engineers of the 1950s managed to calculate all these with a computer that's as powerful as a calculator!! I mean were they even human??

  • Wish you would quit using meters and kilometers and use mph and feet so I could get a sense of distances and speed.

    • We always put the imperial conversion up on screen so you still can get that. Our audience is only 37% from the US, so we’re actually the minority.

  • TLDR; Space-X replaced Draco engine valves with burst disks for safety after Dragon capsule explosion. No valve means no throttling. No throttling means no draco assisted “soft landing”.

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  • The de-orbit thrusters are the 4 thrusters in the nose that are under the nosecone. That’s why the nosecone stays open throughout the de-orbit burn.

  • So, why the re-entry has to be at speed? Why not stop at point you want to reenter and simply drop down?

    • @Mystery Scoop In a vacuum, with no air resistance, it would take more fuel to come to a stop than it would in the atmosphere. Going from 17,500 mph to zero would require a lot of fuel, fuel that would have to be flown up on launch. That means that the launch weight would be much higher, so they would need more fuel and engines just to launch.

    • @Mystery Scoop Decelerating from 28,000 Km/h to 0 Km/h needs a lot of fuel, that fuel has a lot of weight, that weight has to be added to the rocket at the time of launch. So, you would have much heavier rocket at launch, and you would also need much more powerful rockets, and much more fuel (because you need additional fuel for stopping in orbit, plus additional fuel for launching additional weight of that fuel, plus additional fuel because of additional consumption of bigger rockets needed to lift all that weight.

    • @ArKritz84 i thought perhaps in vacuum you’ll need much less fuel compare to lift off... just saying!

    • You'd need as much fuel to slow down as to speed up (ok, kinda). And Dragon does not have the privilege of having a Falcon 9 rocket attached to it anymore.

    • The fuel requirements would be outrageous.

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  • I appreciate that parachutes work, but also know that thrusters work great for Falcon boosters....

  • Trunk jettison before de-orbit burn ensures the truck doesn't come down ON anyone waiting for the capsule, not just keeping it from being in the same reentry profile as the capsule.

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  • Here is a somewhat non related ? How did they work out the orbital velocity for OsirisRex satellite to orbit Bennu (asteroid) I get that it’s hard math but what would they need to know to get it right before they even attempt to do it ?

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