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  • Tommy looks scared for his life lol 😂 xx

  • I've been watching the sidemen for years now but the thing I'm starting to dislike about people like Simon is that he's very unnecessarily negative about these guys, it would be fine if they were in a beef but the minecraft guys are generally quite nice to them and Simon's just whining with jealously that they're more popular than him :l

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  • I love Tommyinit

  • Tommy is kinda annoying

    • kinda is an understatement

  • The guy barely watched the video, and then asked questions as if he didn’t skip through the whole thing? Weird

  • Imma be real people MCYT Stans who thought the punch was real are about as dumb as the Sidemen Stans who think Tommy was actually making Vikk uncomfortable and doing stuffs without permission Like they are all more than what you see on camera because they dont include everything that happened in the day including moments where Tommy isnt in 'content Tommy mode' aka loud and obnoxious he is a good kid and of course JJ didn't punch Wilbur like?? he disnt even fall on the same trajectory as the punch it was clearly fake and they are on good terms so why would KSI assault Wilbur or any MCYT for that matter.. yall ridiculous making drama out of nowhere

  • It’s fake he turned his head

  • Imagine if tommyinnit 2nd channel get 10mil before miniminter main channel

  • 4:19 Simon you baited yourself mate 😂😂

  • I bet if Harry or JJ made the same joke Simon would be laughing his ass out

  • My assumption: Simon doesn't like Tommy but doesn't say it

  • I bet Simon didn't want to watch this video

  • Hello MiniminterClips

  • As it stands, by the time Miniminter gets 9.53 mil subs Tommy will reach 10 mil.

  • wait why did KSI just hit Wilbur so hard in the face for no reason? doesn't e know who they were?? I'm so confused??

  • it's sad that so many people hate on tommy for being childish or whatever. it's understandable that many sidemen fans might not find him funny or interesting, but as a fan of both it's honestly embarrassing to see all these fans who are really being the immature ones by shitting on 17 year olds. i have never once felt ashamed to be part of the mcyt community, and frankly it's one of the best communities out there, and so is the sidemen. it's disappointing to feel this need to defend and explain about this because it should be so dam obvious. grow up, people.

    • I agree and I don't even watch Tommy

  • This is the next generation sidemen they will pass the torch to tommy and his squad when they retire

  • Young money mint was a diff class back in the days

  • NDL

  • 15:30 That is the “Rooftop” music from BO1

  • Hes talking about how wilbur is 6'5 when ranboo (a 17 year old) is like 6'6

  • 4:35 why does this remind me of an old ksi and Simon skit

  • cringe

  • The awkwardness was for the video tommy likes being awkward for some strange reason but they hung out alot of camera

  • Tommys such a neek

  • that 😂

  • the thumbnail tommyinnit looks like ben askren

  • 10:44

  • I hate that he didn't watch the vlog, or even gave his attention to it. Like the vlog is on the background but hes reading chat most of the time.

  • audience is WAYY different to simons

  • I’ve watched this video 10 times but 5 of them were from others views lol

  • Miniminter content lowkey sucks he is not creative at all

  • S

  • Lmfao I am a fan of the Minecraft youtubers but some idiots that thought the punch was real are so dumb.

    • @alida flus the people that think that everything in this vid wasn’t planned, including the meeting with Vik and the going live from his house are just as dumb as those who thought he punch was real.

    • Tommy is just disrespectful. So overrated

  • audience is WAYY different to simons

  • You’ll reach your 10m. Sooner than you think 💯

  • Tbh I can see why he doesn't find Tommy's joke funny because there not really funny Tommy's audience is really for 8 to 13 Year olds

    • these clips are longer than miniminter's actual vdos

  • if you do a collab with tommy your subs will rise and therefore you win YAY

  • It really feels like simon doesn't understand people act differently on camera instead of off camera

    • @bilishu aliss bruh it was a bit

    • @bilishu aliss welp,if you watched the stream you would have realised that it was fake (not the real adress)

    • welp. tommy leaked simon and KSI's address

  • Simon: I can’t be overtaken by a child Also Simon: clickbaits that same child in every vid for more views

  • To all the sidemen and simon stans. A LOT OF THE VIDEO WAS SCRIPTED AND FAKE like tommy visiting vik that's scripted and everything else. So pls SHUT THE f UP AND STOP HATING ON TOMMY

  • that 😂

    • i like the sidemen, but im gonna have to sub to tommy

  • that 😂

  • This ain’t a clip

  • I see a lot of hate comments on tommy and I’m just like why??????? I mostly bet that people who hate on his stuff don’t know anything and just assume when they see 1 VIDEO. there we’re references and things people need to learn about tommyinnit sense of humor, I feel so mad when people just say “cringe” “he’s not funny” WHEN THEY DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT THEM, LIKE???? Pls help me I’m going insane. Oops I read more hate comments (going dark)

  • He wasnt even watching it most of the time. Pretty much just stole Tommys vid and uploaded it to his own channel.

  • To the 0.0000000000001 % of people who read this, Stay safe during this pandemic . And have a wonderful day!

  • Tommy is just disrespectful. So overrated

  • when i first found tommy i never thought this would happen lol

  • Is he saying Vik will hit it before him, he is more than 2 mil above him

  • Lol 😂

  • welp. tommy leaked simon and KSI's address

  • these clips are longer than miniminter's actual vdos

    • off camera which is a lot seeing his persona is just an act and silliness on camera. people need to remember he's only 17

  • At least now he got some competition and hence he can grow his channel now , competition makes ppl better

  • tommy is a brat he no right to track ksi tommy is going prsion for that

    • @camstash the area was not planned but meeting was they only had a small amount of time as ksi had something to do which is why they ran and the punch was fake i kinda agree about the vikk stuff

    • @Djdx Fudvh that Tommy is annoying because ksi did punch Tommy friend so because ksi did not ask them to come tomny had no right to go see ksi like that and Tommy did touch vik staff vik look not happy about Tommy touch vik staff so yeah how Tommy feels I'm coming his house to touch things really how dose he feels for me I neaver do that so yeah

    • @camstash not even a tommyinnit fan why you think that?

    • @Djdx Fudvh good u know why becuse all tommyin fans are making me pissed of so do one

    • @camstash you are going to make me cry

  • i like the sidemen, but im gonna have to sub to tommy

  • cant belive you made your stream sit through all of that

  • Why do I always get the same advert(this has nothing to do with the vid) but it’s like: WaIt My MuM dIeD *GaSp* I HaVe ..

  • Simon: “But I will have two diamond play buttons” Tommy making a vlog channel:

  • Why did he hit him?

  • tommy is gonna get the play button b4 u 😂

  • lit ep.

  • At the end of the video who tried to click those two videos but forgot that it’s a reaction

  • To the toxic sidemen fans in the comments, you’re valid if you dislike Tommy but what triggers yall so much about a 17 year old having fun and making videos? You don’t get his humor? That’s completely fine, but what’s the point in hating on him? It’s not like he’s gonna see it. You see one video of him and get so pissed off for what? 💀💀

  • It really feels like simon doesn't understand people act differently on camera instead of off camera

  • people hate on tommy sm its actually sad. like literally most of the people on the dream smp have said tommy is one of the sweetest and most nicest person they have ever met off camera which is a lot seeing his persona is just an act and silliness on camera. people need to remember he's only 17

  • UwU

  • UwU

  • UwU

  • I am gay

  • Tommy's behaviour at vikks house was the just kind of behaviour i dont like

  • his follows at the beginning are literally counting down from 4

  • I understand that tommyinnit fans are kids but why they so soft? Some are hating on simon for skipping some of the video I can’t remember being that sad and pathetic at 5-9 years old

  • I already hate tommy he’s just a pain to be around

    • Competing for 10mil against a child

  • Get JJ to shout you out on a video and you'll hit it in a day

  • that 😂

    • Why is this comments section so aids?

  • im so sorry but it’s so annoying that he kept skipping one of the best parts

    • @sanne edits shiver me timbers you put my name in quotation marks I'm so scared 🤣

    • @Thomas i already did lol you shut up “thomas”

    • oh shut up go and watch the original video

  • and those complaining simon skipped through the video, who tf doesnt.. i skipped through this video and others..

  • and for those assuming that most of this wasnt scripted.. he wouldnt randomly show up to someones house

    • I feel like he already watched the video because he keeps skipping.. and I like how he is not like surprise George Meet tommy and whatever and he started pissing me off wh

  • Watching vids like this make me realize that I could beat up Tommy. An actual noodle.

  • bro people in here are way to serious.. simon doesnt have to watch the whole video and tommy wasnt bein rude..

  • he fell the wrong way lmao ksi hit him on the right he fell to the right as well he should of gone to the left

  • Nice 18 minutes short video simon

  • This is shit tier content 🤣

  • :>>>>

  • It's like they have not been out side in 5 years

  • to the one person who is reading this I can say: you are cool and awesome, stay safe.❤️👍👍

  • Why is this comments section so aids?

  • Competing for 10mil against a child

  • He knows what he is doing with this. Sidemen Stans are gonna go hate on Tommys vid now cuz of how he acted like it was the worst thing ever or yk he said it was fine but obviously his fans are going to want to be similar to him and if Simon doesn't like it they will feel a need to dislike it too. If its not your type of video don't watch it in the first place and If you are just gonna sit there and not pay attention and then saying "I don't understand" then just don't watch or change your mindset. (pls take this as constructive criticism, I know Simon does not mean it this way but he also needs to think about how he is influencing)

    • Wdym he can watch whatever he wants on his stream, and if he doesn't understand it how is it his fault. If ppl wanna be toxic to tommy then that's not Simon's fault

  • he's so hyped in the thumbnail but the whole vid he's just "😐"

    • @Regdu Geht So? He doesnt have to like it

    • Simon's reaction is pretty hard to watch. It sounds like he didn't like the vid even a little bit.

  • Petition for simon and Wilbur to meet up and have a tall-off

  • No ones wearing mask and ksi ducking to fight jake coz of pandemic

    • @dumb fck this was after he said it

    • If u dont need mask in uk then why ksi excuse for training coz of pandemic...

    • bruv just watch JJ's latest video

    • You don't need to wear masks in public in the uk

  • I feel like he already watched the video because he keeps skipping.. and I like how he is not like surprise George Meet tommy and whatever and he started pissing me off when he was talking while the video is still on and like getting off the chair go get stuff while the video was like still on (please don’t send any hate I’m just saying my opinion) (I know a lot of you guys will respond something bad to me or like quite rude)

    • @Ralcel And I said don’t respond with something that is quite rude

    • @alexanotfound you literally said it pissed you off when he was talking while the video was still on Cant even remember what you commented

    • @Ralcel that not what i meant

    • So he has to he attentive through out the whole video and look at nothing but his monitor?

  • ksi would end tommys life

  • Reported for child abuse

  • i can’t tell i’m he’s genuinely salty about tommy’s sub count, or a bit.

    • or he just doesn’t enjoy the content, that’s probably it

  • Those minecraft donnys are cringy asf

  • Who is Tommy