I Survived 900 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

Avaldati 15 mai 2021
1,000 DAYS HARDCORE VIDEO: eeclone.info/glo/sJzOaZmYkpiIkYY/video

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In this Minecraft video I survive 900 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.

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  • to move villigers you can give them a job and open the trading menue to move them instead of pushing them. I hope you use this once it will save you a lot of time. and you can have a skeleton shoot thru lava and hit tnt to drop the tnt on a lot of creepers to get all of them easily

  • See fru surviving 100 days sereis You will foind many nice machines And Congo 👍👍🤗🤗🥰🎊🎉

  • Woah

  • i love ur videos

  • Turn your furnaces into blast furnaces, it should be faster

  • better use lava buckets only 1 can smelt 1000 items

  • wait he doesn’t have unlimited coal

  • Ples 1100 days play Sb

  • How did SB get hurt in this vid

  • lol @Mattyar Asadi I was about to comment about that too whenI saw the thumbnail but I didn’t want to steal 😂

  • You placed the beehives wrong

  • SB737 be spounging

  • I noticed he put coal blocks instead of coal which would be more efficient


  • U penguin

  • Who has whatch from day 1?

  • Sb says “I hope your working hard” The villager nods slightly right after

  • i survived minecraft hardcore... WITHOUT A BASE

  • HEY u can use a skeleton give a skeleton a flame bow and trap creeeeeeEpers in a hole and put tnt on top of the hole and skeleton light up tnt and VIOLA a lot of music disec hope that it helps :D

  • If you still haven't finished the guardian farm, you know there is a easier way :/

  • You are an amazing EEcloner and you keep going!


  • 10:43 hahahahahahah this channel is good and fun



  • sb needs tnt temple dosent get a 8 tnt

  • SB,my friend told me about you and they said your a great EEcloner and you are don't die.

  • 16:28 nice rhym

  • SB737: I found diamonds! Me: trying to find diamonds for like 23T

  • Wait has he made unlimited coal?

  • Sb be like yes yes I am the best mincraft people who has a mincraft 7890654312 years old sb be like😱😰

  • YOU ARE THE BEST MINCRAFT PLAYER!!!!! Sb said Deserts are so hard to find spawns in a desert😳

  • Hi you are ready for day 50000? SB737 be like I could just skip to day 543098😂

  • sb: diamond armor is for peasants he has diamond armor in his 900 days picture

  • If you can get 1 stack of NOTCH APPLES on stream i will donate $1000

  • I just love that SB has so much gold but never makes any notch apples even though he has 10 stacks of gold

  • Can you it until 1 million

  • OmggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggGgggggggggggggggggg

  • 16:28 yo that rhymed

  • I really like your vidoes but just so you know: shulker boxes with items inside of them get everything smelted if you put them into furnaces :)

    • you do believe in clickbait minecraft do you

    • no that is not a thing

  • do u have a clip section??????


  • It really just madders about your WiFi pc and Monitor

  • 23:58 Hitler be like:-

  • If you could craft notch apples then sb would be feasting on them lol

  • 5 7 8 17 19 26 30

  • 24:33 There is a heart ❤️

  • I sun bro

  • One Thousand d-days

  • You can enable hit boxes while breaking the boat or minecart if u dont wanna hurt any any mob

  • I watched till 900 days

  • Sb: Makes a potato farm Technoblade: heh

  • im in class and i watch your videos

  • No one: Sb: Music disc farm go brrr

  • 11:27 thats how i know hes british

  • I’m going to Watch all the videos

  • SB Turned Into a Guy That Breaks His Own Bed Into A Hardcore Professional

  • you are the best youtuber

  • If it weren't for you I wouldn't play this much minecraft, you're too interesting and fun and I always learn something from you in minecraft

  • SB in 2030: " I'll take damage becouse i'll need it in the future "

  • I cant even do 1 second of hardcore I play on bedrock edition

  • Your so good at Minecraft

  • 5:00 are you sure it’s 9 firework rockets? seems like 576 to me.

  • SB you entertain me you make my day because we have been going through a hard time you make me laugh you were like my dad keep up the good work😄

  • Sb the farm looks so nice

  • you waste a lot of tnt because you just place a line of tnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you dropt your netherride hou

  • 25:00 slow here 0.5 you can see in the stairs there is a crepper

  • if you make a tunnel at the honey farm behind the chests than the bees cant go out of their nest

  • I know a way to stop lag get rid of the hoppers

  • Your building sfuff beter than J think anyone could do in creative.

  • 1,000 day!!!!!!!!!!! gg

  • Nice

  • Congratulations on 2.16M subs!!!!!!11!!1

  • wat 900 days

  • My house set on fire while watching this video

  • He is rich in MineCraft. Imagine he had the same money IRL

  • Lol - 6:32 "expand my empire"

  • How many withers have you killed

  • In this video we down grade our netherite stuff to diamond stuff

  • Anyone else shocked when sb said goodbye villager

  • U are a master of minecraft

  • Racist

  • 24:33 there is a heart shape in the ice

  • this man is a god

  • so no one is gonna question he has 530 levels

  • Blast furnace is faster than the furnace

  • fyou can get 64 god apple in your ahhh your bekon

  • Why does he need so many endchest

  • You sound like xnestro

  • Why does watching SB737 without a face cam just feel so wrong? It’s like I find myself looking at his face cam more then the gameplay

  • you can craft enchanted golden apple with gold blocks

  • SB: And this pathetic turtle only laid one me: *sad only child noises*

  • You are pro

  • Question how did he downgrade from netherite to dimonas in the thumbnail?

  • Use optifine

  • Make another video on the ima joulom world

  • Use your tntt more efficiently put the tnt in a 2x2 pattern at y 13 and light the top two then light the bottom two 1 second after the top it will make a huge explosion and reveal 4 times more blocks

  • Sb737 is the best

  • “Sand is so hard to collect” Walks in a Desert