How did the Orbiter Vehicle work? (Space Shuttle)

Avaldati 7 aug 2020
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00:00 - Intro
00:45 - Overview
01:35 - Typical Mission
04:03 - Orbiter Construction
04:46 - Main Parts of Orbiter
06:08 - Crew Compartment
08:27 - Aft Fuselage
10:28 - Payload Bay
13:00 - Problem Solving
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⌨Some of the 3D models in this video were purchased however, I did make some modifications to them.
Space Shuttle:
Hubble Space Telescope:
International Space Station:
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📖Book Sources:
NASA Space Shuttle, 1981 onwards (all models), Owners' Workshop Manual
Space Shuttle: The History of the National Space Transportation System by Dennis R. Jenkins
The History of the American Space Shuttle by Dennis R. Jenkins
Wings In Orbit: Scientifics and Engineering Legacis of the Space Shuttle
Wheels Stop: The Tragedies and Triumphs of the Space Shuttle Program, 1986-2011, by Rick Houston
Into the Black: The Extraordinary Untold Story of the First Flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia by Rowland White
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"Edge of the Sea" by Cody Martin
"Verge Of Discovery" by Cody Martin
"Frontier" by Shimmer
🟠Made with Blender 2.83, Cycles Render
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  • If the main fuel tank burns up and is destroyed when RE ENTRY, why didnt it burn up on the way out?

    • Just wanted to add that the ET is purposely jettisoned in such a way that it enters the atmosphere in an end-over-end tumble and the aerodynamic forces caused by this does a pretty thorough job of breaking up the tank. Then of course the frictional heating has more surface area to do a very thorough job of burning it all up.

    • @BoOm BaStiCK Yup, staying quite safe... in the middle of an area with a 20% positivity rate. Science comes in handy for more than just space rockets.

    • @Marc McReynolds bud, again thanks for the reply explain, when a 1st started readin I thought, am gonna get confuddled here, but I actualy understood it, u have a relatable way of explaining the details, but not to the point, ( a novice of space exploration) like me cant understand,.... its fascinating, ya learn a bits which ad more to the jigsaw n ya want to make the full pic, but , u can end up more questions than answers lol, cheers for the Info, stay safe where ever ya are buddy 👍🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👌🏻

    • @BoOm BaStiCK You're welcome. "Am I on right lines there?" No, but that's ok -- we'll get there! It's true that they are speeding up as they ascend, but the speed is still quite low compared to orbital/reentry speed. Call it one-tenth of orbital speed. So despite how the Shuttle might appear to be roaring through the clouds, it's basically creeping slowly out of the atmosphere compared to the speeds is will reach a few minutes later, or that the tank will see at reentry. Here's an analogy which might help. Even though it's about forces rather than heating rates, perhaps it still illustrates the situation well: Suppose you are at the bottom of a swimming pool (the atmosphere). You feel some resistance as a crane cable pulls you slowly toward the surface (the top of the atmosphere), but essentially none after you break the surface and it continues to raise you say thirty meters above the surface. Then it releases you, sending you falling back towards the surface (the top of the atmosphere) at a much higher speed than when you left it. Splat! That fluid is going to feel a lot harder when you slam into it at the much higher speed than it did when you slowly left it. That's what happens with the ET: Pulled relatively slowly through a fluid (air) by the STS propulsion systems on the way up, and then splat! on the way down at still close to orbital speed. Lower heating rates on the ET from air friction as it ascends relatively slowly, but then destructively high heating when it slams back against the surface of the atmosphere at much higher speed. By the way, as an educated guess the insulation sprayed on the side of the ET is more for keeping its cryogenic propellants cold than for keeping the tank's metal from overheating. Consider that a Titan II ascends through the air faster than STS, for example, yet its aluminum (non-cryo) fuel tanks are bare rather than insulated. "the underside is protected with the tiles, but what about the top and surrounding sides, are they not exposed to any heat damage?" Everything is protected, but most of the tiles not on the bottom are white -- so that's not white paint on the body, vertical stabilizer, etc. Later on in the program BTW, some of those white topside tiles were replaced by similarly colored "blankets" in the relatively low-heat areas.

    • @Marc McReynolds ahhhhh, I get it a think, ( on way up, coz theres travelling at a faster rate , there not exposed to the heat for as long, but as they re enter there travelling slower so they heat up more?) Am I on right lines there? But I get the underside is protected with the tiles, but what about the top and surrounding sides, are they not exposed to any heat damage? P.s thanks for replyin n explaining

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  • I've watched your animation with my 6 years old son. He really loves it.(me too) But, he asked me a question : " Where does the parashute come out from when the Space Shuttle lands?"🤔Cherrs😉

    • @Jared Owen The base of the vertical stabilizer (tail fin).

    • Thanks for your comment! Good question about the parachute - I am actually not sure!

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  • how by firing the engine, space shuttle do reentry? can you explain?

    • "Orbiting" a planet is really "falling around" a planet. At a certain forward speed, the amount that an orbiting object drops towards the planet in a given time from gravity will equal how much the surface has "dropped away" from the object based on the planet's curvature/diameter. So the object keeps trying to fall, but it doesn't hit the ground because the ground keeps moving out of its way. Easiest to visualize by imagining a "polar" orbit, with the object having just passed the north pole. So firing an engine against the direction of orbital motion decreases speed (deceleration = thrust / mass), and at that point the surface is no longer dropping away at the same rate gravity is pulling the object towards the surface. Sooner or later, depending on how much the speed is reduced (and depending on atmospheric/aerodynamic particulars if an atmosphere is present), the object will impact the surface.

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