Avaldati 12 apr 2021
When you try to run from Jschlatt or SwaggerSouls, you'll soon realize that you can't hide from us.
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@Dolan Dark
@Weston Koury
@Matt Watson
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In this Epic SMP video, SwaggerSouls and Jschlatt enact their will upon the inhabitants of Bungerburg. SwaggerSouls finally builds a train on the Epic SMP, and uses this to connect everybody's favorite content creators together; such as big guy jschlatt, dolan dark, matt watson, modestcube, and weston koury. This is solely because I am a minecraft genius. We wish we could get Dream, TommyInnit, Tubbo, Ranboo, or any of those other Twitter replying 16 year olds that manhunt speedrun minecraft with astronomical audiences to ride on our train, but they're too busy riding on the fact that they are too family friendly to be in a video like this, and when it comes to me and schlatt, all it takes is one jackbox video for twitter to cancel us.
Since Swagger and Schlatt are ruthless businessmen, we will charge exorbitated fees for people to have a train station installed. Like Eddy Burback or Gus Johnson (but they didnt like that the station was too close to boomer island so we had to move it). If you ride the train, we own you now. I can also guarantee that this video is better than the new among us airship map, sorry corpse husband!
Why are you even reading this description anyways? This is just to optimize my views. If you made it this far then leave the word 'bunger' in the comments.
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  • Is meowriza like a transgender or something

  • Poor Selma 😂

  • bunger, also what modpack is this?

  • I like how in the description theres friends and theres Selma and meowriza

  • schlatt: I going to think how hot would you be in a maid outfit wes: well uhh it would be hot Me: the f*ck you seriously accept that

  • Swagger you should make a dispensary in your server

  • How do people get those skins?

  • Meowriza is a man?

  • i just... why are you racist im confusedddddd

  • Bunger

  • bunger

  • Making her grind the train system when the machine was already built... I fucking love Swagger lol

  • Happy 420 swagger

  • Bunger

  • Y’a dummy gimme CSGO content with TWOMAD.

  • I'm not Gorbachev lol

  • This server is so toxic💀

  • I know swaggers never gonna see this but i think we played gorilla tag together the other day and i’d really like him to know (if it was him) it was an amazing time playing with him. PLEASE boost this so he can see this comment.


  • I know who your FATHER is. *grabs shotgun*

  • Italiansoul?

  • Why does swagger have actions on every video I hate it but love his content

  • bunger

  • I just think, that swagger is the one who reads the dk rap in donkey kong 64

  • Swagger apparently I live 2 hours away from you can I come over and hang out?

  • Ah yes, the rat arc 👌

  • can u upload more than minecraft cause its just getting cringe

  • The thumbnail

  • I don’t trust SELMA

  • Swagger for vice president!

  • Swagger sounds too much like pewds

  • "we could get like a intern twick to serve drinks" 4:03

  • Hi i have a friend who also has a youtube channel and Swagger u are his role model and he loves u :)

  • I think you are Funny?

  • "In a maid outfit" Wheres ethan when you need him. CrankGameplays

  • How far behind are the vids. i feel like they had a train 2 months ago.

  • How about a bit in which you just kill selma for 30 minutes?

  • Bunger.

  • wowowowow

  • None of my friends understand how upset I still am that I was unable to order the Heritage Acid Wash Hoodie from your merch drop and I’m like bruh I went to order it as soon as the drop happened and shit was sold out like KMS I wanna die cause I go to bed every night thinking about how I could be like my fat prick friend who was able to get one so anytime I go over to his house I try to steal it but he fucking knows and hides it and I’m dying here man cause of how sexy that hoodie was I gonna order 3 so could I could just have the perfect hoodie forever

  • I'm suprised he hasn't taxed them for riding the train yet

  • This amp will be the most superior

  • My theory is that swagger is going to basically be US corporations in central America, just building infrastructure like trains n shit so it would be easier for him to exploit his neighbors lol

  • Nevermind

  • Why is this man not in the SmP

  • 10/10 am high rn very COOL

  • Did you do a face reveal

  • God how can someone be a streamer and have that bad of a mic

  • is that mod downloadable? if so whats the name?

  • Wheres fitz?

  • They should just line the perimeter under the wall with like bedrock so no one can get through

  • The Minecraft Vids are what is required

  • What mod does the serv use?

  • This series is fucking gold


  • swagger you have too much power

  • hey swagger how do you smoke weed through your helmet?

  • you are really dropping in views nobody cares about all the youtubers playing minecraft. It is gay as aids

  • its so weird hearing you say the name of ur town bc i actually live in a town called Bundaberg

  • *hides from you*

  • The drug tunnel is where they are storing all their cocaine and weed and maybe LSD.

  • Hey Swagger I was watching your newest stream and u mentioned that u wanted to automate beef production. Well I was watching another EEcloners video and I found an automated beef farm design for u. U may need to tweak it but it will help u out. Artist: polartt Video: Create .3 Tutorial Episode 3: How to farm *almost* everything! Go to time stamp 8:38 in video for the cow farm.

  • my b day is tm

  • Dude this is the best smp ever

  • I love how seriously Swagger takes these comedic roleplays.

  • Only mine craft videos I click on are of swagger

  • bunger

  • bungerberg is turning into a nazi camp

  • finally a video where people use one block tunnels for some sort of affecting action

  • swagger skipped over the hell it was to build the train

  • 11:57 You Called Me A Cunt?!?!? I’m dead ☠️😂

  • What mod pack is this

  • Still holding out hope for the Jidron Marndoo collab.

  • what mods do you have and could you do a tutorial on getting the mods?

  • Then how have I been hiding from the tax collector for 10 years

  • I never realised how useful it is that Swagger edits captions into his videos

  • greatest fucking mc content ive ever seen

  • bunger

  • Leave that poor girl alone already 😂

  • Oh shit... the next episode is going to be epic LMAO

  • Up next...the Bungerberg Air Force

  • I love how evil swagger is like how he invented a way to place track but still had selma do it And the sound of swagger making people scream at the end but we will just ignore that

  • i still don't understand why someone hasnt bought selmer a decent mic. Its like she's playing on a macbook, the clicking sound is absolutely irritating.

  • Canned bread 🙃🙂🙃🙂

  • Honestly waiting to see whats in jchlatts tower lol

  • Bunger

  • I would love to hop on this server and just have some old fashioned fun

  • My friends say I sound like u but idk

  • I want to see Mumbo Jumbo play in this server, so bad

  • I really don't know why, but bunger

  • More VR videos

  • Thank you, Swagger and Schlatt, for this amazing town you have brought us. And for being such great leaders. You will forever, have our respect.😌

  • swagger how do i appeal for my ban on your stream?

  • Doood it unsubed me

  • Balls lmaoooooo who else agrees???

  • oh no youre a minecraft youtuber

  • Dude if I joined the Epic SMP the cursed content that everyone would end up with on the daily would be increased

  • Everyone in the server is cringe exept in Bungerburg

  • this vod was from like a month or two ago why did it take so long to post

  • Would love to come into the server.