New VENOM Role in Among Us!

Avaldati 21 apr 2021
⭐️ New VENOM Role in Among Us!
Among Us:
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  • Slogo it’s me from that polis deuce

  • Jelly and crainer where so obivous that they wore working together because they are dumb and dumber

  • U know i saw that socksfor1 recordet it too

  • Hghvhjjf

  • Uhhh thats kinda scary

  • Criner

  • Like button roll

  • Venom let there be carnage on the theater and in home

  • Its always either josh jelly or crainer

  • Are should do carnage

  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • congrats on 10 mil subs

  • So, it’s best you know the screen because he just killed in front of him, he just went in the room and then afterwords the dead body was there to watch Kraner Kraner Kraner Kraner I don’t want you dummy you don’t know how I know dummy you are the dumbest the body was there with you don’t

  • It’s a Symbiote

  • Um every round um no one become imposter only 3 rounds the iposter is allways jelly slogo and crainer

  • It's jelly or Crainer is imposter cuz every single time one of them are then poster

  • jelly is the best!

  • Why no one

  • Why no one

  • we are venom

  • i watched crainers video. jelly was on his side and crainer was the imposter

  • Dded

  • I love you

  • 0:16 When the like button is sus...

  • Slogoman you no super man mod

  • Iron man

  • Slogo if u see this comment I just wanna say everytime u have a mod and u have to kill to win with it it’s always jelly u or crainer it’s most likely jelly u then crainer I hope I see this so u know

  • It is jelly

  • Slogo go online inside of cow Town

  • Hi Stephenie

  • Jelly is venom

  • I wanna learn how to make roles

  • Slogoman mek the in poster super man

  • 14:19 Crainer : Get Em Outta Hereeeee Me : AlexAce!!!

  • Si jelly

  • I think it crainer or jelly I don't know

  • There is a camera in the security room

  • Lol

  • Josh there is a camera in security like but to figure that out... CHECK THE CAMERA

  • Funny Crainer’s banana got so big it looks like his hair in real life

  • And venom is buff 💪

  • Vugung is mad i can tell lol

  • First round jelly: who is it! Me: ok it is 100% jelly

  • YES

  • If you want to know if someone is someone else if they have a mini person they will be gone

  • i no venom

  • 15:09 the funniest part

  • Has anyone noticed fall guys copied his among us skin

  • 1:24 well venom is among us

  • Play with prestonplayz In Minecraft

  • 15:53 that's what you get Jelly

  • Jelly is Venom


  • I love your gta vidoex

  • Can u do roles of your on chariters like like a slogo role a crainer role and a jelly role but different vidoes

  • Hello 👋 I love your videos. But one thing though. I thought u were smart. But im guessing up brain fell out when u got out of bed

  • Hi

  • Spider man next pl

  • me:wacthing the venom video among us add pops up

  • Trailmakes

  • Venom says"Eyes,Lungs,Pancreas so many snacks a little time!..."

  • Do u get to choose who u shape shift into

  • Did u guys make the roles? or did u find them somewhere cause Josh saids in his video right in the intro "We added a new role into among us"

  • Clect the Emeruel

  • I want you guys to be Captain America next.

  • I'm never going to never go

  • Do y'all realize it's always crainer jelly or josh that are the imposters so why are they thinking it's the other random people

  • nonononononoononononnononono

  • Who else stocked their tounge out 1:12

  • Slogo was the best

  • Slogo I seen you in gtr car sim

  • It's drainer


  • Do speed run in among us crewmate has to finish task to win there will we only 1 imposter imposter=hunter

  • You can do it

  • I like your videos

  • Crainer is dead

  • Criteria is dead

  • Among us has a new map airship

  • I love your among us videos

  • I don't know why but jelly's words change and it's very heart warming more like a Adorable person 🤩

  • I don't know why but jelly's words change and it's very heart warming more like a Adorable person 🤩

  • I love Slogos videos and I just became a member

  • Can you do the bane role to among us

  • Venom should have poisoned players

  • Jelly and crainer teamers

  • Do the mewtwo mod

  • Josh is the best Way better than jelly and crainer

  • slogo Go on to cow town

  • ⭐️ New VENOM Role in Among Us!

  • make a love cerse mod

  • Play more cow town

  • If i was there playing with yall guys ill say it josh cuz the two dum are jelly and crainer but josh is not dum so rishy doing a task and josh kill crainer the as fastest as he can he shap shifted to jelly and ran away from body so jelly look sus and vite him out im to BIG BRAAAAAAAIIIINNNN

  • Make a Carroll basket role

  • By the way Josh I'm at Scribe to you I'm already subscribed to

  • It is crainer throw out crainer because I've watched his videos and I've watched this video but it's just crainers and by the way in Minecraft dino where you secret bases

  • Jelly sucks

  • Thank you 🙏

  • Aaaaaahhhhhhhh

  • I am a biggg fannnn