Avaldati 7 juuli 2020
Reuploading this since he closed his youtube account.
Originally uploaded on 2017/08/01

This is a segmented, tool assisted speedrun of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Segment count is 116.

It is possible for everyone to perform all the strats used in this speedrun.

0:00:12 Los Santos
1:10:16 Badlands
1:37:11 San Fierro
2:17:35 Desert
2:40:30 Las Venturas
3:19:03 Return To Los Santos

PC Specification:
Lenovo Y50-70
CPU: 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-4700HQ
GPU: GTX 860m
RAM: 1600 MHz
SSD: 128GB on which the game is installed
HDD 600GB to which everything is recorded

Recording program used: Bandicam - set at 60FPS; High Quality; full-size


These are the answers to the questions that I think would be most common:

1. Why "Highjack"?
Because it is less RNG dependent, safer, easier and most importantly, faster. Similar to "Monster", routes begin after "The Green Sabre" and they end when starting "Madd Dogg". This includes all RNG, phonecalls, saving points, etc...

2. Why was this run made?
Main reasons were:
Dream to beat the game under 4 hours.
Introduce new strats.
Make less mistakes.

3. Could this run be done any faster?
Yes. As far as I know, there is:
1 second lost during "Tagging up turf".
2 seconds lost during "Drive-By".
2 seconds lost during "Doberman".
1 second lost during "Robbing Uncle Sam".
1 second lost during "Reuniting the families".
2 seconds lost during "Jizzy".
1 second lost during "Monster".
3 seconds lost during "Highjack".
3 seconds lost during "Flying School".
1 second lost during "Fender Ketchup".
1 second lost during "Saint Mark's Bistro".
4 secconds lost during "Vertical Bird".
1 second lost during "Los Desperados".
In total, it could have been maybe 3:48:00 .

4. Can this run be beaten?
With the current strats, no.

I would like to thank Tirean, UltimaOmega07 and Joshimuz for providing hours of Any% entertainment back in the days.
Also, thanks to Shadow_Dog, Andra, woox , Patrick_ and mew25 for sharing some awesome strats, methods, routes, etc...

In summary:
I promise that I will not make another video, related to this game. One of the reasons is because I know this run cannot be challenged. Even when the previous run looked uncontested for most people, they were wrong as this run is absolutely unbeatable.
It was also very interesting and funny to read your post on my previous threads, especially during the moment when it was unclear whether that run was legit or not. I will try not open this thread again to take a glance of what is up, so interact with each other.
Finally, I do not upload legit speedruns to the leaderboard because I am, probably, untrusted here. Even if I did upload a normal world record or not, it would most likely be rejected anyways. Thus, I believe it is better and more exciting for all of us if you will not know whether I am a good player.


  • Nem látok Magyar kommentet. Tudom, hogy Magyar vagy.

    • Tudom én is

  • 12:52 Checkpoint

  • what happened to the mission you had your chips?

    • 2:47:00 this dupe skips it.

  • Stas is the best speedrunner in the world

  • yo with the new strats for SA Any%NoAJS is maybe 3:25 possible.. (TAS)

    • Have fun making it

  • no se que coño jugador es pero es un maniaco ,hacker o pro?

  • Nice Bro✓®

  • 2:07:47the hair was very good

  • I'll drink swamp water next to a burial site and call it, liquid death. Buy one at 711.

  • 1:45:30 Ok, that toilet trick shot was fucking amazing.

  • I give you Respekt +++++++++++

  • 4:43 Cj: turns car by pushing it to save time and then starts driving before ryder has even fully entered the car. Ryder:whachu waiting for fool,take us back to groove madafaka. I mean wtf he literally almost got u run over in hurry

  • Whatever man... Flying kitty run was 0:31 sec

    • yepcock


    • Janusz xd

  • Damn with new strats this got beaten by 8 minutes RTA

    • Yeah, this is almost 4 years old so it was time :D

  • 2:56:45

  • I love watching to Polish gameplays.

  • Oigan por que hace lo del minuto 1:52:00 ?

    • es el setup de un bug para duplicar misiones, este bug skipea la misión que viene. esto sucede porque se pasa la instancia dos veces

  • polish huh? It sounds so russian :/

  • Where's woozie and zero missions?

    • you dont have to do zero missions and woozie's got skipped by duping

  • Respekt++


  • O domination donhwill porfavor

  • Watching this at 2x speed while buzzed is hella entertaining lol

    • Hhhhhhhh smart idea 😂👌

  • 12:52 Lmao



  • So is it not legit because it's tool assisted or because he didn't want to upload it as so? What tool assistant did he end up using anyway?

  • Wait, a tas speedrunning without an emulator? How?

    • I think he's playing the PC version in this Tool Assisted Run.

    • @Hugo Carvalho I'm not sure of all the things he used, but I know this: he segmemted his run and he used some kind of auto aim in certain missions.

    • @Hugo Carvalho That's what I'm looking for

    • What tool he ended up using and for what?

  • 24:19 1:10:19 wtf

  • CJ terminator xD

  • best speedrun

  • Polish gamer

  • 38:13 WTF,

    • i explain that to you... he killed just the other 3 vagos becuase it were staged that the first vagos dies so he didnt lost his time killing an npc the would have been dead however

  • 1:45:30 3:27:20 nice shoot man

  • 1:45:35 absolutely astonishing

  • There is this guy called reset he's a genius speedrunner I mean every game touch his hand he's the number one you know

    • @garey. go watch his sa speedrun and also bully

    • That isn't true.

  • 2:24 eso si es caer con estilo en una bicicleta

  • 11:30 aimbot?

    • Read the description.

  • 26:25 best moment in gameplay 😅

  • This translated subtitles are gorgeous

  • 3:25:44 quickest wave

  • 26:13 😆

  • Did the guy submitted it as a legit run?, I remember his polemic on the speed run community

    • Are you all speaking a real lenguaje?

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    • @Rosana Venceslau xksne

    • JjeywA

  • He just discovered more strats than anyone in the community. Great player anyway, so sad he couldnt send a legit run because I think he might have done sub4 before anyone else.

    • @cabmobile but he was very good. He discovered some cool strats. It's a shame he wasnt truthful about his TAS runs at first.

    • And some parts are TAS too, so I highly doubt there was any talent wasted here

    • If I remember correctly, he submitted it as a legit WR so it's not really that sad

    • Basically.

  • I also don't see replays used to make fade-outs faster, am I missing something ?

    • @garey. oh i see thanks for the info !!

    • This was done back in 2017, replay strats weren't found yet, also no Jizzy skip and no Outrider skip and a few other strats like heliless LV

  • what kind of tool is used in this run ? IS some kind of AI playing the game or ?

    • Apparently, AI driving has been done using CLEO back in 2013, but it was made for SAMP, which doesn't have random AIs driving through the streets, so it probably doesn't detect these and would just crash into them, also pathfinding isn't optimal at all.

    • @garey. actually there is AI driving in gta5, already developed and working, you can easily find on youtube :) but i git it, ye, also this run is from 2017

    • I'm pretty sure that making a driving AI would take a lot of time, and it probably wouldn't be faster then what can be done as a human with some practice.

    • @garey. Thanks for the reply! Interesting! Are you aware of any e.g. driving AI for TAS of this game ? I guess it won't get a huge improvement over spliced run anyway, but who knows ...

    • Mostly aim assist tools like at 39:17 and tools that made splicing the run easier like Cheat Engine.

  • 3:16:52 beautiful

    • @CyberPun lol yeah definitely laughed when I saw it for the first time

    • The irony. That's my favorite part of this whole run

  • hes not a cheater. thats a TAS speedrun...

    • TAS community has their rules. This run also not meet them.

    • o que configura como cheat se você tentar vender a idéia de que a run foi legítima.

  • Why are the subtitles in polish? Is it faster?

    • @garey. ah

    • FLYING is from Lithuania, not Poland :)

    • @cabmobile yes i thought so but after i discovered he's polish

    • @Eduardozera ah okay! I just thought he might've randomly chose that language, like some speedrunners do (e.g. Illumina choosing russian/arabic in Minecraft speedruns)

    • he's polish

  • Mmm los tas de los chinos son mejores que estos

    • @dedow mmm yo prefiero los tas de los chinos, ya que son casi perfectos y no son como los speedrun que comenten varios errores

    • @yair o katdra Sí, lee la descripción, Flying uso herramientas para optimizar su tiempo. Por eso es un Tool Assisted Speedrun

    • No, los tas de los chinos solo tienen algunos stunt jumps y poco mas, por cierto, están hechos en ps2

    • Decime alguno por ahora este es el mejor que vi, igual es raro para mí tiene algún hack para apuntar porque da todo a la cabeza de una y cuando estaba en la misión de los rusos con smook te das cuenta que no apunta tan bien en realidad

  • 12:53 xD 24:20 8D 26:10 :D 31:17 ;D 34:21 XD 54:18 =D 1:00:43 %D 1:14:30 :o 3:14:00 8D

  • What category of run is? Any%?

    • @Premol AJS stands for arbitrary jump in script. It's a technique in which you manipulate the game's memory in such a way that you make an unrelated piece of code execute. Basically theres a bug that allows you to skip all missions and directly execute the code that starts the last mission, thus skipping the whole game. No AJS simply means you are not allowed to use such bugs.

    • cheated%

    • @Premol It's a bug that makes you skip the whole game, and you beat it in like 10 minutes, so no AJS is basically not doing the bug and completing all the missions.

    • @Premol Not even I know

    • @BlizzardWolf46 whats No AJS?

  • why blow up Ryder's car? 3:25

    • eu não sei explica o que de fato acontece com o código do jogo mas a grosso modo faz com que você pule a cutscene de quando o CJ sai da barbearia e tipo faz você ganhar bastante tempo.

    • Skip next cutscene

    • tem video explicando

  • Okay please tell me how to do this up camera move like in 28:10

    • Move the mouse vertically

  • Why is this run not in the leaderboards on speedrun.com/gtasa ?

    • @Viktor Kaljevic yes

    • @BlizzardWolf46 really?

    • It's because it's not a legit run. It's a Tool Assisted Speedrun.

    • Read the description..

  • Bro you reupload The video awesome


  • Thanks buddy🙏🏾

  • Q : Why did you blow up the car at this time? 3:21 ????

    • The eating tutorial cutscene you get after leaving the barber shop is unskippable unless you fail the mission once. So once you start the mission, you explode Ryder's car by shooting the gas tank, then start the mission again. After this, you can skip the cutscene and not lose major time.

    • eeclone.info/glo/snm7h5iFfoibqZg/video

  • Thanks 4 reuploadind, i appreciate this

  • 24:19 What

    • So this is the power of ultra instinct?

    • @Megumin same

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • @Nitrix Man, if they played guitar they'd be great at shredding for sure!

  • So who originally Uploaded this video! But anyway Thanks for the Reupload and where did you find this video!

    • I don't think we'll ever find out, but who knows.

    • @garey. I See why did FLYING close his Account!

    • It says in the title who made this, and I had it on my hdd so wasn't hard to reupload.

  • I miss flying. He was my favorite speedrunner. I have 50GB of flyings streams downloaded from twitch. Not all of them, but 8 or so including the once in a lifetime pace stream where razor gets rpg-ed right at the end messing up the dupe and also the infamous 4:04:38 run where he reveals source code for his timer. Maybe I should upload them but I dont know what he would think. I just like watching them.

    • @Stewart Zayat he was good. not at reset level tho

    • @Otaku's Ecstasy but he was a legitimately good player despite that.

    • upload them bro

    • Yea idc its cheated

    • Lmao you would watched a script cheater?

  • Interesting description too. Never was early enough to catch up that description. He must have deleted all those details before 2019 where I saw that video.

  • 1:14:07 Fucking perro :D

  • wauw

  • thanks for reuploading it since he deleted his channel i saw

  • csa gari

  • Garey come home D:

  • csá

  • ezt már nem szedi le a majom