THEY. "Back It Up" [Official Music Video]

Avaldati 5 mai 2017
THEY. "Back It Up" (c) Mind of a Genius Records
THEY. On Tour:
8/25 - Leeds Festival - Leeds, UK
8/26 - Hype Festival - Oberhausen, Germany
8/27 - Reading Festival - Reading, UK
9/1 - Breakaway Festival - Columbus, OH
9/2 - Made In America - Philadelphia, PA
9/8 - Day N Night Festival - Orange County, CA
9/17 - Spaceland Block Party - Los Angeles, CA
9/22 - Life Is Beautiful - Las Vegas, NV
Listen to "Back It Up":
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Director: Jack Begert
Producer: Sam Canter & Christian Sutton
Director of Photography: Juan Sebastian Baron


  • Stop playing', and now this! Fucking unbelieve! Epico!

  • Can’t believe this still on 1M views , may the lords of music forgive us

  • This song is so good came back 3 years later

  • Why does this only have 1 million views? This song is crazy good and deserves so much hype

  • 2021 anyone?

  • I'm mad these dudes been putting out 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 for years and I'm just finding out about them now

  • 3 years later still so good

  • 2020 stilll

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  • wow , this is fucking sick

  • This song fucks Absolute 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The world ain't over yet so keep doin work ND persevering and goin hard against the enemy

  • Ohhh!!! Yeah good beat 😎🔥

  • Still slappin in 2020 🔥💯🥰

  • Brought by Adrenaline Addiction 2020 !

  • 진짜 최고...🔥🔥🔥

  • Who else came from adrenaline addiction?

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  • 1:06 , 1:59

  • What inbread likes this garbage cuz that's what it is garbage

  • I'm listening to this today

  • This song is so underrated.

  • Só queria achar a música do Ykuuro

  • they just need a song with with popular singer and THEY. are gonna be at top

  • Maaaas música por favor !!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Try it stoned as fuck Damn.. Holy fuck

  • Its been 3 years since i first heard this song and im finally hearing and seeing where it originated. DAMN my ears are pregnant🤰🏾


  • Back that shit up!! In the background

  • I know I’m late but damn this shit so smooth this that rearrange organs music lmao R&B ain’t hit like this in a coo min

  • My favorite music video ever

  • Wer ist wegen adrenaline adiction hier!?!

  • I will never get over this song or video

  • The colours on this music video is so cool

  • This is it.

  • Baby making music for real

  • Smooth edit I like this beat 🌡️💃

  • mano não consigo ouvir sem lembrar do canal adrenaline

  • Adrenaline Addiction / Chase Rashford

  • Romani?

  • 2019 😝 Headphone gang 😚

  • Definitely the best song ever ...the fucking vibes bruh 😩🥰

  • I hear this song so many time I love it, it's dope song

  • 2019

  • This.


  • Bumping this all summer 19

  • im addicted to this song

  • My soul will see no dawn cursed like you

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  • Banger for sure adrenaline addiction braught me here

  • Les Twins ❤️

  • Underrated

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  • Lovely music to vibe to!

  • One of the most under rated recordings ever.

  • Lyrics?

  • Like!

  • Mann I still remember finding this song on soundcloud 😭 Still in love w it

  • This shits fire wth

  • Deserving a blow up where it at my god you guys are great 😂

  • Hell yeah, bring that 90s vibe back hard. Good shit

  • love this video

  • Oh so this is how it feels when you're high without even getting high. Damnnnnnnnn

  • So~~ good I play this all day..!

  • Don't you start tripping up on me Taste that pain, ain't it oh so sweet? Dont you stop, give it up for me Ain't no shame back it up on me Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah Doors open Leave it open Cause out in the open There's no shame in your game baby Bring that right here Ain't gotta tell you why I came, bring it right here Know you came for the same thing right here Off top no game, bring it right here Don't you start tripping up on me Taste that pain, ain't it oh so sweet? Dont you stop, give it up for me Ain't no shame back it up on me Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah Come over…

  • WWE.

  • THEY and Earthgang best duos around

  • @Dante I have your guys red rocks performance 10/27/18! Y'all did so amazing I was speechless.... 20000 Bitches! Cash for my niggas! Love for my mama. I don't need no drama all I need is 20000 bitches! Omfg can't wait for the EP I've been rocking with you guys since 2016... but you guys didn't perform back it up!!!! But the rest of the performance definitely made up for it so I forgive you guys haha! Btw the acoustic performance of pops I think I'm in love... anywaytrying to figure out where/how to

  • #HalloweenOnTheRocks2018

  • Dope!

  • They. Are about to BLOW UP. They’re so talented and diverse. #MumbleRapIsDead

  • OMG these guys r so good love their songs

  • Only now I have stumbled across this. wtf

  • new to this group so don’t @ me 🤨.

  • 2018 ?

  • Hands down the most original and underrated

  • This is so good

  • How come these guys are not popular when thy are this good. This is good music stop supporting them other weak rappers out there

  • Fucking love "THEY" music


  • Waiting for someone with the name of The, He, She, to come out

  • fuckin TIGHT

  • THEY. lit asf

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  • Need A Vid for Africa

  • This song is still THAT bitch

  • This song is really good. I want to know what do i need to do to use this song on my EEclone channel and video. GREAT song guys

  • You guys are gonna make it so far.

  • His songs are so drummer friendly

  • THEY cute lol

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