Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser

Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” and experience it only in theaters September 3.
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  • did anybody noticed that bus driver lady is the theif character from jumanji 2..😳😳

  • 0:26 Thanos: back to me

  • Karate & Super heros Awesome Marvel is the goat

  • This and Multiverse of Madness are the phase 4 films I'm looking foward to the most

  • I never saw this coming.

  • Shanghai the legend of unli rice

  • Where mandarin chinese joke

  • I feel bad for the car owners whose cars got run over by the bus

  • Hyyyyyyyyyype!!!!!!

  • This looks like a solid okay. Cautiously optimistic.

  • I’m hoping this choreography is as good as it looks. This may be the first Disney movie without 17 cuts per action scene.

  • MK vibes

  • He doesn't look like Shang Chi from the comic book, It's like they just picked a random Chinese dude to play the character, Shang Chi has Bruce Lee characteristics just like the dude who stars in the movie Shaolin Soccer

  • BGM ❤️

  • (Small spoiler warning for Contest of Champions) If anyone has played Contest of Champions and played as Shang Chi in some fights, then you know that Shang Chi’s heavy attack is the Crane Kick from Karate Kid (and some of Shang Chi’s moves in the game resemble those of Miyagi Do Karate). One prediction I have is that in the Shang Chi movie, there is going to be a reference to The Karate Kid. If there is, I won’t be surprised as Marvel is known for referencing mediums of pop culture into their movies (like referencing Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back’s AT-TE leg tying in Captain America Civil War, the “What Are Those?!” meme in Black Panther, the Legolas reference in Avengers, etc).

  • I’m so proud for him 👍🏽🔥🔥

  • Never heard of this character before, yet I already love it. awesome trailer and cool bgm

  • I heard aye aye aye boom aye, and I gave 10/10 to teaser trailer


  • should have casted jackie

  • I didn't blink my eyes while watching this 🤍❤️ powerful

  • This movie doesn't seem to have the joy or the lighthearted tenor that made Marvel movies like Thor:Ragnarok or Captain America: Civil War work

    • So you can tell everything about it from 2 minutes of footage? Really?

  • This is lit

  • I don't know about anyone else but I'm most excited to see the Ten rings and how they'll be incorporated

  • Shang-Chi trailer - Asian female driving scene. SMH, when u try so hard to be inclusive but end up just stereotyping.

  • Now this movie is banned in china include Eternals because of insult china again.


  • I think shang chi gonna overcome venom 2.

  • Presenting to you Shan chi legends of ten rings the mortal kombat of marvel

  • Asian gg

  • "I gave you 10 years to live your life". Remembers me of iron fist from ultimate spider man where he was given time to live life before taking the throne

  • Who are you...we make a good team. Hell yeah... let's goooo!

  • Some banger music there...

  • I thought he's gonna do the 1-inch punch

  • I don't really care about superheroes anymore but this looks fun

  • His dad give him 10 years to live expecting him to become a general, a doctor or something, only for him to become a valet parking attendant.

  • it's gonna out in sep 3 2021?

    • Yes. There should be more trailers coming out over the next few months.

  • That is not Shang-Chi of teh comics.

  • Katy:Who Are You Shang Chi:Hwoooooooooo Yaaaaah

  • What's your super power again? ** Punching very fast **

  • Nyc one ...! Hope comming wd hindi subtitle also..!!

  • Gf : what to do today Shang chi: let's practice new pose

  • 1:33 I’m BATMAN

    • wait that's illegal Tony: Ironman.

  • Since Stan Lee Isn't Going To Make a Cameo In This Movie, Jackie Chan Will...

    • Christ! Where has that man been up to tho? I saw him in that Netflix movie where that 90's James Bond guy was the bad guy and then he disappeared from American movies! He needs to come back so him and Chris Tucker can do another Rush Hour movie! Now we got buddy cop/friend movies with The Rock and Kevin Hart! Two of the most annoying actors in Hollywood smh😒

  • Am I the only one that realizes that The Ten Rings is the group that kidnapped Tony Stark in Iron Man 1?

    • Yes but that group from Iron Man 1 was composed by Afganistan people whereas this one is a whole asian organization. So either the Shang-Chi movie retcons the Iron Man 1 Ten Rings group as either a faction of the real one or a separated one after Raza (the leader that Stane killed) was expelled by the Mandarin, so he in return stoles the logo and founds his own version.

    • You're right! They are lol I hope Kevin Feige and Disney makes that know in Shang Chi and doesn't brush that away like Quicksilver in Wandavision. I'm still pissed about that one lol

  • Isnt this apparently banned in China ?

  • I waiting for you

  • Fact:in 2008 iron man 1 tony Stark arrested by shang chi gang.

    • Not exactly. The Ten Rings group seen on Iron Man 1 are composed by Afganistan people whereas in Shang-Chi is a whole asian organization. So... either the Shang-Chi retcons the IM 1 group as another faction of the real group or they're just a copycat organization that Raza (the leader that Stane killed) created after got expelled by the real Mandarin, stealing the logo.

  • 1:04 black panther

  • Andy Le and Brian Le!!! The Death Dealer stunts!!!! Woot martialclub!

  • they do make a good team :D :D :D :D

  • movi release date please??

  • Now, THIS is a trailer!

  • gonna be a cool movie seems like

  • This music is so calming

  • wait this was released in april?? why am I learning about this now?

  • This movie isn't even out yet and Funko already made the figurines

  • This film looks very badass!

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  • This is a mix of Cobra Kai and Mulan

  • How’s chyna feedback?

  • I showed this to my cat and he’s a lion

  • The lady driving the bus sounds like the dragon from that one dragon movie

  • Love China from Pakistan🇨🇳🇨🇳💖🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • 10 years, 1 for each ring

  • Wht about Indian super hero

  • Plot twist: The mandarin is actually shang tsung preparing his army for mortal kombat

  • This should be called Corona Virus

  • I showed this to my tortoise and now he goes by the name master oogway.

    • @jermaine alejo Hello there Jermaine, this is master oogway, Angry Sandwhich's ''pet''. it has rather been very freeing since i can type, speak, and know every single aspect of kung fu, and i have to own it to this trailer

    • Interesting

  • Please make a good kung fu movie Marvel. Don't turn this into racial struggle session like Black Panther or Birdperson and Pointless Soldier.

  • Where is the black widow movie

    • This video is for another MARVEL Studios' film.

  • nolan and mark grayson 2.0

  • Super

  • The productive roadway consquentially suppose because gold certainly prepare around a lucky firewall. quirky, nasty wallet

  • We want gin khan

  • I prefer iko uwaish for this

  • Marvel Studios will show how it's done and how Sept can be a good month for a Blockbuster.

  • So this guy is supposed to be the Mandarin? Ironman's arch nemesis? The green guy? They share the same alias.

    • Yep. In this adaptation the Mandarin ain't Iron Man's nemesis but Shang-Chi's and also his biological father.

  • wait a minute isnt the ten rings owner is the strongest character in the comic univers y y is this is a thing i just saw tht on tik tok like for a week now they making a movie out of it?

  • 10 Rings.... This Sonic 2 trailer ain't looking right 2 me! 😳

    • Venom 2 just beat this in views

  • Lady: who are you. Shang shi: what is she talking. I should scare her😂😂

  • Lady: who are you. Shang shi: I am batman

  • Bruce Lee like shang chi comment

  • I hope it gets banned in China, disney is so shady!

  • ドッジコインとシバイヌコインがやばいよね!早く買わないと手遅れだけど皆買った?Dodge coins and Shiba Inu coins are terrible! It's too late if you don't buy it early, but was everyone?

  • Finally marvel reach China China ka mal chala to chand tak nahi to sam tak

  • Need dea Deadpool 3

    • MARVEL Studios' Deadpool film most likely will be part of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Phase Five.

  • ATTENTION this filthy pathetic garbage movie is nothing but a big lie against the GREAT CHINA by pity pathetic faterica and mcu , to all are born in the GREAT EAST ASIA (SOUTH KOREA , JAPAN , CHINA) or those have eternal respect for them like MYSELF , abandon this pathetic garbage from enemy , what a shame to those pathetic animal traitors which are born nor their parents born in GREAT EAST ASIA and act in this disgusting movie.

    • @CrimsoN_Viego-Dante_654 what is wrong with you?

    • @Danny N. There is no cure for those act like idiots for those close their eyes and act as blinds.

    • There really is no fix to being dropped on the head as a baby.

  • 1:18 typical anime fight in a bamboo forest with leaves flying in the air...

  • Mere papa ko corona ho gaya ha please doa kare ke mere papa jalde thek ho jai 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Allaah pak sb K maaa baap ko salamat rakhe

  • Waiting ⏳🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥

  • I’m excited for this :)

  • Is not it's called mandarin

  • My parents after the movie: He had to fight for his life because he didn't listen to his parents

  • Venom 2 just beat this in views

    • @Snootigan Shang-Chi has 17 million and venom 2 has 22 million

    • @Robbie Martin It literally has over 1 million less, and again, wouldn't really be some triumphant feat if it did beat it. I mean, it looks okay. Kasady seems creepy and all, but damnit the Venom voice is so stupid I can't get over it.

    • @Snootigan well it did you are welcome to check

    • It didn't, plus barely anyone knows this character all that well, and everyone knows Venom. It wouldn't exactly be impressive if it did.

  • just hahaha film

  • I watch this trailer everyday. Its so cool. Music, action, cinematography everything fits perfectly.

  • Does anyone know the name of the song?

  • Can’t wait!!!!