Why the Texas Election Suit Was Doomed (And Why They Filed It Anyway)

Avaldati 15 dets 2020
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  • ⚖️ The election is over! Again... 🚨 Get DEEP SENTINEL, for 20% off (exclusively here for a limited time!) www.deepsentinel.com/legaleagle/

    • @Megan A NTD news has videos of these hearings, among others. If You reply again, i will try to drop some links to EEclone videos of the hearings in Georga and Michigan, possibly Arizona and others. Depends on if comments are formatted to hoast multiple(if any) video links

    • @BlackMagnum 06 Can you show me some evidence? Otherwise it's a bad faith argument.

    • @Megan A there is footage and affidavits of witnesses, only local hearings have happened, not court cases, based on everything i have seen. People are losing their careers and their children being assulted at school for these testimonies that are not even seen by courts. Atleast 3 that i seen were experts that do not belong to a party, and 2 i seen were Democrats that were worried about accepting ballots without confirming adresses or ID in states that reqire ID

    • @BlackMagnum 06 In general it's hard to prove a negative. All you can say is that "there is no evidence of significant fraud". And that is what court after court has said. All claims otherwise are made in bad faith.

    • So, peoples political bias means the people don't deserve explanations for voter fraud?

  • The real voter fraud was the two party system we made along the way

  • Most excellent explanations in you videos. I will share widely, and can’t thank you enough for this fantastic public service!

  • If you don’t like the way we run our government, you might as well just give us the go-ahead to become independent. Either way, us Texans don’t need y’all’s permission to succeed...

  • The Republicans should not try to steal a Election and Destroy Democracy and.The Republicans r going to try to make it. Harder for the Democrats to win the next Election and. The Republicans r going to try to cheat to Win the Election and. The Republicans r trying to Disenfranchise all. Of the Voter's to make sure they Win the next Election and. This will effect the Voter's who Votes for the Republicans. If the Republicans cared about the People who. Voted for them they would not make it. Harder for the People who Vote's for the Senator's and. The Republicans hates to lose Elections and. It seems like the Republicans r Hungry for Power and. The Democrats did not did not. Have a Hissy Fit when they lost the Election and. Most people was very unhappy about the Trump administration and. More people came out and Voted and. Everyone i ask who they was Voting. For they told me that they was Voting for the Democrats.

  • What is referred to as Estoppel, would be "res judicata" in India and in UK.

  • Why is it that everyone related to Trump is a giant slimeball?

  • So, did Txxxx pardon Paxton or was he just left in front of the bus?

  • lolol the segue MASTER. your ad partners must adore you lol

  • "Why, yes, that IS a mugshot of the Texas Atty General." Texans: Yeah, we're not surprised.

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  • Since 2000, Democrats going easy on Republicans has emboldened them. That election brought us Systematic fraud in Florida as well as a terrorist attack on the recount and on one Joe Geller who was beaten down on the courthouse steps. Voter purge was so effective that they took it nationwide. They got away with all of it. They retargeted the polished propaganda machine created to sell us on wars and aimed it at their own rank and file to spread poisonous hate and division against all opposition. Democrats have no equivalent and did nothing to prevent it. It is still going on. Now we saw what their goal is. They took their shot. Had their failed coup and must now pay the legal price. Trump's trial must be the first step in ending the insanity that has been intentionally created by an unworthy party so weak that it allowed itself to be hijacked by a wannabe dictator.

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  • "It'll all make sense in a timey-wimey jeremy bearimy way" further confirmation that LegalEagle is a nerd...ya know besides being a lawyer with a youtube channel.

  • Makes me ashamed to be a Texan

  • That pronunciation of "cognizant" is like nails on a chalkboard. I have no idea where it comes from.

  • ME: [Googles ken paxton pardon] ME AGAIN: Whew.

  • The way the Republicans handle trumps loss is disgusting. I'm so happy I don't live in the states

  • One question: Who would spend $1000 for a pen? If you are willing to spend that much for a pen then you have way too much money and way too little sense.

  • The Amicus Brief shows that there are 17 other states who have imbeciles just like Texas has them. Texas is not the "Alone Star State"; it has company in the psych ward.

  • Please Devin, don' t keep saying Texas, when it was Ken Paxton acting like a loose cannon. Just because there are enough people in the state of Texas to elect morons does not mean that all Texans agree with those decisions. I understand why you say Texas, but man, it hurts being reminded. On another note, thank you for an excellent, informative show. It is a chance for people to learn and that is always a good thing. Love your show.

  • Speaking of election fraud, after the 2016 election the folks at CNN gathered about eight Trump supporters and asked them questions about it and one of the supporters said that there were 3 million illegal immigrants who voted in California that election. Common sense would tell you that one out of every seven registered voters in the state of California would be so huge that no one could avoid seeing it, but the Trump supporter really believed that nonsense. That is how totally brain dead some of these people are on this concept of election fraud.

  • For a state's Attorney General to try a stunt like Paxton tried would prove to anyone who would care to use the brain that God gave them that the Attorney General, rather than being at the top of that state's legal system, is too stupid for the job, too crooked for the job, or both. Ken Paxton being in charge of Texas' legal system makes the state appear like a scene from "Deliverance" to the rest of the country.

  • Ken Paxton was/is/shall always be......an imbecile.

  • Is Kamala Harris a robot?

    • eeclone.info/glo/0ZqTpYmSZKd23Ho/video

  • Devin is the New Chucky #chuckyisreal

    • maybe that is why lightning travels in zig zags

    • that is joke btw

  • quote from Billy Madison @22:08 After realizing what I had heard I unsubscribed from the channel just so I could subscribe once again :0)

  • Legal Eagle does not recognize the NCR

  • Well considering Democrats have never cared for states rights... who gives a shit?

  • You know it's good when it opens with "an hour after I finished making this, the relevant stuff was all gone, but I made the video anyway"

  • You know something is fishy when you try and get the NCR to vote in your elections

  • Wibbly-Wobbly... Timey-Wimey Doctor Who fan ?

  • "Judge them and judge them harshly"

  • As someone who loves living in Texas, learning that they attempted this is just embarrassing.

  • Holy shit not my $1000 pen!

  • Best segway ever!!!

  • Career over country.

  • The best part is that the Texas AG never got a pardon from Trump in the end. Icing on the cake 👌

  • Thank you for the channel.

  • *04:44* I. Cannot. Even. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣 23.Jan.2021

  • The only thing i learned is that he watches The Good Place

  • Those guys are children with suits.

  • Are those hand motions just a thing that all lawyers do?

  • My poor little brain! But I do agree with you.

  • its really just the mugwumps all over again. We're ashamed of the republican candidate and how overwhelmingly science-denying and offensive he is, so we settle for the democratic side. :/

  • Lol Paxton didn’t even get his pardon.

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  • They kind of forget that if they throw doubt on the entirety of the other side of the election from them, that puts doubt on the votes that got cast for them, throwing the WHOLE election out.

  • Well, I am sure such a group would cover their tracks well...

  • Looking at this from the future "Republicans [...] are already plotting a floor fight when congress meets to certify the results" seems quaint.

  • John Hamm is dope

  • What is it with right-wingers and their atrocious lack of law usage for their lawsuits? Prop 8 (California) supporters led a poor court showing, this lawsuit, all the ones that attempted to invalidate election counts. Has their loyalty to white supremacy overwhelmed their legal minds?

  • Love the “timey-wimey” reference. I believe that is the doctor were to witness America as it is these days, he’d hop in the TARDIS and head back to Galefrey never to return.

  • I find it interesting that republicans don't want Puerto Rico or DC to become states, but they do want "new California" to be.

  • Remember, when this happened we were still naive, when this was going on hundreds of people hadn't yet attempted to overthrow the rule of law in the capital, a mob of people hadn't constructed a gallows complete with noose just beyond the steps of the captol building while chanting for the vice president and other representatives to be hanged.

  • To be 100% clear, Texas citizens absolutely did try to sue Texas.

  • Why can't i find any of these cases being heard by any court? Why were there not investigations done in states where the people were requesting them to be looked into, and evidence of fraud being ignored?

  • The Republicans planning a "floor fight" when the Electoral College votes are going to be counted has a WHOLE NEW MEANING AFTER THE 6TH!

  • The only allocation stealing/tampering/fraud i see committed time after time is by the right. But what do I expect from the party that nazis feel comfortable with? Its straight from the nazi playback of Joseph goebbles "accuse the other side for that which you are guilty"

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  • Shows what a total sham the "states' right" belief of the Republican party is. It only applies as a fallback when they can't impose their way on the national federal level, which they are more than happy to accept when they can get away with it. I mean, there were tons of examples of the hypocrisy before, but this was the most blatant.


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  • OBJECTION: When talking about the neighbor suing because of something that happened to another neighbor, I think there is a possible argument that could be made. Lets say the Defendant broke into the neighbors house and stole items. That crime would be included in the crime statistics for that area or perhaps even that neighborhood (depending on jurisdiction). By the defendant committing a crime against my neighbors house, my property value decreased due to the crime statistic increasing. @LegalEagle is this a reasonable suit that could be won assuming I had proof that my property value was decreased? Would it be too difficult to prove that the crime which altered the crime statistics was directly related to the decrease in my home value? This is all hypothetical of course. Thanks!

  • NOTIFICATIONS: There is no need to setup notifications. Your videos show in my first 5 videos on the main YT page within minutes of you posting them.

  • Looking back at this suit, the most baffling thing about it is is still the claim that the "fraud" was so good that it was undetectable. I would really like to hear the reasoning of how they would differentiate between fraud that is undetectable and fraud that didn't happen.

    • Also if it's undetectable how did they detect it?😂

  • The beginning....... I was so glad I didn't have my loud earbuds on

  • I don't know how to feel about this one. On one hand I feel that if the supreme court had heard the case before dismissing it, that would have done a lot for those of us who saw the sketchy stuff on election night and might have led to less people on capitol hill on 6 jan. On the other hand, arguments made during the hearings may have enflamed tensions even more.

  • Anytime I hear a bald eagle cry I always think Cleetus now, lol.

  • The Republicans trying to claim that the elections were rigged. also, the Republicans obviously and publically trying to rig the elections. All conspiracy theorists have such an odd way of applying double-standards, projecting personalities.

  • Is there a reference somewhere for where the lawyers for the texas suit actually said the timing had to do with the fact that they didn't know who would win the election yet?

  • Love the Billy Madison reference😂

  • That court fight you talked about, well it became a little more than one, it was a whole riot.

  • The stars at night are big and bright DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!!!!

  • ...mmm. Useful. Thank you. This is the GED revolution, where people who tried to get through high school without doing any homework reached critical mass, and can now show their full stupidity. My free time is filled reading hundreds of analyses/studies about our problems, so some dumb hick "with a feeling" is not my equal.

  • Simple, Texas governor wanted a federal pardon!

  • The biggest thing this video taught me is that your real name is Devin.

  • This guy is Lawful Neutral

  • One month later - will little kenny paxton get his pardon? Only 5 days left!

  • GREAT VIDEO IDEA! Thumbs down for that high pitch ringing you did 0:25, I along with millions of others have an ear damage called tinnitus. That was rather painful, be considerate. If I ever hear that again in any of your other videos I will never watch your channel again. As much as I like your content its not worth having that sound ringing in my ears for potentially MONTHS. The Idea below... Now you probably dont want to hear my idea because I already thumbed down your video. That said I've thumbed up all the others I've seen so... Anyway. You like many others say "trump won the popular vote in Texas or wherever" or "Biden won the popular vote in the country" Is "the popular vote" a legal terminology? In this election along with almost every other election the "winner" doesn't receive votes from even 50% of the voters. There are many "eligable" voters who are not even registered voter as they are so disillusioned with the system they consider it a waste of time to even register. So lets ignore those and just focus on "registered" voters. Using Texas as an example since you mentioned them. Texas has 17 Million registered voters of those 17 Million voters 5.9 million voted for Trump 5.2 million voted for Biden 5.9 million did not vote for either So 35% voted for Trump 30% voted for Biden 35% did not vote for either, effectively voting against both of them. That means that 65% of registered Texas voters did NOT want Trump for president 70% of registered Texas voters did NOT want Biden for president Instead of having both candidates rejected on the basis that not even 50% of the voters wanted them instead we say "Trump won the popular vote" because more people voted for him even though more voters didn't want him for president. Then Trump gets all of the electoral college votes for the state. Meanwhile the wises of 5.9 MILLION registered voters who didn't want either one of them are effectively ignored because they wouldn't pick of or the other of what they clearly considered two bad choices. Just imagine that 5.9 MILLION people who's opinions are considered irrelevant by their government, and that is from just one state. Of the 239 MILLION eligible voters in the united states only 34% voted for Biden. While that is more than those who voted for Trump that still means that our next president was not wanted by over 66% of the voters. I would love to see a video talking about the legalities of voting, ignoring the opinion of those who wont vote for one of the two options effectively voting against both of them, the legal morality of ignoring those 83 Million Americans, the constitutional legality of attributing all electoral votes to a candidate who did not receive votes from even 1/2 of the registered voters in a state and the implications of potentially rejecting candidates who are unable to inspire even 50% of registered voters to show up and vote for them. Would our government collapse? Are the reigning political parties fundamentally incapable of presenting a candidate that even 50% of registered voters will vote for. Is it legal or fair to reject the opinions of those who wont vote for one to the two candidates? Does this qualify as taxation without representation since they effectively had no say in who their leaders will be. This would be a unique challenge I think. I haven't seen anyone else even breach this subject. In my opinion it is a little ridiculous that as an eligible voter I am effectively told that I must vote for someone I don't want as president just because I don't want the other guy even more or else my opinion doesn't count. Does the law support that?

  • That it has no impact on how it impacts them. I think the argument could be made that the president that is elected impacts all parties.

    • It needs to impact them directly to have standing. Also, creating a precedent that would allow states to sue each other over how they conduct elections would open a huuuuuuge can of worms that nobody wants to deal with.

  • Pressing the bell is moot for me. I like your channel, but only in passing, and therefore am not subscribed, rendering the bell moot.

  • I know you're a lawyer and would never lie, but I don't think you'd even notice if I subscribed.

  • I don't care about statistic, please just ask for a bell ring because it helps you. Every single time a channel shows me statistics about their bell to subscriber ratio, it really makes me not want to ring it. even when in your case, I deeply enjoy your content. Cheers :)

  • 11:00 Well, a floorfight they got.

  • I never thought of Red and Blue as Confederate and Union before.... Are those lines really being drawn again?

  • 4:14 "Probably"? 4:43 I didn't see anything that warranted your warning.

  • "[Republicans] are already plotting a floor fight when Congress meets to certify the results." Oh boy, that turn of phrase aged. Not sure if it was well or poorly, but it sure did age.

    • an insurrection actually. :-(

  • I love how right after the first video “old devin” he even still changed his suit and tie 😂 even tho it was apparently only an hour

  • I mean what do you expect from a state that has a 6 drop limit on college classes

  • update: the floor fight was a lot more than a floor fight😂

    • The floor fight was a genuine “fight” as Trump said 20 times. 😂😅

  • I took way too long to subscribe to this channel. I finally did today and I'm just enjoying your content immensely.

  • A $1000 pen??

  • The fact people call you Devin instead of eagle is a bit crazy for me

  • "Neither fact-bound nor complex" what a great summary of the Trump administration.

  • America be like “whoa! the swing states swung? who can we sue about that?”

  • So the sec of state can change election rules? This is just not true

  • Why do you look like my math teacher

  • Great content, especially for us foreigners to help make ends and tails of whats going on in your country. Something entirely offtopic that you might not have noticed, the swooshes are only played on the left channel. It's freaking me out, thinking someone is trying to break in my house. D: