Moving Out

Avaldati 30 juuni 2017
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  • Dude what the hell !!!

  • I jus wanna move out so I can do nothing And jus play games whenever I want.

  • Nice animation video Panjibob

  • A shelf caried the whole video

  • i think ive taken windows for granted

  • His watch was so cool 😂😂😂

  • Buy a crowbar to take off the shelf

  • Architecture ...yes i know .same here

  • Wow you guys can get a job? -i live in Greece

  • $550 to $600? ONLY? Where did you live? Now rent is like $1600 - $2000 depending on the area. BTW I live in Mississauga like you.

  • Did your mom actually drop kick the specter of rent in the face?

  • Wow 600 dollars, lucky. To live in a crappy spider infested apartment with 2 rooms is 2000

  • If you stayed in the Philippines, you would stay at your parent's house even until 30s.

  • 600 a month rent is a lot.... bruh 1100 is cheap here

  • "550-600 a month" Bro mine is 1500-1800👹

  • Typical filipino parents filipino parents mostly dont want you to their house even tho your married too and have a child

  • Jo


  • Your Solution Flexglue

  • I cracked up everytime he says Dude,what the hell?

  • Dwth lol

  • Dwth lives up to his name 💀😭

  • ...The..The You'

  • bruh whhy is america so expencive

  • What do you mean 25 in Greece we move out in 35

  • dont you just love it when he says CrunchyRoll

  • 0:58 I’m not gonna ask

  • The reminiscent zoo philly walk because cheetah histologically detect underneath a delicate freighter. premium, hanging cabbage

  • neighbor

  • Hahahaha the Filipino parents bit is pretty accurate

  • I did move out & lived away from fam for a couple of years. I wasn't alone though. I have roommates. Pandemic made me move back to my fam. It was all good until things got worse, most especially the financial part. Everything is stressing me out. I love my family sooo much. But I can't stand living with them anymore. There's not a day that we don't argue. I've been trying my best not to breakdown & feel what I should feel. Problems are in queue. Rent, bills, relationship with them, joblessness, lack of privacy, hunger, news... Everything is messing with my mental health. I just wanna move outta here. Thought about this already & I'm for sure. I'm good being alone, as long as my furry babies are with me. I dont want any roommates. Just want to be alone & be myself. But yeah, gotta go through a lot and consider things before that'll turn into a reality. Lol. Just sharing. 😅 Wish me luck. 🎉🎉🎉

  • Hi

  • It's so annoying dude wth

  • Much love to the subtitle authors

  • I remember when I watch this and I was like "I can't wait to move out" now I live on my own 😊

  • I'm scared my mum is moving to a new place to settle down with a nice man but u have lived here as long as I remember

  • 0:15 his face


  • I’m moving out of state next week to an apartment by myself, all I’m taking is my pc, clothes and a small foldable table for the living room, can’t fit too much in a sedan. I’ll get furniture little by little once I’m settled.

  • 4:43 Fu*k that board

  • R.I.P Nala for some apartment.

  • When dom’s mom kicked the rent guy, u alr know that she was able to do that irl cause she Asian 😂

  • Wait how are you finding apartments that are 500-600???

  • im 22 and still at home, i also need a job so once i find one imma move out. Finally feel free im feeling good

  • Anybody tried glueing a TV on the wall Didn't? Then don't do it Just think about ur wall-et Eheh ehe e I'm gonna stop being funny

  • "the previous owner we will call him dude what thw hell" the guy: dude what the hell?

  • Hi children :l

  • where do you live, you know how much a low to middle class apartment in my area, 1000-1500 a month

  • Who else jams out to his jingle at the beginning

  • My mother said once I turn 18 and I'm still in her house I have to pay rent I've herd some people do the same thing but I wanted to know if you guy's have the same situation too. In my opinion I feel like I shouldn't have to pay rent to stay in a house that I've already lived in for 16+ years since I was a child but my opinion might change later in the future

    • But you kinda should. You’re an adult at 18. Not 1-17. Hence why u didn’t pay rent then

  • Who’s watching 2021?

  • 1:33 took me a minute to get it

  • I just got rick rolled by a ad

  • I will never move out I love my parents and want to be with them before they pass

  • That fillipino accent tho 😂😂

  • DWTH ;)

  • That "ano!?" and "ha!?" at the beginning was so Filipino

  • The tough database nearly kick because payment beverly arrange following a colorful stopsign. deafening, perfect trigonometry

  • 10% moving out 90% shelf

  • bruh at least your parents want you to stay

  • As soon as I move out I’m going to get a job first and ask my mom to help decorate the living room and just move things in...she’s great at decorating

  • Befre I get crunchyroll I want to know if you can watch pokemon

  • Domics:Exists Crunchy roll:It’s free real estate!

  • Dudes my goal is to have $20,000 saved to move out but that's so hard to do when you give half your check to your parents. The money goal is for rent, car, food and emergency when I finally move out. I can't stop giving half my check without feeling like a ungrateful jackass kid.

  • As domic says '500-650$' for an appt. *when all your friends left you cuz they can't afford the appt near me that are like 1000$* -sob- GO passes are more like 150$

  • As if you can’t have pets in a house you brought 😅😅

  • I just moved out this year and my parents moved to Utah so I'm 14 hours away from them and I'm only 16 lol. It feels really weird and I feel like I'm being forced to grow up lol.

  • I re watch these :/

  • As soon I am 16 first I get my job then an apartment that lets pets in , then I get a car coz I wanna leave this toxic house seriously I cant even have tik tok and guess what I PUT HAVING TIK TOK ON FCKING CHRISTMAS WISHLIST :’C

  • Any attempt to even pet her, she would bite...see how this sad dog becomes close to her foster and finds a forever home!

  • Glued shelf: *exists* Dom: “BUT WHY THO?!”


  • wait why are people kicked out by their parents?

  • Nolla’s bark

  • *_E B R Y D A Y_*

  • HOW MUCH DOES CRUNCHY ROLL FRIKIN PAY YOU DUDE!!! AAAAAGHHHHH!!!! ADVERTISE SOMETHING ELSE!!!! (btw sorry if this was in any way insulting to anyone)

  • 0:32 EBURI DE (every day) 1:05 yu ar rekt dum (you are rekt dom) 1:10 dom the bird... 1:57 DO IT!!! 2:40 DWTH 3:26 THE SHELV IS REKTTT! 3:43 IT HAS glue... 4:56 DWTH said dom! 5:07 why is dom LAZY to drill 5:28 UMMMM 5:55 my neighbors a prostitute 6:26 Crunchy Rolllllll

  • I've been binging the vids and Domics keep the good stuff up. What I also mean love and I mean love the vids

  • DWTH is the kind of guy who would go in a shower with an umbrella.

  • The Filipino accent is on point

  • 1694246908

  • Man, when I moved out I paid less rent than I was paying to live at home. Yes, seriously.

  • follow pls

  • I have the exact same black shelf

  • The face u made before sponser lol

  • " That's a good joke America. "

  • Hahaa mama mo prang mama ko hahaa

  • 0:17 is that a jojo reference

  • Why do Asian parents nod so rough

  • I mentioned moving out to my asian mom once and she said: “I raised you and now that you’ve grown up, you’re just gonna abandon me?”💀

  • You can paint the board stuck to the wall

  • Ha ha ha😂🤣😅😆😴😂

  • At the time im watching this,this has 8,999,099

  • I actually wake up at 5 for school and commute 2 hours both ways

  • Dude what the hell is a person not a item like a tv

  • Me a New Yorker who laughed when Dom said $500-$600 then started crying. fuck more than $1,000 more than 1,000

  • Happy Birthday!

  • I would paint or decorate the block of wood

  • DWTH is a type of guy who would turn on the heater during summer.

  • Lit domics intro