NY To Chicago In a Private Jet!

Avaldati 17 sept 2020
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  • butter!!! landing

  • Holy shit, that thing is responsive.

  • Max you are popular at that departure airport man

  • Just curious why you fly so much on your own with no pax ?

  • So is he like a gazillionaire who flies for fun?

  • I love to FLY!!! Take me!! lol

  • Nice part about being a pilot flying out of small airports all the time is having casual conversations with people using each other’s real names on frequency lol😂

  • I like this airplane! Geez I need that lottery money...oh and a pilots license...LOL

    • Better to get the money, get a proper pilot and do cocaine at the back of the plane

  • 31:25 The former Meigs Field at the bottom of the screen. I had the pleasure of taking off from this airport summer of 2000 when I was working in Chicagoland as an intern. My roomie thought it would be fun to take a discovery flight, so I joined him for it. My turn to fly happened on the second half of the trip -- taking off from Meigs, flying over/around the city a bit, then back up to Chicago Executive Airport, where we began.

  • Dont you just love it when pilots enjoy flying

  • Why do most pilots start-up engine #2 first?

  • Great vid, I am a retired skydiver and get a rush every time I see out the window of a plane at altitude LOL

  • Great video. Enjoyed...but a 172 is more my personal speed!

  • Thanks for sharing the insights firsthand of a private jet pilot. The practice of always checking the "checklist" adds another level.

  • Amazing 👏🙀

  • I love aviation

  • Very dope and inspirational

  • Bmw M what is ur car?

  • It was funny .. i asked a pilot that did commercial flights if it is hard to fly a plane specially in bad weather and he surprised me by saying that the pilots are there just in case , actually the airplane does literally everything, including take of and landing.

  • That flat earth is beautiful

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  • Class ✈️

  • Amazing, u need to know ALOT!!! keep it up. Safe Travels!!

  • Seeing someone flying a jet in shorts is just a little bit disturbing. Idk why.

  • Heh. Ya got me reflexively depressurizing and pressurizing my ears... :D

  • Is this what is known as an empty leg flight?

  • I have anxiety while flying sheerly because I cant see in front of me. I can drive 120mph on the hwy and be perfectly fine.

    • Please don’t go 120mph on the highway

  • thanks for sharing your experience

  • What if you need to take a piss or shit during flight?

  • Host to videographer “it’s good, the videos good, but I need more BMW. Perhaps we go on a quick spin to the terminal, scope the badge, show the world I drive a bmw’er and then, let’s go flying” Sounds good boss. I see you got it cleaned

  • Butter!

  • Great video. Thanks for posting.

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  • What a damn awesome vid

  • hey how much ball park price would it be to fly on this plane from Chicago to new york?

  • 31:32 Soldier Field

  • Awesome video, thank you from Canada.

  • It's funny how real world jobs are often nothing like what people who don't do them think. Or rather, the day to day is a lot more mundane (not necessarily boring) than it is often portrayed. There are so many secondary/soft skills that pilots need to develop outside of actually flying the plane. It's one of the reasons I stopped my pilot training with about 30 hours in the air. BUt I totally understand it as a software engineer. It's amazing how some days at work I can spend so little time actually writing lines of code. And you get a lot of people wanting to get into programming thinking it's some kind of high stakes hack-fest every day. But in reality you just end up in meetings 4 of your 8 hours a day, lol. Kudos to those thorough pilots out there keeping us safe in the air and love doing it!

  • great work love it and respect i wonder how much does fuel cost for this flight ??

  • Such a smooth takeoff and landing

  • No idea what any of this tech or flying jargin is but what an amazing and fun video to watch...You just got a new subscriber...

  • What kind of a Car you were driving?

  • Aren't you glad the earth is flat and stationary, and the attitude indicator allows you to fly your plane level over the plane.

  • Slowing a Citation? Must be behind Chronos!!

  • this video gave me anxiety but I thumbs upped it.

  • What make and model???

  • Ok

  • That approach was textbook. Love your channel. Cheers from Scotland

  • 29:28 Birds likely Sandhill Cranes which regularly fly 4,000 to 7,000 feet or more, stand over 4’ tall with 7’ wingspans, weigh 8-9 lbs. Most definitely a hazard.

  • If Max was my CFI, I would have continued and got my ticket.

  • 1:36 Welche Pizza darf es sein ? *fg

  • Cessna citation cj4 is the best plane in Microsoft flight simulator

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  • Mr finelander!

  • Just like taking the dog to a walk lol. Big Money.

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  • I always wanted to b pilot n fly here. But I went army overseas combat wombed warrior veteran. I wear eye glasses 20/20 corrected n older age now . Is there any chance for me to still b pilot n fly here

  • Hey i just wondered if you could do a video for sort of beginner people to aviation. I wondered if you can do a video explaining like start to finish for how a flight goes and all the complicated stuff in between like the check lists and everything. Basically what does a pilot have to do and go through from start to finish for a full flight but in simple terms? Hope this makes sense. Thanks!

  • hopefully next video with full text..great flight.

  • Great video Mr. Max. I'm definitely an Aviation nerd. The Flightradar24 is certainly my favorite Aviation information app on arrival/departures etc. I'm out of PHL. in fact, the regional aircraft flown by Piedmont for American's final approach is right over our home for Runway 17. Occasionally we'll see some private aircraft in the same final in. I'll take my sons out to the airport and sit at the end of 27L and 27R, Bluetooth the ATC and my boys will have a million questions I can't answer. Lol. Thanks for this share.

  • Loved the offset approach Max. Those are always fun. What I wouldn't give to be in the right seat!

  • great graphics .... can my GTX 1660 Super play this ?

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  • A bumpy approach into MDW...go figure!!!

  • Does he own that jet if so that’s awesome

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  • Are you driving a 3 series? What do you think so far? I gotta get a new BMW soon.

  • I enjoyed this flight thank you Max

  • Dude. That's my plane !!!!

  • The Hudson ahead, nice day!!!

  • I was going to suggest a "3/4" grease" but.... ;P

  • smooth process to rotate...nice

  • Very Addicting. First time here. That wind tho?!?!?! Lol. Windy City For sure!

  • Scenario 1)What’s your job, I’m an electrician, women are like, “that’s nice.” (All the chicks say, he’s a nice guy like my brother) Scenario 2) What’s your job, “I’m a pilot, I’m single, are you married?” (Gets all the chicks) Basically, pilots are the coolest people, why my parents never pushed to be a pilot, I’ll never forgive them. Great job, man loved it.😂😎

  • Hey, why don't you make a video of yourself reading a news paper and driving a toilet...Now that I'll watch 😴

  • Haha, "greased it". I sill say this. Ok, my turn!

  • Congrats for livin' LIFE...;D

  • Awesome 👌

  • I felt like I was in an airplane, but never paid for the ticket. Great video!

  • this meathead didnt even correspond the rector Altitude limitation module before he white lined the barometer control port which is a 735-967 violation...geeez

  • First time I see a video like this. I was pleased, to say the least.

  • I wanna be like Max!

  • Funny this just randomly being recommended to me. And to hear you about you bringing it in for your inspection in Wichita where I live!

  • so guys you wanna still study for pilot after you see this video?

  • Great Video !!

  • Is it distracting entertaining a you tube video while flying an aeroplane?

  • awesome!

  • I would like to fly with you. You seem like a fun person to hang around.

  • Good stuff

  • Flying without a copilot is dangerous.

    • Then don't.

  • What an amazing video! If you're ever in SE TN..you should stop by KRZR. It's in my hometown in Cleveland, TN. Would love to show you around...also, I've always wanted to fly in a private jet hahaha.. Thanks for sharing!

  • At 1:51 in the video; pointing your thumbs towards each other and touching them with a closed fist is actually the ramp marshaling signal for chalks in. Touching your pinky fingers together with a closed fist and thumbs pointing out then moving your hands away from each other, is the actual signal for chalks out, but whatever works in a common understanding is just as good I guess 😁

  • Flying is like nascar. The beginning and the end are the most exciting. Everything else booooooring.

  • Flying alone a huge aircraft ? what if you got seizures, cramps or food intoxication. jk it was a pleasant flight. thanks

  • Cool

  • Great Video, cheers from Costa Rica

  • Gorgeous video, such a clear day, great views and great chatter. Looking forward to the next one

  • Cheers from Brazil, fly down here :)

  • Couldn't this guy afford a pair of pants?