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FIA World Rally Championship FIA World Rally Championship

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The WRC is the FIA World Rally Championship, a tough motorsport using rally cars on real roads around the world. Watch the best rally drivers battle on gravel and asphalt roads with mud, rain, dust, ice and heat! Watch high speed action as the rally drivers power slide and drift round narrow corners, go flat out over a big jump or through a watersplash, handbrake turn round a hairpin, survive a big moment or have a massive crash! Rally requires maximum attack and careful tactics to become world rally champion.

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3:08eSports WRC REVIEW: Safari Rally Kenya 2021
eSports WRC REVIEW: Safari Rally Kenya 2021Vaatamised 4,7 tuhPäev tagasi
2:59PREVIEW clip - WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2021
PREVIEW clip - WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2021Vaatamised 56 tuh11 tundi tagasi
1:04This will be epic! WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2021
1:09WRC 10 - Acropolis Rally Gameplay!
WRC 10 - Acropolis Rally Gameplay!Vaatamised 30 tuhPäev tagasi
3:08HELI Special - Rally Italia Sardegna 2021
HELI Special - Rally Italia Sardegna 2021Vaatamised 17 tuh7 päeva tagasi
2:28Asahi KASEI Turning Point
Asahi KASEI Turning PointVaatamised 7 tuh7 päeva tagasi
0:54Best of rally action - WRC Rally Italia Sardegna 2021
3:21WINNER Special - WRC Rally Italia Sardegna 2021
WINNER Special - WRC Rally Italia Sardegna 2021Vaatamised 20 tuh7 päeva tagasi
3:23WRC3 Event Highlights - Rally Italia Sardegna 2021
3:56WRC2 Event Highlights - Rally Italia Sardegna 2021
1:58WRC3 Highlights Day 2 - Rally Italia Sardegna 2021
2:03WRC2 Highlights Day 2 - Rally Italia Sardegna 2021
1:52HIGHLIGHTS Stages 9-12 - WRC Rally Italia Sardegna 2021
1:50WRC3 Highlights Day 1 - Rally Italia Sardegna 20221


  • Have a safe trip and race to all WRC and African rally drivers in Kenya! See you soon!

  • RIP Colin McRae, Richard Burns and Michael Park

  • Why Italy? Again?

  • ACI Rally Monza is a worst track, sick of it

  • ACI Rally Monza is a worst track, sick of it

  • viva Mexico

  • hopefully the Oku Timur (South Sumatra) & West Lampung (Lampung) routes will host the WRC rally in Indonesia!!

  • 2.4 seconds over second place 😲

  • the best stage its pelun-copec rally chile :P

  • 🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧

  • Tão pequeno , mas tão grande este PORTUGAL *****

  • Is the lighting issues resolved and fixed - especially for this track, Kenya, in cockpit view ?

  • W.R.C , DISRESPECT... You ruled rallies from rallying to sprint... ENAUGH... DO NOT HUMILIATE HISTORIC "MEANINGS"...

  • Make that game better or else DiRT

  • Wrc 10?

  • Yes

  • Two day to go💪💪🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬

  • Karibu nyumbani.

  • Welcome to Kenya

  • Karibu Kenya. Happy to see safari rally back after eighteen years of waiting.

  • Thats one tuff car yo you got to have balls of steel to drive like that 😅

  • Why tf i cant watch this video when im under 18. I know that this is like a WRC porn but hey, just want to see nice old rally

  • acelera e freia ao mesmo tempo ? que porra esse cara ta fazendo

  • I See kenya a mighty chihuahua

  • Simba is here

  • when i saw Simba here

  • just like u watching Lion King

  • life, 2002 masks for the dust, 2021 masks due to covid

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  • Happy for Puras. You can see the emotion after his finds out he's won. Many years of trying all coming out in one moment.

  • Neuville and meeke gets angry 1:10

  • Is Malcolm on a wheelchair?

  • Such an iconic car. Both this specific rally car and the production car it is based on.

  • how he changes gears without pressing the clutch?? but he uses it on stops and starts? anyone care tou enlighten me?

  • - Å fan!

  • I wanna hug those cars . Badly

  • Rally is life

  • Iconic!

  • If you put your app cameras in that way I´m sure more people would buy the subscription

  • Hare este recorrido en Forza Horizon 5 \:V/

  • I think wrc lost spectators because currently everything is very similar, cars, stages, preparation. now they have the opportunity to take a risk and do something different, in my opinion I don't think they will

  • Kihurani is the man!!! For anyone who doesn't know, he alog with many others are featured in a few years old indie rally documentary called Easier said than done.

  • Hey, and what about Rally Poland or Sardinia???

  • Karibu Kenya. Ott Tanak fan

  • 6:59 That's a whip (the motorcycle trick). With a car!

  • Io c'ero😎

  • Congratulations happy fathers and tuffugee day blessings save jorbey

  • Wath is your volante? Please

  • Great guyz 📣💥💖📣❤️📯📯❤️💥💖📞📢💖📣📯📯

  • My favorite all-time season!

  • Just bring back to business VW and Lancia 😈

  • No Sweet Lamb?? The Col only in 9th?? Wth??

  • What rally is this

  • Was this Focus FWD or AWD?

  • I saw legend, I click.

  • Wooow. I wish if i had a chance to drive to WRC. 😊😊

  • With the current design of today's WRC cars....lets see which survive the entire thing....

  • A great test of man and machine....survival of the fittest...

  • Why 25 stories sayed in title? There will be 24 more? This is the story of Focus and Colin.

  • 19:13 JEEEESUS LMFAOOOOO that man has never heard the words “too” and “soon” used together XD

  • Se viene para el Forza Horizon 5 papa!!!

  • Subaru impreza and Colin McRae was massive fast, really fast, but Ford Focus and Colin was unbelievable, really interesting and challenging to watch!! We've been missing Safari, but further more, we've been missing the legend, Colin McRae🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Still remember the good old days of East African Safari Rally 1970, 71, 72 Kenya Uganda & Tanzania...was the toughest rally in the world!

    • Yes. In those days, the rally was one big special stage. 1971 was probably the best and longest safari rally

  • Iconic Focus ❤️

  • They better fix the weird window tint issue from the previous game.

  • Ford focus mais famoso do mundo em todas capas de jogos tinha ele

  • ЭТО СУПЕР!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Paris Dakar landscape 😍🤩

  • All the hype for a few minutes i was thinking it would be at least a hour long big disappointment😭

  • 早きこと風の如し

  • What a great story, and car

  • Many of these stages are on Dirt Rally 2.0

  • I don't think they understand the meaning of GAMEPLAY. The sounds at the end is the best part of the entire thing. I'm huge fun of this game. but this is almost a straight copy of the 9. Change my mind.

  • Welcome to Kenya. ....Ken block fans we are waiting

  • Such a brutal race! Back when there were multiple manufacturers!


  • Not a stage from the Safari Rally in Kenya? How then is it called WRC?

  • Would have thought he would have more than one car from McRae

  • Colin we miss you...