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the best vlog channel in the history of ever


20:15Riding The Craziest Roller Coaster In England
10:50I Bought A Water Park
I Bought A Water ParkVaatamised 9 mln7 päeva tagasi
18:21We Joined The Military...
We Joined The Military...Vaatamised 8 mln14 päeva tagasi


  • I imagine theese guys fighting Germany in ww3 and end up in Kurdistan firing mortars at a “sea monster”

  • SoOoo did she go out with him?

  • 8:45

  • The true question is did tommy get clarence?

  • Bruh my first roller coater was the fury 325, and the thing was pog.

  • rest in peace clarence...

  • i love it how they keep bringing up gogy lol

  • Tommy is like me at six flags, I'm scared and trembling because I'm terrified of roller coasters.

  • Tommy is a wuss

  • *can u compliment me?* 😔

  • Tobbo:I LIKE-A DA BEE! Me:*about to choke because is laughing to hard*


  • Why do you look like your skeleton is being melted in the thumbbail

  • You’ll get her next time tommy💀💀💀

  • Tommy my boy

  • C L A R E N C E

  • Seems like Tommy enjoyed riding the Blade. Technoblade: W h a t

  • Not trying to be rude but why are you so scared of a fricking rollercoaster

    • I am also scared of them people have different fears such as the dark,spiders,etc

  • Did she except? Tell me man, I gotta know. If she did, you dropped this king 👑 Edit: I need to start watching the videos through before I comment. Fuck me man.. You’ll eventually find that one mate!

  • yooo tommy someone likes you

    • I don’t know if it’s true but someone said it was Wilbur’s editor I don’t know though

  • 8:46 honestly if I saw that damn thing in my room I’d stomp on it till it is a small brown stain

  • This guy kinda looks like TommyInnit

    • I think I get the reference….if it even is a reference

  • I so feel for him, here. Everyone considers me a dead weight at theme parks, because I'm so afraid of all the rides.

  • i haven't been to an amusement park in so long this makes me want to go to one

  • Tommy the smiler is nothing like the thrill coasters in America

  • Tommy that girl has no taste

  • I like how this video is just Wilbur terrorizing his little brother while Phil gets slightly more fed up with his bickering sons each ride they go on.

  • "are we cowards?" Wilbur 2021

  • Fun fact: on Brazil we call that "Montanha russa" that means russian montain :)

  • i want to see just tubbo cam for 18 minutes

  • Best way to ask out a girl

  • The end😭😭

  • 7:48 This is the Face of a Big Brother Bully

  • Stop swearing

  • I honestly feel bad for tommy.

  • Anyone heard of a ride called the Mr.freeze

  • 20:00 the pain

  • this is the saddest movie ive ever watched

  • Me when I saw thumbnail: oh that tommyinnit Me when I saw the channel name: oh that is not tommyinnit Me when I saw his pfp: oh that really tommyinnit

  • Tommy I’m going to Alton towers in the morning about 9am can I meet you there I love to meet you and will my stepsister loves you

  • you look like a ginger in the thumbnail

  • 7:48 :D

  • I want a clap for the employee at the end of the rollercoaster

  • why is the water so green

  • when tommy says i can do the blade i feel like doing something with a knife

  • "lets do the blade" - Tommy 2021

  • Alternative title: 3 rich kids buy out a pool and command adults to keep them alive while they film making back the money they paid for the pool

  • Y no mask??

  • sad that tommy got rejected

  • Why is end kinda sad eveb tho its probably staged😭🖐️

  • I need Tommy’s pink mask

  • rip she basicaly rejected him

  • Phil: you can’t have Seconds later Wilbur gets cotton candy

  • At the end that girl isnt worth you!! ^^

  • 8:46 pause here 😂😂

  • Just me or is this channel better then his main channel

  • Tommy is like ay ipad kid how cute

  • The fact that the end was a bit means they’re probably already dating

  • Tommy never dies.

  • I really dont know him.....

  • poor tommy :'(

  • We just have to appreciate Tommy's mask

  • Oh no i feel so bad he started crying oh no

  • This is really cool

  • That was sad 😭😭 I felt that 😔

  • Look Tommy he's is so frienle

  • Tommy: I'm very high Also Tommy:

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  • tommy really rode the blade like no tomorrow

  • I like how he wasn’t scared to jump out of a plane but he is scared of a roller coaster

  • poor boy, the girl just didnt care :(

  • I fell bad for Tommy

  • Is Phil dream

  • i subscribed you're welcome

  • Change title to Soy boys ride rollercoasters

  • Oooooh drrrrreeeeeam

  • As an American, Theme Parks are a lot scarier and faster over here.

  • the sec he saw the word blade he is thinking of riding techno lol

  • Tell me this is not a single dad taking his sons out for a fun day at a theme park while the older son constantly teases the youngest while the dad tiredly tries to assure the youngest that everything’s fine 😂😂