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3:19Biomutant - Official PC Gameplay Trailer (4K 60fps)
0:59Hitman 3 - Official The Icon Trailer
Hitman 3 - Official The Icon TrailerVaatamised 43 tuhPäev tagasi
3:046 Things to Know Before You Watch Army of the Dead
0:43AFK Arena - Official The Prince of Persia Trailer
8:01Total War: Warhammer 3 - The First Hands-On
Total War: Warhammer 3 - The First Hands-OnVaatamised 52 tuhPäev tagasi
2:51Total War: Warhammer 3 - Official Cinematic Trailer
4:01Castlevania : Season 4 Review
Castlevania : Season 4 ReviewVaatamised 175 tuhPäev tagasi


  • The bosses look so lazily done. Different colored ghosts? Lol. Pass

  • Daily bugle??? Connected to mcu??? Sbfhsjfjwjqj

  • this just unlocked a crazy memory

  • Take my money, i've wanted this for so long.

  • A happy ending

  • He really charged his cav like in that one GOT episode where they all died.

  • the Daimyo had so many Bane quotes from TDKR lol

  • The cinematic was great, but this song... Could it be even better than *Shadowbringers!?*

  • 2021 some of the ff fans still be like : oh mmorpg not real rpg , they dun haf story tbh ff14 HW , ShB have the best story so far... much btr than latest ff aka ff versus 13 aka ff15 :^)

  • “Make it, and they will buy it”

  • Awesome

  • still waiting for a Filipina Disney Princess <33

  • Hope see the same with horizon forbidden west later...

  • Number 3 must be dr strang

  • Ill buy one for my pc..

  • IGN:we think we know the unknown things about the game. Me:PLOT TWIST this game has a very precised details and secrets, then all the gamers play this game. It's like no other!

  • How many spoilers? Subnautica: yes

  • who is here after spiral came out

  • Блогер а можно ты зделоешь видео атом как рассия будет войвать с америкай

  • It's kind of difficult to gauge the distance from enemies...are those shots and spells just auto aim? Should have created it with an isometric view.

  • Funny, the IGN review of castlevania lords of shadow 1 says that it's not like castlevania 😆

  • Looks like video from the early 2000s kinda like bangbus

  • 1:17 *SUS* pent Software

  • So gta iv again

  • I’m looking forward to seeing what cool mods people come up with for this game.

  • Notice they didn't mention something better than "red. green. or blue"? yeah, me too.

  • No me gusto mucho, podrian cambiar el tamaño de los castillos, mejorar efectos de combate y aumentar cantidad de población

  • Illuminati game

  • Why does he keep pausing?

  • I'm not here for the game.

  • 🤳👍👽

  • So it turned into a GTA IV nice

  • Indeed

  • Basically it just reduces the warmness, increases tint and green shift, it's just a filter I've been using it for past 3 Years lol

  • This game is gunna be something special

  • what the song name starts in 1:38 please

  • is this related with the protege of maggie q?

  • if you guys notice some of the characters here appear in endswalker trailer, and are more mature, have different classes and tied to different factions

  • This is NOT an AC game.

  • Looking for more music like this @Mikeydropz on instagram! Tune In :) Love yall!

  • Meh.

  • But the question is who the fuq think of this idea

  • "FREE TRAPPED DRAGONS" Me: ... OH, you mean LIBERATE trapped dragons, right... right... sure...

  • This fills me with so many amazing emotions! The FFXIV team is amazing!!!

  • Let's hope it will run 60fps on recommended requirements

  • 😱

  • Greg is a better name than Ezlan.

  • Looks like my dashcam

  • DC fans hated it. Only Snyder fans liked it .

  • This just looks like gta4

  • . . .is the ammo display on the HUD final, what's wrong with numbers?

  • Man hornet couldn’t get one hit in you meanie

  • "c'mon dont be shy it only feels like an ant bit you.. but fast"

  • Can yall get rid of the crafting materials and return to just buying your weapon upgrades? Its needlessly complicated and messy.

  • Final fantasy: Devil may cry, fate? Just the voice acting kinda boring.


  • only bad thing about basic ps4 is how long loadings are, the elevators takes forever ( the ones to enter lords zones)

  • My beloved Lenore, such a tragic death with a beautiful melody.

  • ps1 wins

  • Unreal tournament but turned based

  • CUT looks like 90's movie

  • Some of them weren't personally close to each other. This will be very different from say a rock band getting together after decades. Just another money grab.

  • but we already have mods for java and addons for bedrock, this feels a little unnecessary when you can do it yourself for free and we also already have a bunch of stuff in the marketplace, the only thing different here is the scale and the liscenced stuff

  • Bring back motorstorm

  • Imagine taking a nasty Right blow to the face from Steven..

  • dafu is this video quality?

  • Is this mmo newcomer friendly?

  • When you watch this and then you completely dont understand anything

  • ... The hell, this was unwatchable. Its a bunch of disjointed characters fighting some mystery force. Except it seems like, at worst, they're barely inconvenienced by the unstoppable hoards? *shrug* Do these things even have storyboards?

  • IS it supposed to be taking place in the same universe as Rhymes for Young Ghouls? In that movie they keep talking about an apocalypse.


  • Amazing

  • wololololo anyone?