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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.


3:05:16Jake Paul \u0026 Triller Are Suing Me - H3 After Dark # 35
2:04:56Trisha's Birthday Celebration - Frenemies # 34
Trisha's Birthday Celebration - Frenemies # 34Vaatamised 3,5 mln8 päeva tagasi
2:03:25Humanity Is Doomed - H3 Podcast # 245
Humanity Is Doomed - H3 Podcast # 245Vaatamised 1 mln15 päeva tagasi
2:01:52Jeff Wittek, David Dobrik, \u0026 TRIVIA! - Frenemies # 33
2:02:52Jake Paul Fight Was A Disaster - H3 Podcast # 244
Jake Paul Fight Was A Disaster - H3 Podcast # 244Vaatamised 1,1 mln22 päeva tagasi
1:47:46Infowars Attacks Ethan - H3 Podcast # 243
Infowars Attacks Ethan - H3 Podcast # 243Vaatamised 943 tuhМісяць tagasi
1:40:06We're Not Done With James Charles - H3 Podcast # 242
We're Not Done With James Charles - H3 Podcast # 242Vaatamised 1,4 mlnМісяць tagasi
2:05:01Trisha \u0026 Ethan Do Oddly Satisfying Trends - Frenemies # 30
3:56:25James Charles’ Apology (aka Confession) - H3 After Dark # 30
1:47:03It's Time To Stop James Charles - H3 Podcast # 241
It's Time To Stop James Charles - H3 Podcast # 241Vaatamised 1,6 mlnМісяць tagasi
2:01:20Trisha’s Epic Passover Dinner At Ethan’s - Frenemies # 29
1:48:01Responding To David Dobrik's Apology - Frenemies # 28
2:06:47Jeff Wittek Interview Fallout - Frenemies # 27
Jeff Wittek Interview Fallout - Frenemies # 27Vaatamised 3,8 mlnМісяць tagasi
3:23:05President Trump Calls In - H3 After Dark #28
President Trump Calls In - H3 After Dark #28Vaatamised 1,5 mlnМісяць tagasi
1:53:21Insider Article Could End David Dobrik's Career - H3 Podcast # 240
2:53:33Tom Cruise Calls In - H3 After Dark #27
Tom Cruise Calls In - H3 After Dark #27Vaatamised 1,4 mln2 місяці tagasi
1:58:34I’m Selling Vape Nation - H3 Podcast # 239
I’m Selling Vape Nation - H3 Podcast # 239Vaatamised 861 tuh2 місяці tagasi


  • 56:24

  • I wish I had $8 a month. I just want the emojis 😂

  • stand for revolution

  • Imagine if Hila actually dressed like an adult woman.

  • Definitely NOT watching H3H3 for ANY FIGHT CONTENT.... 😒 Triller I’m looking at you

  • coming from a chubby girl who doesn't wanna lose weight, Trisha going on and on about how awful it is to be fat is incredibly hurtful.

  • The entire crew was so close to a breakthrough during the bill gates talk.

  • okay trish is annoying sometimes. not even knowing who epstein is... like the ignorance is a little out of control

  • the way ethan says JAmPAnese

  • We love Emily. She’s so lovely yet doesn’t take any BS. Amazing x

  • THAT PHILIPPI (whatever the hell her name is) SITUATION IS NUTS HER & HER HUSBAND ARE INSANE!!! F them.

  • 1:48:45 i cannot

  • Thank God he is so open about his stupid, racist, misogynistic thinking because I cannot imagine an intimate relationship with him behind doors....especially his views on weinstein and power 😯🥺 Edit: right after I made this comment I saw the story about his wife and the basement 🤦‍♀️

  • Bill Gates 😂👌 tops

  • im wearing white trisha thanks for asking

  • Trisha is literally the fun aunt we’ve always wanted 😭

  • She’s actually so cringe

  • She's actually soooo niceee I didn't expect her to be this good like BRUH-

  • 2:38:38

  • The thumbnail is a little disturbing I’m not going to lie. Looks like Bill Gates is bumming James Charles 😂😂😂

  • ethan asking if he’s a coloniser while being an american married to an israeli 😭😭😭

  • when trisha rants, even eminem is scared.

  • Refreshing to Not hear the word narcissist thrown around while they talk about Faze Blanks . sick of armchair psychiatrists

  • The Keemstar video with the ice cream kid is one of the most fucked up things I’ve every watched

  • I'm wearing a chicken wing

  • Dan claimed he ascended above the need of any Razor chair, turns out he sat his eyes upon the 10× more expensive gyro anti-gravity chair

  • Sounds like elementary school children wrote up the lawsuit for Triller..

  • Ethan like a massive big kid. Rolling the Cinderella popcorn necklace on the table hahahhahaha

  • Yo!!! I have a popcorn necklace 🤗🤗 🤣🤣🤣

  • Trisha: "We don't talk about that kinda stuff, we're not that open about stuff." Also Trish: has mom and sister guest on her Only Fans

  • Who’s going to tell Ethan Arabs can be black too

  • "The world is not wide enough for both of us" I CAN'TTTT LMAO

  • Great episode, all I have to say is fuck Kraft Mayo. DUKES all day babyyy

  • 1:03:23

  • all the sloppy joe talk got me hungry AF. Sloppy Joes are only good when they aren't 80%beef, 15% sauce, and 5% bread

  • That sounds NOTHING like Bill Gates.

  • I like these 2. They make a cool duo hahahaha

  • Ethan, cuz AB brought it up, doesn't mean it needs prying.

  • Trisha sounds like Lindsay Lohan this episode!

  • Loving that look Trish xo

  • Awh man I need the sweater Ethan has on this ep, drop pleaseeee

  • I would like a Teddy Fresh hoodie that says “Off the Rails”

  • I am so pleased that the split on the table and curtains match up perfectly in this episode

  • Taylor swift’s favorite soda is diet coke

  • 3:05:25 - 3:05:30 i thought ethan had had a sleeve tattooed lol

  • Ethan funny asl

  • Ethan wasn't rude or disrespectful here and everyone pretending that Jimmy's comedy is funny are kidding themselves. His comedy is pure cringe and in a bad way. When he was talking to that Asian waitress, she was so uncomfortable and he wouldn't let go of her arm. People just want to hate on Ethan

  • I'm intrigued to know on the next after dark what the opinion over the Israel/Palestine thing is now with what's going on, because that TigarBelly clip ain't aged well lol

  • Death to Israel

  • I think Ethan cutting people off before they finish their sentences is legitimately triggering me, I feel the need to comment on it, I feel annoyed in place of whoever it happens to, and most of all it reminds me of interactions with certain people in my life that I can't stand. I don't pretend to speak for anyone though (in particular it happened with Emily a few times that irked me, but I have no idea how she actually feels about it), this is just my personal reaction to it, me yelling at clouds so to speak.

  • The eyebrows moving so frequently makes it look like your on Ritalin It add the exact opposite emotion to whatever your saying You could be happy, but it makes you look sarcastic That’s why I can’t subscribe

  • Bill came across as so rude and disrespectful in this interview. Contrast this with the tenacious d interview. Jack black and Kyle gass were both so nice

  • Moving your eyebrows too much is how to see your on Ritalin Eyebrows add the exact opposite emotion . You could be smiling Add an eyebrow and it looks cocky That’s why I can’t subscribe

  • But he did apologize for calling her crazy

  • Hello from Japan. I don’t eat fish.

  • PLEASE tell me you're still doing the Disneyland Gatsby thing!!!!!

  • Hey Ethan can you stop fucking interrupting people, especially that youtube lawyer. It's so fucking annoying

    • @lewan gillard no shit

    • @Jack he's not a lawyer mate

    • But Ethan has been in a lawsuit so therefore he knows everything. Don't you know?? Ethan is God.


  • my fave color is yellow. :)

  • Asperger's is no longer in the DSM. If you were/are diagnosed with autism they label it by either level one, two, or three. High functioning is also a term not favored by many in the autistic community. This isn't that new.

  • 1:18:11 Ethan losing his mind, I love this.

  • Aren't you racist?

  • Huh. I just noticed there's a good amount of female viewers. I wonder what's the statistics on that?

  • If you’re doing in person interviews again, you definitely should have Mia Khalifa over!

  • I've been feeling lonely in a new city but my two faves on EEclone have teamed up to make me feel less alone ❤️🥰


  • Oh, that ice cream video is child abuse. That is so fucking gross.

  • I would have never paid for that pay-per-view. I wouldn't give Jake Paul $50 if it would save his life. I watch you guys because I like you guys. I'll watch almost anything you guys talk about.

  • i honestly dislike the “bill gates” segment.

  • Hila was not feeling it in that episode

  • Everybody Go Checkout BLOODBATH!!! WAY BETTER PODCAST THAN H3. H3s politics are shit which is why we have this shitty president who doesnt even know where he is right now.... And is running this country into the ground Ethan's a SJW who doesnt even know the laws.... Probably a Zionist so go watch BLOODBATH! BadFriends!!! TIGERBELLY! HONEYDEW! JRE! AND TIN FOIL HAT W SAM TRIPOLI!!!!

  • Teddy Fresh should restock the Sunflower Fleece Hoodie 🌻!


  • Ngl I rly liked click and anger management

  • Wait Trisha loves Adam Sandler but not grown ups

  • For one of the first time in my life I’m 100% on Trish’s side. Ethans whole argument is what makes him fat phobic. Not because of his body type at all!! It was SO annoying to listen too

    • And before anyone comes at me. I’m still fat now but I used to be 60kg heavier and honestly I see beauty at all sizes, of course I can still see fat at all sizes too. Thats not the argument, fat people CAN BE HEALTHY. Just like skinny people CAN BE UNHEALTHY. Fuck Ethan, I’m really liking this podcast but sometimes you do need to shut up and let Trish make her point!!

  • id buy ur palette so fucking hard

  • 44:45

  • ethans creeping me out 😃