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Just chasing the dream of building as many rad cars and driving as many tracks as humanly possible! This channel is an attempt to let you be a part of this crazy lifestyle surrounded by rad cars, people, and fun.

23 Years Old
BA in Business Management @ University of Central Florida

My collection...
S13 NIssan 240SX (Built SR20DET) - 520WHP
E92 BMW 335i Single Turbo - 750WHP
S550 Mustang GT350 E85 500WHP
S15 Silvia (3.4 2JZ) - 900WHP
Mitsubishi Evo 5 - 400AWHP (kept in CT)
JZX100 Chaser - 375WHP
R32 Skyline Sedan - 600WHP
2019 F350 Powerstroke
991.2 Porsche GT3RS
2008 350Z Missle - 280WHP
Mitsubishi Evo 5 Build in progress (Australia)
JZX100 Missle (Japan)

After 8 years on EEclone videos, my main focus is still on progressing and improving with each video.
The future is in our hands: Let's make it awesome.



38:13E36's New Engine + Formula Drift S15 Update!
E36's New Engine + Formula Drift S15 Update!Vaatamised 212 tuhPäev tagasi
21:43First LZ Compound BBQ Got Wild...
First LZ Compound BBQ Got Wild...Vaatamised 623 tuh17 tundi tagasi
22:40Fixing Up The Compound Karts! (First Rips)
Fixing Up The Compound Karts! (First Rips)Vaatamised 776 tuhPäev tagasi
16:20I Bought a Fleet of Go-Carts for the LZ Compound!
I Bought a Fleet of Go-Carts for the LZ Compound!Vaatamised 652 tuh7 päeva tagasi
39:18LZ Compound Drift Games with Chelsea Denofa
LZ Compound Drift Games with Chelsea DenofaVaatamised 723 tuh7 päeva tagasi
26:53LZ Compound’s Executive House \u0026 Official Overview
27:27The LZ Compound Came With a Sandblasting Booth!
The LZ Compound Came With a Sandblasting Booth!Vaatamised 821 tuh14 päeva tagasi
25:31The LZ Compound Came With Over 40 Car Lifts!
The LZ Compound Came With Over 40 Car Lifts!Vaatamised 1,2 mln14 päeva tagasi
18:48Welcome to The LZ Compound: A 30 Acre Automotive Dream
37:31We're Moving! - LZMFG Shop Tour
We're Moving! - LZMFG Shop TourVaatamised 599 tuh21 päev tagasi
15:22RS6 Avant Gets Custom 3 Piece Wheels!
RS6 Avant Gets Custom 3 Piece Wheels!Vaatamised 418 tuh21 päev tagasi
23:32R34 GTR Shatters Power Goal and RIPS (First pulls)!
R34 GTR Shatters Power Goal and RIPS (First pulls)!Vaatamised 687 tuh28 päeva tagasi
18:58R34 GTR Hits the DYNO!
R34 GTR Hits the DYNO!Vaatamised 460 tuh28 päeva tagasi
17:41I can't keep up with my Girlfriend...
I can't keep up with my Girlfriend...Vaatamised 416 tuhМісяць tagasi
24:47R34 GTR Titanium Intakes SOUND INSANE! (First WOT Pulls)
19:36R34 GTR Hits the STREETS!
R34 GTR Hits the STREETS!Vaatamised 766 tuhМісяць tagasi
44:13Competing in my S15 @ Klutch Kickers Round 1!
Competing in my S15 @ Klutch Kickers Round 1!Vaatamised 784 tuhМісяць tagasi
16:44Really bad news... and really good news!
Really bad news... and really good news!Vaatamised 391 tuhМісяць tagasi
24:19R34 GTR First Drive (Kinda)
R34 GTR First Drive (Kinda)Vaatamised 548 tuhМісяць tagasi
18:09Matt's Reaction to his Old Mustang GT350!
Matt's Reaction to his Old Mustang GT350!Vaatamised 406 tuhМісяць tagasi
13:48Drifting the Freedom Factory's First Event!
Drifting the Freedom Factory's First Event!Vaatamised 490 tuhМісяць tagasi
18:05Found the problem! R34 GTR runs SICK now!
Found the problem! R34 GTR runs SICK now!Vaatamised 418 tuhМісяць tagasi
27:28R34 GTR First Start!
R34 GTR First Start!Vaatamised 509 tuhМісяць tagasi
30:26S15's New 2JZ - Tuning \u0026 Testing!
S15's New 2JZ - Tuning \u0026 Testing!Vaatamised 674 tuhМісяць tagasi
29:47Track Record Attempt in my 500WHP Evo 5
Track Record Attempt in my 500WHP Evo 5Vaatamised 421 tuhМісяць tagasi
28:48New Track Toy + Baller Brakes for the Evo 5!
New Track Toy + Baller Brakes for the Evo 5!Vaatamised 417 tuhМісяць tagasi
24:50Diving into the R34 GTR Fuel System
Diving into the R34 GTR Fuel SystemVaatamised 347 tuhМісяць tagasi



  • Fucking right Adam, airtight into the tadpole tent, you better invite me up there, had a 93 and 96 GTSt skylines and never slide like that. Love your videos man. Much live Cayman Islands in the house

  • Imagine the compound with tommy and jimmy. Tommy can do all of the zinc and powder coat, jimmy can bring his dyno

  • This video has taught me, if you have I sharpie near your right ear, I trust you

  • What’s the name of the community for the window “plastic _____ performance” or “plastic performance _____” ?

  • just graduated school today wym stay in school? forget stay in school.... finish school bro! good job with everything you have done man, congrats on the compound

  • Another advatage is that if he blows up the s15 again he can use this for fd

  • Soo good to see all the bois back. Taylor, Chris, Matt. It's like the good old days! Just missing Jimmy and a few others!

  • Nice knife adam

  • Man just pressure washed his roads so he could drift more lol

  • I’m sick of 2jz

  • Johan is absolutely a suuuper awsome and smart dude!! But i find it funny how he goes full mexican while trying to talk and explain what's going on with stuff hahaha!! I freaking love Johan!!!

  • Ur dash cluster look nice

  • The E36 is one spicy unit

  • Someone needs to learn how to adjust exposure..

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  • 37:09 These videos are beginning to feel more and more like a JDM sitcom. Not complaining LMAO.

  • What are you driving in at the beginning?!?! New daily?!?

  • You run 272 cams in the E36 and the R34 now? Lmao I'm about to put a 276 in my daily VW, I'm probably gonna regret it. Oh well I have another VW to daily instead. Edit: Try glass beading sometime. It's a really cool blast media. Blasting is kinda fun, I'm a professional sandblaster/powder coater lol. If you want some tips for powdercoating hit me up, it's not quite like paint.

  • Is there a possible issue with titan?

  • what year is the e 36

  • adam cleans the roads then does more drifts and burnouts on it

  • Mike showing Adam being awkward is my favorite part of the devine/Lz collab.

  • I made your creme s13 in CarX drift racing online pc adam lz hope you can watch it 🏁🏁🏁

  • Tyres are spent.... I can do a burnout 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Been spicy it’s good thing? 🤔 I’m from mexico I don’t understand that.

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  • I love Johan's passion for cars.👍🇬🇧🇬🇪

  • J.Oakes has a couple 15 doors if another one bites the dust lol

  • Is the lighting in the shops poor, or is it something with mikes camera? I couldn’t see much underneath the BMW, nor in the S15 engine bay. It might just be my TV, but I feel like I used to be able to make out more detail in dark places in the old shop.

  • That place is Amazing! I would've loved to hang out there with the previous owner!

  • You need "Testing/Race in progress" Lights around the compound JUST IN CASE someone happens to be on the pavement around any one of those blind corners. Would hate to see someone walk out a door, or Collette come biking around the corner and for something bad to happen. If there were flashing green lights, everyone would know to stay alert and off the pavement (in case maybe they aren't paying attention or have headphones on). Just an idea. Stay safe. Your ""driveway"" layout looks like a blast though.

  • Why did you drift on the freshly power washed concrete?

  • Can we name the spot that Taylor Ray crash at into Taylor way or Taylor dr or Taylor rd lol

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  • Adam - "Don't worry neighbor, the noise is just for the compound video shoot, it's not like we're going to be racing around all the time" ...Every other day since then: drift track, go cart track, test track, drag strip, lol brrrrrrrp! Just find that humorous. Don't blame you one bit, I'd be doing the same thing. Also, Mario Kart Mondays should be a thing, where you set up different tracks.

  • Theres stil a few cortinas in nz 2


  • Skirt skirt till it hurt hurt

  • @Adam LZ What happened to the last owner?

  • The e36 is his best lookin car idfc

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  • Loving the updates man!! I can take care of the sketchiness with trees and such if you're interested I send you a DM on IG lol Don't worry about the grass either. I know Garrett acts weird about his. St. Augustine is invasive and very tolerant to abuse and climate. No biggy if you had any concern 👍

  • Lz got a solid team behind him, mike, johan, freddy, shoman

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    • FD* sponsor

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