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5:04Thandiwe Newton: In The Bag | Episode 45 | British Vogue
11:28Daisy Ridley Answers Impossible Questions | British Vogue
Daisy Ridley Answers Impossible Questions | British VogueVaatamised 138 tuh2 місяці tagasi
4:41Inside Kim Jones' First Fendi Collection | British Vogue
Inside Kim Jones' First Fendi Collection | British VogueVaatamised 88 tuh3 місяці tagasi
1:11Inside Angelina Jolie's Hollywood Garden | British Vogue
Inside Angelina Jolie's Hollywood Garden | British VogueVaatamised 1,2 mln3 місяці tagasi
1:54Angelina Jolie: In The Bag | Episode 44 | British Vogue
Angelina Jolie: In The Bag | Episode 44 | British VogueVaatamised 2,3 mln3 місяці tagasi


  • I have great respect for her and love her work, but is she really a legend? Let's check back in 10 or 20 years.

  • For those who're saying that driver's license isn't about Joshua, it's a known fact now that driver's license is about Joshua and Sabrina whereas in skin Sabrina gave messages to Olivia. It's like Taylor saying that dear John isn't about John Mayer. Like they can't openly say that who inspired their song but they give us a lot of hints to figure out about who it is written.

  • Can everyone just stop bout the drivers license drama🤐😑 and just focus on how great and super Sabrina is...just cuz she loved Josh doesn't mean she is a bad guy....appreciate her songs and who she is...I luv u Sabrina...ignore the hate and continue rocking...ur fandom is always there for u🥰😍🤩😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗

  • Whoever thinks that driver's license is shady please go and listen shoutout to my ex song from little mix... Olivia didn't even said anything wrong/bad about Sabrina. She just expressed her feelings and in fact "you're with the blonde girl... " Is a complement.

  • Emma is so pure, she is different, i dont like labels but she is an "empath" through and through

  • You are a legend 😍❤️

  • Love this, she’s so cute and funny!

  • Billie : "idk why people think I am from London! " Channel name : You are now 😈

  • So natural behavior, she remaines herself anyway, like she's so impressed to find out that some big celebrities like Justin Bieber are her fans, but she's also an icon already and she deserves all this


    • @malachovski Frank Mrs Katherine Marie Beckham strategies works like magic I don't actually know much about her but her strategies early this year was a good one

    • @Kelvin Wilson This is the kind of information that we don't get from most EEcloners I will get in touch with her right now

    • Good to see how you guys came up here to show keen appreciation to Mrs Katherine M Beckham This was exactly how i got recommendation about Mrs Katherine Marie Beckham , At first i was a bit skeptical but eventually i gave her a trail with my little investment i got huge profit

    • Send her a message via What. sApp messenger.

    • ••• +1 7:04,8:10,4:473.


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  • Ok, so Woodford Reserve and Glenfiddich in her nerd room. That's a woman of taste. :)

  • Omg she is so positive PROTECT HER

  • She is just art. Amazingly gorgeous.💜💣💛💥

  • Dove needs to stop with the cosmetic surgery like her face is sooo puffy and swollen

  • man watching this vid makes me more like karen


  • Hepicigi hepicigi 😈😈😈

  • В компах канал спросил,"что бы ты сказал Билли" И,я не могу отправить ответ,(хоть там 420ответов) "Я ООЧЕНЬ тебя люблю,рада что ты так много добилась,я смотрю ООЧЕНЬ давно тебя, ❤️"

    • billie hellish said she is honoured because people often think she is a demon.... lol better lol it just lol it

  • Обожаю ее❤️

  • I was here before driver's license!! Anyone with me ? 👇

  • Someone tell her To make a EEclone channel. I would never get bored of watching her..

  • Billie is so beautifully different. Maybe because she's homeschooled, vegan and has supportive family.

  • LOL

  • luv emma

  • Ufffff

  • 2 Sox my queen. Ion love doe . It’s the ....

  • She just looks so fake like, I can’t deal.

  • I LOVE HER! You can tell she’s been through a lot being that her fame struck at a young age yet she is so genuine and humble i can’t any wait to see her livening September 😭

  • she low key resemble alottt with Miranda Kerr!!

  • 2:24 what I came for

  • Those eye brows LOL 😆

  • Forget your skincare routine dove! just tell us who your surgeon is

  • im gonna cry "super Z"

  • Shes so beautiful I love her bye

  • She looks a little bit like manushi Chhilllar


  • Kno wshe loves the biebs growing up but I Mglad they put his question when they did, that was easily the least thought provoking or insight providing questions of all of them. Not so 'yummy' JBiebs, just worry about your own clean laundry you social wierdo LOL (jk ofc), love you all, these were so fun to see :D

  • Oh Hermione !

  • We already got it! she's had work done. Calling someone fake for having plastic surgery is just as bad as criticizing the appearance of someone who doesn't..Just stop judging other people's looks and start working on your own self-esteem!!

  • Baddieee💅

  • She’s so gorgeous and her skin is flawless

  • from 'go girl give us nothing!' To this!

  • That's great that she has this opportunity! She's come very far, congrats to her!


  • How can someone be so perfect?

  • More like this, please!

  • Can we all take a moment to appreciate missy elliots cut crease

  • THE girl

  • Love.

  • So in love with her voice, loved this

  • So what if she got work done👀 it's her face and her money

  • Not to be rude but her forhead looks like pure plastic.

  • I like her but her lips disturb me so much 😂

  • As someone who lives in México, let me tell you Dove, NO, my skin it's not ok. Super dry lately! That's why a good moisturizer is key guys.

  • "WOOOOOOO"😭😭😭😭

  • I'm A 40 year old man. How did I just become obsessed with this musical talent?

  • Que mulher maravilhosa!

  • Her personality is as great as her looks.

  • British Vogue keep posting videos of Dove and I'M LOVING IT

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  • Dove Cameron blogueira? Uai moço, seria top ela blogueira, ou youtuber e isso que essa muié é incrível mostra que ela sabe fazer basicamente tudo..

  • I love her brown hair

  • Jeahhhhh, I'm not the only woman, who can survive a worldwar with the content of her handbag!!!!

  • I love how Billie gave each person a compliment before answering the question.🥰

  • Billie is starting to act a lot more scripted

  • billie hellish said she is honoured because people often think she is a demon.... lol better lol it just lol it

  • Another plastic face

  • I swear i could listen to this woman talk for hours and never get bored. Everything she says is either extremely related or so deep and inspiring.

    • Billie eillish where do you live

  • She’s so cool and classy

  • Can we talk about something? I HAVE A REAL PHOBIA of apply skincare with dirty hands. Like I keep these little alcohol wipes in my bathroom, and I HAVE to clean my finger tips after applying EVERY serum. Is that crazy? Can someone tell me if my fear is irrational or valid, yea I need helppppp lol

  • This is as good as ASMR , or watching golf for taking a nap.

  • 🌺

  • What about the "Justin Bieber & 22 famous fans" thing

  • Great - so when is the full four hour version being released? ;D

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  • 3:00

  • Her face looks scary, and I cannot even pinpoint why.