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8:49Why does Russia have the best maps of Britain?
Why does Russia have the best maps of Britain?Vaatamised 1 mln14 päeva tagasi
8:14Why are British place names so hard to pronounce?
Why are British place names so hard to pronounce?Vaatamised 1,4 mlnМісяць tagasi
8:08The map that saved the most lives
The map that saved the most livesVaatamised 774 tuh2 місяці tagasi
12:09What's wrong with London's boroughs?
What's wrong with London's boroughs?Vaatamised 1,6 mln8 місяців tagasi
11:26Why does London have 32 boroughs?
Why does London have 32 boroughs?Vaatamised 2,8 mln9 місяців tagasi
6:24The world's silliest time zones
The world's silliest time zonesVaatamised 2,4 mlnAasta tagasi
6:06How did triangles shrink France?
How did triangles shrink France?Vaatamised 1,8 mlnAasta tagasi
6:16Why every world map is wrong
Why every world map is wrongVaatamised 2,1 mlnAasta tagasi
6:00Why do maps show places that don't exist?
Why do maps show places that don't exist?Vaatamised 1,8 mlnAasta tagasi
4:57The world's oldest border?
The world's oldest border?Vaatamised 1,9 mlnAasta tagasi
8:50Where does London stop?
Where does London stop?Vaatamised 2,5 mlnAasta tagasi
10:52What happened to London's trams?
What happened to London's trams?Vaatamised 2,4 mln2 aastat tagasi
1:47Robot Olympics (with Bec Hill)
Robot Olympics (with Bec Hill)Vaatamised 114 tuh2 aastat tagasi
1:31Disgusting Songs for Revolting Children - UK TOUR
Disgusting Songs for Revolting Children - UK TOURVaatamised 131 tuh2 aastat tagasi
1:50Surfin' With Patricia Routledge
Surfin' With Patricia RoutledgeVaatamised 38 tuh2 aastat tagasi
10:25Why drivers should want cycle lanes
Why drivers should want cycle lanesVaatamised 1,5 mln2 aastat tagasi
3:05Dinosaurs (feat. Bec Hill)
Dinosaurs (feat. Bec Hill)Vaatamised 96 tuh2 aastat tagasi
2:42Make Sure He's OK (Alzheimer's Song)
Make Sure He's OK (Alzheimer's Song)Vaatamised 156 tuh2 aastat tagasi
0:52Fiddle With Your Balls
Fiddle With Your BallsVaatamised 211 tuh2 aastat tagasi
11:01Why isn't cycling normal in London?
Why isn't cycling normal in London?Vaatamised 2,6 mln2 aastat tagasi
2:07I Went into a Gentlemen's Club
I Went into a Gentlemen's ClubVaatamised 109 tuh2 aastat tagasi
1:28Harry and Meghan aren't going to see Jay Foreman
Harry and Meghan aren't going to see Jay ForemanVaatamised 126 tuh3 aastat tagasi
3:14Pretend You're Happy
Pretend You're HappyVaatamised 1,7 mln3 aastat tagasi
1:39Renault Twingo
Renault TwingoVaatamised 152 tuh3 aastat tagasi
4:17Geoff and Jay go up the A1 (part 1)
Geoff and Jay go up the A1 (part 1)Vaatamised 744 tuh3 aastat tagasi
2:24Little Japanese Baby
Little Japanese BabyVaatamised 212 tuh3 aastat tagasi
2:42Skin Sofa
Skin SofaVaatamised 314 tuh3 aastat tagasi
18:04Live stream Q&A with Geography Now
Live stream Q&A with Geography NowVaatamised 120 tuh3 aastat tagasi
1:04Bim Bim Bim
Bim Bim BimVaatamised 649 tuh3 aastat tagasi
1:27MORE singing one syllable out-of-sync
MORE singing one syllable out-of-syncVaatamised 5 mln3 aastat tagasi
4:30How do you become a Lord?
How do you become a Lord?Vaatamised 1,7 mln3 aastat tagasi
PotatoVaatamised 701 tuh3 aastat tagasi
4:37Why do they make that noise in PMQs?
Why do they make that noise in PMQs?Vaatamised 2,1 mln3 aastat tagasi
3:28Who is the Speaker of the House of Commons?
Who is the Speaker of the House of Commons?Vaatamised 1,5 mln3 aastat tagasi
1:08Help support my channel on Patreon
Help support my channel on PatreonVaatamised 35 tuh3 aastat tagasi
0:40London Planner - 60 Second Guides
London Planner - 60 Second GuidesVaatamised 124 tuh3 aastat tagasi
1:40Singing one syllable out-of-sync
Singing one syllable out-of-syncVaatamised 14 mln4 aastat tagasi
1:44Where do you get your food from, Grandma?
Where do you get your food from, Grandma?Vaatamised 736 tuh4 aastat tagasi
2:19Who Owns the South China Sea?
Who Owns the South China Sea?Vaatamised 1,6 mln4 aastat tagasi
2:44Why is there a BLANK space in this map of East Berlin?
3:07India/Bangladesh - The world's worst border
India/Bangladesh - The world's worst borderVaatamised 2,9 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:20Every Tube Station Song -  LIVE VERSION
Every Tube Station Song - LIVE VERSIONVaatamised 334 tuh4 aastat tagasi
3:23Where is the north/south divide?
Where is the north/south divide?Vaatamised 2,8 mln4 aastat tagasi
2:35Mappa Mundi - the worst world map?
Mappa Mundi - the worst world map?Vaatamised 1,7 mln4 aastat tagasi
2:14Bir Tawil - the land that nobody wants
Bir Tawil - the land that nobody wantsVaatamised 2,6 mln4 aastat tagasi
1:27Trousers (on the One Show)
Trousers (on the One Show)Vaatamised 358 tuh5 aastat tagasi
3:52Why don't politicians answer questions?
Why don't politicians answer questions?Vaatamised 1,3 mln5 aastat tagasi
5:42Who's in charge of Britain?
Who's in charge of Britain?Vaatamised 2,5 mln5 aastat tagasi
3:33What is tactical voting?
What is tactical voting?Vaatamised 1 mln5 aastat tagasi
3:59Whom should I vote for?
Whom should I vote for?Vaatamised 1 mln5 aastat tagasi
5:23Is there a good reason for NOT voting?
Is there a good reason for NOT voting?Vaatamised 1,6 mln5 aastat tagasi
1:40The Queen Hates Jay Foreman
The Queen Hates Jay ForemanVaatamised 322 tuh5 aastat tagasi
1:48I Hate Halloween (from Not The One Show)
I Hate Halloween (from Not The One Show)Vaatamised 175 tuh6 aastat tagasi
1:03Never watch a documentary about Boris Johnson
Never watch a documentary about Boris JohnsonVaatamised 156 tuh6 aastat tagasi
9:22Why does Heathrow need to expand?
Why does Heathrow need to expand?Vaatamised 2,7 mln6 aastat tagasi
1:32Jay Foreman - We're Getting a Super Soaker
Jay Foreman - We're Getting a Super SoakerVaatamised 50 tuh6 aastat tagasi
1:48Jay Foreman - Stephen Hawking's Secret
Jay Foreman - Stephen Hawking's SecretVaatamised 90 tuh6 aastat tagasi
10:20Why does London have so many airports?
Why does London have so many airports?Vaatamised 3,8 mln6 aastat tagasi
3:16Every Tube Station Song
Every Tube Station SongVaatamised 1,3 mln7 aastat tagasi
0:27Barry Cryer Song
Barry Cryer SongVaatamised 16 tuh7 aastat tagasi
0:44Ten Green Bottles (the missing scary verse)
Ten Green Bottles (the missing scary verse)Vaatamised 313 tuh7 aastat tagasi
1:31Caterpillar Sick
Caterpillar SickVaatamised 177 tuh7 aastat tagasi
2:46No More Colours?
No More Colours?Vaatamised 407 tuh8 aastat tagasi
0:41Child With a Handbag
Child With a HandbagVaatamised 16 tuh8 aastat tagasi
0:22I Want a Job in a Lollipop Factory
I Want a Job in a Lollipop FactoryVaatamised 170 tuh8 aastat tagasi
1:21Jay Foreman - Angry Birds
Jay Foreman - Angry BirdsVaatamised 170 tuh8 aastat tagasi
3:49Slightly Imperfect Girl (live in Coventry)
Slightly Imperfect Girl (live in Coventry)Vaatamised 364 tuh8 aastat tagasi
2:16The Day I Met Sooty
The Day I Met SootyVaatamised 174 tuh8 aastat tagasi
1:52Rowan and Jonny
Rowan and JonnyVaatamised 8 tuh8 aastat tagasi
1:54Jay Foreman - Royal Wedding Song
Jay Foreman - Royal Wedding SongVaatamised 115 tuh9 aastat tagasi
12:19London's unfinished motorways
London's unfinished motorwaysVaatamised 3,3 mln10 aastat tagasi
3:11The Smiths - I Haven't Got Any Legs (by Jay Foreman)
4:19Jay Foreman - BBC At The Fringe
Jay Foreman - BBC At The FringeVaatamised 10 tuh11 aastat tagasi
9:04The unfinished Northern line
The unfinished Northern lineVaatamised 2,5 mln11 aastat tagasi
3:04Stealing Food
Stealing FoodVaatamised 407 tuh12 aastat tagasi


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