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  • really thought the movie was gonna end with her somehow doing the same thing as the girl in the beginning... shooting herself when she saw the hitchhiker driving her going back into town

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  • If I was in that situation I was gonna leave the town around 2am and pack my stuff and leave but if its alot of them I would try to pass through them another way

  • This is were a miracle happens

  • Me: Looks at an innocent squirrel and goes "Aww..". Cinema Summary: "That was his last mistake.." *Squirrel turns into Demon and gulps me down*

  • Everytime he uploads i get a rush of dopamine

  • oh I watch this

  • This is why I stay in the house people crazy 😂

  • 0:14 When every second spent in this town is a minute closer to your death

  • Is it really a horror movie if they aren't driving straight to their deaths?

  • I'm Scared,I Need You When The Time Comes

  • Just don't go to Texas

  • i have been waiting for you too review this movie

  • FRIDAY!!

  • At Least There Was A Happy Ending

  • If I was in this movie i would've just dipped to the nearest biggest city.

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  • Do a video of the original mortal Kombat movie

  • Is it just me or now every killer puts on the face of there victim or just me

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  • could you do a how-to-beat on "village of the damned" (both versions)?

  • Dude you need to show a reaction of your first thought. You make it seem like this is obvious but everything you say is either because you know it's a horror movie or because you researched

  • Ah another country im not going to now... Jk

  • Your fatal mistake here was to try and befriend the killer

  • If this guy was in an actual horror movie the credits would roll not even 2 minutes in

  • xcsd

  • So close to 1 million

  • c'mon pls when is how to beat an old lady with a stick coming out?

  • They in texas how does no one have a gun on them lmao

  • I really need to turn my notifications on for this guy

  • How to survive leather face? Don't go to any concert.

  • I'm never going out anymore HAHAHA

  • 4:50 wow savage XD

  • How to beet a killer :science

  • way to keep it PG when saying the hitch hiker pulled out the gun from between her thighs. when in reality she kept that gun inside of her prison wallet

  • I guess the person who made this movie disliked Fuller, Texas.

  • just dont go to murica, its already messed up

  • Use your friends as a meat shield!

  • I was waiting for this video thank you

  • Finally! New video 😁

  • How to get pinned just say "Have a damn good day"

  • I would easily survive this since i wouldnt have left my house in the first place

  • When she picked up the cleaver I kinda got confused because unlike a knife you have to raise it up to get a hit which gives the killer time to slice her, so if i was her I would have picked the knife, but I can't argue with her result


  • Now i cant sleep FAAAAAWWWWKKKKK

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  • again a case of stupidity.

  • How to beat Leatherface: Dont go searching in some creepy old house

  • Just 40k more guys Then we can make a family of 1 Million survivors ❤️

  • C'mon now everybody knows that everyone has a gun in Texas 🤦‍♂️

  • The brain hardly thinks when people are panicking So we wont have the time to think alll this Im just sayin

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  • I love the intro music

  • Bro yow now for the gun but se her are 4 random peraons sorry 5 and see a damn girl in the midel on the road amd help her fuck 😂 Where do they no that they ar gona be rip a part from a maniac with a chain saw

    • I know what your trying to say but jesus rephrase that sentence

  • reminding me dead by daylight

  • Your first mistake was being born

  • I'd basically fight the guy head on, Chainsaws are unwieldy, it wouldn't be that hard to evade.

  • I think that this movie is a nutshell of life? People of good and evil. There are pretentious people and there are also good and truthful. But the thing here is, you can't trust them all because even if there were good people, there are still the evil ones. And that in life, people are usually tricked and deceived by those evil people. In the end, no matter how good you are, evil and pretentious people wins in life and proceeds on doing their evil and manipulative acts.

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  • Purge begins me: pours milk before cereal

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