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11:25Don't watch these Scary Tiktoks alone
Don't watch these Scary Tiktoks aloneVaatamised 767 tuhPäev tagasi
11:2212 Things That Only Exist In China
12 Things That Only Exist In ChinaVaatamised 1,1 mln17 tundi tagasi
15:315 Most Badass People Of All Time
5 Most Badass People Of All TimeVaatamised 1,6 mln17 tundi tagasi
17:0916 False Myths Your Parents Told You
16 False Myths Your Parents Told YouVaatamised 1,5 mln17 tundi tagasi
19:08Sidemen React to Among Us Animation 3
Sidemen React to Among Us Animation 3Vaatamised 1,3 mln17 tundi tagasi
19:4215 Most Valuable Things In The World
15 Most Valuable Things In The WorldVaatamised 1,6 mlnPäev tagasi
15:01Top 10 Scary British Urban Legends
Top 10 Scary British Urban LegendsVaatamised 1,4 mlnPäev tagasi
8:58Top 10 Scary Things Hidden In Pictures
Top 10 Scary Things Hidden In PicturesVaatamised 1,2 mln7 päeva tagasi
13:5410 DUMBEST Things Billionaires Own
10 DUMBEST Things Billionaires OwnVaatamised 1,6 mln7 päeva tagasi
10:13Funniest Moments in Gaming!
Funniest Moments in Gaming!Vaatamised 1,6 mln7 päeva tagasi
14:0910 Most Dangerous Animals
10 Most Dangerous AnimalsVaatamised 1,3 mln7 päeva tagasi
10:40Biggest Game Show Cheaters Ever Caught
Biggest Game Show Cheaters Ever CaughtVaatamised 1,7 mln7 päeva tagasi
11:2410 Things You Should NEVER Google
10 Things You Should NEVER GoogleVaatamised 1,4 mln7 päeva tagasi
23:36The Universe Is Way Bigger Than You Think
The Universe Is Way Bigger Than You ThinkVaatamised 1,7 mln7 päeva tagasi
15:5610 Biggest Lies Ever Told In History!
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13:47Most Expensive Cars of 2021
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10:52Weirdest Things Caught on Security Cameras!
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17:05Strangest Things People Found in their Backyard!
Strangest Things People Found in their Backyard!Vaatamised 2 mln14 päeva tagasi
12:5010 Weirdest Prisons You Won't Believe Exist!
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9:58People Getting Hit In The Nuts
People Getting Hit In The NutsVaatamised 1,4 mln14 päeva tagasi
12:01Most Unbelievable Body Mods
Most Unbelievable Body ModsVaatamised 1 mln14 päeva tagasi
12:34Sidemen React To Ollie Ball \u0026 Jacob Paski TikToks
14:54Top 21 Projects Completing In 2021
Top 21 Projects Completing In 2021Vaatamised 1,1 mln21 päev tagasi
15:30The Most Expensive Apartments in the World
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9:207 Riddles That Will Test Your Brain Power
7 Riddles That Will Test Your Brain PowerVaatamised 1,6 mln21 päev tagasi
9:348 Weirdest Things People Had Sex With
8 Weirdest Things People Had Sex WithVaatamised 1 mln21 päev tagasi
8:31Top 10 Subliminal Messages in Disney Movies
Top 10 Subliminal Messages in Disney MoviesVaatamised 1,5 mln21 päev tagasi
12:31Britain's Most Angry Drivers
Britain's Most Angry DriversVaatamised 2 mln28 päeva tagasi
8:01Sidemen React to DAYWALKER! by MGK ft. Corpse
Sidemen React to DAYWALKER! by MGK ft. CorpseVaatamised 1,6 mln28 päeva tagasi


  • Those eyes over there are very rare

  • So no one noticed that at 10:33 the map of the US was covered with China’s flag? 😂

  • I have a theory that maybe when you supposedly reach the end of the universe that it just all starts all over and that's why we think the universe is infinite so maybe the things outside of the observable universe are just other copys of our universe just in different times so like in the future or past but it doesn't matter how far in the past or future

  • For everyone's information. The term Mandela effect originates from Nelson Mandela. Ask anyone he died in prison 5-9 years later (not sure excatly) he was released from prison and died. His death in prison was all over the papers, radio, news. But now for the past years zero records of his death. It's mad!! He died in prison i remember it.

  • Number 1. JJ Olatunji, JJ was attacked by a horse and killed it in one kick

  • If you type up the tron lightbike scene then youll see that the hole goes outside to tron world so we are pretty much inside a universe computer

  • Wtf is in jj's hand at 12:26 😂😂

  • 9:55 “My main goal is to blow up, and act like I don’t know nobody”

  • How about concentration camps 🤨

  • I also guess the edge of the biggest universe is like when the first 1980's tron movie where one of the bikes crashes into to wall and it creates a crack or hole that streches out for infinity. Bruh

  • I think the earth is pretty much inside a universe inside a universe and so on so on

  • What was the name of the film they mentioned with Leonardo DiCaprio depicting the Hugh glass survival?

  • Ethan has this weird rich kid without dad vibe

  • Gasoline. Gas is short for gasoline. You’re welcome Tobi ;)

  • Physically the guy is far out of that elephant girls league

  • Probably the funniest episode from SidemenReacts😂 I died laughing

  • the of the world bit in the song is there just search up the lyrics lol

  • So you need to drop a needle to kill a person

  • The Mesut Ozil and Enzo Ferrari coincidence should be here.

  • Mine 1/12/08 florida-man-offered to pay officer with hamburger for oral sex

  • 8:55 jj is the spirit

  • Dang, Rent a Boyfriend? Rent a Girlfriend in real life


  • Not a single one was scaring or even slightly entertaining, tiktoks weak asf.

  • Title: Don't watch these tiktoks alone! Me, a ghost: *confused giggling*

  • If you hate people talking over funny clips etc, I suggest you never watch anything from WatchMojo 😏

  • Vik's Indian,he should know fish for pets are sold in bags in India too.


  • I thought it was only 5 it must be a *Clickbait*

  • hayha was also asked what he felt after killing someone and he replied with the recoil

  • this made think dayumm (⊙_⊙)?⊙.☉

  • I’m alone😮

  • Ayy yoo you wont believe but i have seen dat man and he is somewhat associated with orange and trust me you wont believe i had a dream boutt it wallahi i looked it up and it was the same mam on google... man i just had fkn😟🤐

  • i cant wait for the future have sniper-in-a-pocket for when a ghost appear just shoot it.

  • ⚛️

  • Ksi:" I don't have that brain I am not that smart " 8:50 Also his name full form starts with Knowledge 😂

  • Benavidez had a total of 37 separate bullet, bayonet, and shrapnel wounds from the six-hour fight with the enemy battalion. NAH BRUH WTF

  • Am I the only who thinks it’s cringe the way Ethan and KSI just overuse slang😂😂😂 like it’s funny but at the same time, stop man just stop it.

  • Me at every sdmn outro 💃 💃 🔥

  • Okay as a Chinese person let me help you debunk 1. Police geese. Weird, I have never seen one in my entire life 2. Pigeons delivering message: totally nonsense 3. Canned air. Yes, people actually sold them, but nobody was dump enough to buy them. 4. Time zones: yes there is only one time zone. But in 9 AM everywhere is already lit, so 10 AM still dark is just bs. 5. Ghost cities: true true true 6. Nail houses: No, if the government thinks they need to use this land, they’ll give you money and force you to leave. People have actually died from conflicts with the construction workers. 7. Traffic Jam service: unheard of, really not sure. Guess its not popular at all. I live in Beijing and it has traffic jams everyday, but I never saw anyone doing that 8. Napping anywhere: in major cities, not at all. In smaller towns, yes, a can literally see them on benches by the streets 9. Face bikinis. NO. I have rarely seen people doing that. They just use umbrellas to block out the sun. Still kind of weird. 10. Panamas outdoors, well, old people do it a lot. Not so normal for young people 11. Cockroaches - no way. Nobody grows cockroaches unless you are a bug dealer of some sort. BTW I also think Chinese medicine is just bs, but we DO HAVE normal toothpastes. Cockroach toothpaste is just pure imagination. (Racist alert 12. Rent boyfriends: yes Chinese parents are crazy about their kids getting married, but renting? Unheard of, maybe its true but its really rare. 12.

  • No one. Absolutely no one Ethan: I go gym

  • the guy cussing out the ghost bro😭😭

  • JJ makes everything better😂


  • It’s spooky to think that everyone woman in there life has been followed by a man like that second video...i lito cannot walk anywhere alone anymore😂😂

  • Those video proves that scary videos with friends are funny.

  • As time went on the Hugh Glass joke slowly became funny for me

  • "The cheetah wasnt a nonce" 😂

  • Vik went to Hong Kong, and not China


  • 12:27 "he was then shot in the thigh a couple more times" LMAOOO

  • ‘At least she got a TikTok out of it’ Josh is SO underrated man

  • 10:46 i got stung by a wasp in my upper lip it was really bad

  • this channel is more entertaining than W2S

  • 9:32 "Hes down on this woman" LMAOOO

  • They also left out that roy benavendez was only armed with a knife

  • Watching this at 3; 30 in the morning 📉📉💀😔

  • The last guy was Dominic Turretto 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Simon's jacket kinda sus👀

  • Can I like not take a shit without being creeped out

  • "They've smashed it with the loading times in this simulation" has to be one of the best sentences Olajide has ever uttered

  • Sawney bean a reference to attack on Titans 2 captured titans? I mean it refers to cannibalism

  • This compilation is proof that tiktok's target audience is braindead kids who believe all this shit

  • shit song no hate on this guy but nah

  • happy jj and ethan seem to be like old times, before it seemed like they were always bumping heads

  • 16:30 _We don't know what makes life..._ What?

  • You should react to Nuke's Top 5 !!!

  • i really like these new scary sidemen reacts they are quite fun

  • Mans clutched gulag

  • those were fucking dead.

  • elephants don't think we're cute, that was a buzzfeed article lol

  • Hugh Janus

  • Was hoping mad jack would of been in this 😂 Also he didn’t die at the end it was pronounced dead so they thought he was 😂

  • After the observable universe might be the multiverse

  • i just wanna cry now

  • The last guy was the 40 mark story you did for your English story in your SATS 😂😂😂😂

  • Ragnar

  • JJ not knowing that Miami is indeed in Florida is totally me sometimes bruhh damn that's relatable.

  • 6:36 looks like that NPC is glitching

  • bruh that is hong kong different


  • *raises head* So is it called a green? 🤔

  • Wanted JJ to this but ok