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1:22We need to talk about period plastic
We need to talk about period plasticVaatamised 1,7 tuhPäev tagasi
2:17Russia: Hundreds of pro-Navalny protesters arrested
3:57Chauvin Trial: Will the verdict bring real change?
3:58Adam Toledo: The teen shot by Chicago police
Adam Toledo: The teen shot by Chicago policeVaatamised 8 tuh2 päeva tagasi
12:37Why is seagrass a climate superhero?
Why is seagrass a climate superhero?Vaatamised 3,7 tuh2 päeva tagasi
2:53George Floyd's brother: 'He should still be here'
4:25'Miracle' baby survives severe burns over 90% of body
0:40George Floyd's brother reacts to jury's verdict


  • FROM Craig JA..... "

  • Am I the only one who find it funny that Joe the democrat has a blue tie and Trump a red 😂

  • Surprised England didn't get kicked out of all Competition's or Liverpool kicked out of European football.... Corruption at the majority of Big European Clubs is rife and Corruption from the heads of Football also! Just like Rafa Benítez said " I only talk facts"...

  • No to electric

  • F u Blair and f u sky news

  • This will happen but after Iam dead

  • Slight problem with windmills....

  • I feel like this cop changed his life... He gave him a second chance.

  • This had NO CHANCE IN ENGLAND....this is 135+ years of history involving Generations of families and as England has THe Premier League in The Biggest Sport in THe World then this was designed to end that and also bail out Clubs like THe Spanish giants who were, heavily, in debt. In the English psyche, it would have been a 2021 version of the apocalypse. :) It would have been IMPOSSIBLE in England in any event as no game would be played without massive protests with thousands outside in every single English game and The Police ( under persuasion from THe Government, Prince William, and The Authorities ) WOULD have said they have not got the resources to ensure the safety of all the players en route and if MIRACULOUSLY the game was finished AFTER the game, as well. EVERY GAME IN EVERY SUPER LEAGUE STADIUM and that would have been that...:)

  • Give these men both an oscar and a medal

  • Can someone explain why the cop was chasing him from across the alley in the first place?

  • The landlord would make a better politician

  • Why is this man not in jail for the rest of his natural life, for crimes against humanity?

  • What re tards

  • Yes they must be killed!!! As genetically defected people, they should not reproduce!!!

  • piss off war mongerer

  • Moving on from Covid quickly

  • more important , can Biden tie his own shoe laces without permission from Kamala ?

  • DO NOT trust this.. THING