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8:19Inauguration day highlights in 8 minutes
Inauguration day highlights in 8 minutesVaatamised 8 tuhPäev tagasi
16:30Biden revokes Keystone XL permit
Biden revokes Keystone XL permitVaatamised 18 tuhPäev tagasi
21:41Watch Joe Biden's full inaugural address
Watch Joe Biden's full inaugural addressVaatamised 9 tuhPäev tagasi
4:58:05Inauguration of Joseph Biden Jr. | Full CBC News special
24:22Trump delivers his final address as president
Trump delivers his final address as presidentVaatamised 157 tuhPäev tagasi
5:20Trump issues slew of pardons in his final hours
2:49Regina pub under fire for breaking COVID-19 rules
3:32Independent panel criticizes COVID-19 response
Independent panel criticizes COVID-19 responseVaatamised 7 tuh2 päeva tagasi
5:20What a Biden administration means for Canada
What a Biden administration means for CanadaVaatamised 34 tuh2 päeva tagasi
2:2810 COVID-19 mass vaccination centres open in U.K.
3:43Manitobans given wrong vaccine supersite address
Manitobans given wrong vaccine supersite addressVaatamised 12 tuh3 päeva tagasi
10:22Washington fortifies inauguration security
Washington fortifies inauguration securityVaatamised 96 tuh3 päeva tagasi
9:46Biden plans to cancel Keystone XL pipeline permit
5:19Front-line workers call for paid sick days
Front-line workers call for paid sick daysVaatamised 5 tuh6 päeva tagasi
5:39The best new films coming to Netflix in 2021
The best new films coming to Netflix in 2021Vaatamised 9 tuh6 päeva tagasi
5:24Biden unveils $1.9 trillion US COVID-19 relief plan
4:58Montreal hospital on verge of life-and-death triage
3:42Montreal servers hosted U.S. extremist website
Montreal servers hosted U.S. extremist websiteVaatamised 23 tuh7 päeva tagasi
2:43Pharmacies say they can speed up COVID-19 vaccination
9:11Thousands of troops in Washington for inauguration
11:36Trump becomes 1st president to be impeached twice
2:06How to camp in winter
How to camp in winterVaatamised 5 tuh8 päeva tagasi
9:08Navdeep Bains steps down from cabinet
Navdeep Bains steps down from cabinetVaatamised 30 tuh9 päeva tagasi
10:08Democrats press forward with ousting Trump
Democrats press forward with ousting TrumpVaatamised 198 tuh10 päeva tagasi
5:24Canada investing in COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing
2:16PGA cancels golf championship at Trump course
PGA cancels golf championship at Trump courseVaatamised 24 tuh10 päeva tagasi
3:27Democrats ready impeachment articles against Donald Trump
10:23She's been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms since May
1:35Possible motive behind Rideau Hall breach
Possible motive behind Rideau Hall breachVaatamised 28 tuh12 päeva tagasi
3:58Twitter permanently suspends Trump
Twitter permanently suspends TrumpVaatamised 52 tuh12 päeva tagasi


  • Sad day in history

  • Nasty asf.

  • Barf

  • Real men do cry, when warranted.

  • Buahaha otworzę drzwi zwiększę powierzchnię jaką mogę przypierdolić!

  • Joe Biden did good canceling the pipeline👍🏽 its Canada fault for even thinking abt it in the first place

  • "You can't keep another warm, by setting yourself on fire" Confucius. 479. BC

  • The medal was for him but he dedicated almost all of his speech praising Obama and other people dear to him. Congratulations, America. I'm glad decency, grace and humility are back in your white house.

  • * Here come the riff raff boys! *

  • After nearly 5 years of non stop attempts to end the Trump presidency this man now talks about unity? Biden has just placed the Alberta government in the bread line for years to come. Are you left wing media dolts that blind that you can't see this is a complete disaster for Canada. An eighty year old fool controlled by a bunch of left wing nut jobs. Trillions of dollars have been lost with the stroke of a pen.

  • Every time I hear many of male murderers make things sound extremely light and simple by saying something like: "I strangled her" in absolute monotone as if it's what they are capable of doing even in their sleep, that seems to me the moment of realizing the chilling reality of physical power difference btw men and women.

  • Oof his poor wife

  • Who is watching this after Bidden became the president and reflect the past?

  • Strange that there were 0 protestors a couple weeks after the capitol breach. Suppose they're not needed by biden anymore

  • Ya this same thing happened to us , we live in edmonton canada and i got a job from a scam company saying that i have to transfer money between different accounts. But we investigated and got to know that it was scam . The company had send us 2 k dollars to transfer to bit coins but we never did and called the police. Thankfully we took a small revenge from that scammers.

  • I call this the puppet presidency. The man got? Elected solely because he wasn't Trump.

  • Thanks for sharing knowledge wisdom and understanding.God Bless President Joe Biden and president Barack Obama.🙏 Neelraj Shetty Neekesh Shetty Vanitha Shetty Indira Shetty. Thanks🙏 AMEN HALLELUIA 🙌🙌👏

  • He Has done everything now he is a president

  • Green Communism is just around the corner.. we'll be a second world country soon.

    • already are

  • Pieace of garbage 🗑

  • Subway is still my favorite better then the silicone filler they put in at McDonald's ever wonder what those hard chewy chunks are?

  • Why so much hate? As a Canadian I hope all the best for our neighbors geez

  • Good to see that he’s made a full recovery after his foot injury that he sustained while pulling his dogs tail in the shower.

  • The Dems CHEATED and EVERYONE knows it

  • Hahahah look at the like/dislikes

  • Time to torch the White House again

  • There are two types of gender Autobots and Decepticons

  • Doesn't change the amount of oil the US burns, just where they buy it from. Factoring in oil tanker shipping it likely makes sense to build the pipeline from an efficiency standpoint.

  • The Dems CHEATED and EVERYONE knows it

  • I'm sorry to the people whom lost their jobs in the pipeline, but that monstrosity shouldn't've been allowed to happen

  • why so many dislike very sad

  • Still think he won 2020? Does America have TWO presidents? One in WH and one in Mar a Lago? Not exactly your Nostradamus moment, was it? Did you read that in Tarot cards or Tea leaves? You are funny 😄

  • I may not be an American but I am so happy that Biden and Harris won.

  • Looking at the body language it is interesting to see Kamala appearing to hang on her husband when walking with him, it appears like he is leading a bit. Whereas when the Bidens walk they appear to walk side by side. Maybe it's just these clips but if true it may just be an instinctual subconcious thing.

  • BIDEN 2021💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • There will be job losses and the economy and lives of the people will become more handicapped.

  • These points of argument are so off bound in both cases

  • Love New Zealand.

  • I love how all the trump supporters in the comments are acting as if Biden is bad. OH No black people will have rights,big deal suck it up. BIDEN 2021

    • He's done more in one day than trump has achieved in 4 goddamn years

  • You did it Joe 🥰

  • You call this Journalism ?

  • cringe

  • NO CROWDS SCREAMING - NO ATMOSPHERE - THE DEADEST INAUGURATION EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flags but no people = The truth coming out... He had no visible support before the election and no visible support here either!!! I am not American but I feel for those who don't want this creepy old man in charge. You Harris will finish!! SET UP, first black woman President..ooooops she is not black she Indian! I GOT THE POPCORN READY!!!!!!

  • Respectfully, Premier Kenny should have seen this obvious end to Keystone. Laying pipe requires consent of the citizens, not an administrator. Diversification is Albertas only option. Ignoring reality serves nobody, lease of the citizens of Alberta and Canada. News flash: Energy is a technology now and moving into the future. Commodity based energy is ending quickly. Mine battery minerals and build battery manufacturer plant ASAP. Your wasting time fighting for the last centuries industry. You could have completed large scale battery plant with all the time your wasting on pipelines.

  • <3 4 Joe Biden <3

  • Hey someone had to be there. No-one else was interested in showing up.

  • No thank you.

  • 🤣 Trump overhyped all of his supposed "achievements" of which none of them are true 🤣🤣🤣

  • bye-bye -- Pusher & Rassist TRUMP :-(

  • Im trying to stay serious with this video but the comment have me in stitches I have tears! Thank you all so much 🤣

  • thats not news, asians hate black people, Indonesia is just another one white worshipper ,Indonesia want the resources.

  • 800,000 children disappear in the US every year, children need to be filled with the Holy Spirit to prevent this.

  • corrupt election....

  • This makes me soooooo happy 😊

  • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • election was a fraud ...biden is corrupted by china

  • I typed UFO sightings, lol. These comments are so funny! I didn't expect to find this video but I'm glad to have gotten a good laugh. Not abt the real abduction of course & glad she's ok.

  • Cannot stand this lady’s disgusting laugh.

  • Where the hell were all these dogs of the state when america's cities were being pillaged all summer by biden's base?

  • Hhhhh

  • Hey Joe, when you go down a flight of stairs with Kamala, be sure to let her go first.

  • Welcome to the new North Korea

  • Scam artist in the hot seat. What a joker. Finally a hardball question outta this lady’s mouth. It kinda sounds scripted though.

  • “Let’s leave a country better than we found it” Umoja ndio nguvu, utengano ni udhaifu💪🏽

  • This ritual is sick... evil occult actions.

  • I've seen this story play out before, you all are going to love how it ends.

    • @Yorkshireyuken Learn from history or you are doomed to repeat it simple as, bonus most of history is cyclical too... so enjoy the 20s that is all I have to say.

    • ?

  • Here come the breadlines

  • the world has discovered a pure diamond...

  • Biden 💩

  • TRUMP 2020!! 🇨🇦❤🇺🇸

  • Keystone runs through Indian land here in the U.S. so it’s a huge issue here as well as the amount of spills here.

  • If you want to live in quebec,you should speak french....i dont care other places in canada,but in quebec you should speak french

  • I give them away to people

  • why are our tax dollars being used by the cbc to promote biden when he just stabbed us in the back with the cancellation of the keystone xl pipeline

    • Soooo... you’d like Canadians to ignore our biggest trading partner because they made one decision you don’t agree with? The ant ignores the on-coming elephant because the ant is offended by the whiskers on the elephant’s head.

  • Day 1, how many billions did biden cost Canada so far??? More to come folks. Congrats to all the leftards who support this thief.

  • And now the economy will collapse.

  • Im stunned at the amount of people in the comments, who should be a great majority Canadian, that are frothing at the mouth about the conspiracy that the electoral process in a different country is fraudulent. They act like Trump is a god among men and a brilliant human being above the rest. We are CANADIAN. Stop bending over for a defunct leader of a different country. It's always been pathetic when people wear MAGA hats up here. It's the same thing as flying a confederate flag when you were born and raised in Manitoba.

  • No one cares 🖕🖕🖕, Donald Trump probably is the last president elected by the real people

  • From a wildly popular president to an illegitimate president. This isn't going to fly for very long.

  • Amazing what a few printed pieces of paper can do... as long as you use them in the middle of the night....

    • @Lenard Segnitz lol oh Lenard...

    • Everyone around the world saw the clips of fraud take place. Im sure Trumps team has much more than we the public can see.. Was it just not enough, system broken or still under investigation..

    • Amazing what a bunch of ignorant commenters on shadowy far-right wing message boards can accomplish... the near dismantling of a 250-year-old democracy.